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Special weapon for modern aggressive close-to-table topspin players. Optimized speed and compact feel for the ease of aggressive play.

FUGA is a special blade for aggressive players whose strategy is close-to-table topspin of Chinese style. Everything of FUGA is optimized for aiming the rising of ball from bounce. Its thickness of 5.6 mm provides sufficient deformation for the stability of aggressive play. Hard wood was selected as the material of top layer for sharp and compact feel. But, the top layer is thin, so its hardness doesn’t disturb the overall flexibility and stability of FUGA. Every technique of table tennis is so easy with FUGA. Especially close-to-table and on-table techniques can be performed effortlessly. Aggressive close-to-table topspin is very secure and effective. Players will be able to dominate fast game with ease.

Speed 90
Rating OFF-
Thickness 5.6 mm
Construction 5 ply

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Reviews of XIOM Fuga (9)

A very nice 5-ply blade, that is easy to play with, loaded with spin and confidence. Long time since i played a "natural" 5 ply without carbon and other stuff. Very very nice!
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The description on the blade is very accurate. Xiom Fuga is a light weight flexible blade with long dwell time, suited for a close-to-table aggressive topspin style. Mine is only 79g, which is super light. I use H3 on FH and Bluefire M2 on BH. I will compare Fuga to Stiga Infinity, since they are both 5 ply.
Fuga is a true OFF- blade. It is noticeably slower than Infinity, but it's excellent control and spin makes up for the lack of speed. It's very thin (only about 5.5mm) and flexible. This creates great dwell time and spin potential, making Fuga great for looping. You can easily place the ball anywhere on the table, during short game and when attacking. Fuga has better feeling and control than Infinity.
Fuga has a few shortcomings as well. It's not good for blocking, because of its flexible nature. It also has a low throw angle. The low throw angle makes Fuga deadly close to the table. Opponents will have a hard time defending against the spinny linear shots. However, if you are more than a few feet away from the table, the low throw angle will make it hard for you to get the shots over the net.
For me, Fuga provides enough feeling, control, and spin potential on FH, but my BH really suffers. I mainly use my BH for blocks, flicks, and loops. Because Fuga is not good for blocking and has a low throw angle, many of my BH shots lands in the net. And because my BH is naturally weaker than my FH, Fuga's low speed makes my BH attacks much less threatening. I still prefer a thicker stiffer blade like Stiga Infinity over Fuga.
I would recommend Fuga for FH dominant players who stay close to the table. If you like to attack from both wings, then Fuga may not be the best choice. But it is a well-made blade that does exactly what it's advertised to do.
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NICE 5PLY BLADE. Match with hard rubber.
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This blade is a bit of a firecracker. It is appreciably flexy (since it's only a 5-ply blade) and can give you good speed on hard rubbers. Because of that flex, it will require some experience hitting hard close to the table, but the easier access to spin will help control the shots. It's also good at mid distance where one can really feel the blade bend back and snap the ball out.
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