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13 Reviews for XIOM Ice Cream AZXi

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Hi all... I am using this blade for a year already with Xiom Jekyll & Hyde V47.5 on ALC & Xiom Jekyll & Hyde V52.5 on ZLC... It's amazingly played better than my BTB ALC... Really awesome blade with that combination of rubber... Worth investing...
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I just got this blade. I use Andro Hexer Grip for my FH(ALC) and Evo MXP for BH(ZLC). The paddle feels amazing. The grip is so good. FH, it's a looping machine, low, heavy, you name it. Serves and receives, short and deep pushes, chops blocks, everything is accurate. Still getting adjusted to my flicks. But, this is an absolute must have.
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FH ALC is similar to Long 5 with BH ZLC equals to Viscaria. If you want both Long 5 and Viscaria, buy AZXi
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I played DHS FangBo B2X and now switch to this new blade.
It has ALC and ZLC on different side, the composite layer is placed right to the Kiri core. The top layer is Limba.
Firstly, its design looks smooth, beautiful and powerful. Nice grip with nice 3D handle design. The edge of the handle is sharp. I have to sand it a little bit. I think with $215, Xiom better should sand it from factory.
I use DHS H3 pro or H8 40deg 2.15mm for my FH on ALC side, Tenergy 80 for BH on ZLC side.
The blade is 88gr, after glue is over 182gr. The combo is so much light.
FH drive is really good, feeling sooo sweet. FH loop, heavy loop is stable. Compare to FangBo B2x, AZXi FH is slower on brush loop due to it stiffness. Flat hit is easier compare to FangBo B2X. FH push and block are the same. Both have nice feeling when contact with the ball.
BH drive is better than B2X. It has better speed and feel duller due to the ZLC material (B2X use ALC on both side). Very nice control with speed. Blocking and pushing is better than B2X. BH loop has high spin with little wrist movement.
Overall, it is a "must have blade" on your collection.
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I used Hurricane Long 5 for almost 5 years. Had some hesitation shifting to this as I had a bad experience with Hayabusa. But damn this blade is amazing!!! I have a close/med distance looping game and this blade has the power to generate the craziest spins ever! I used to think Long 5 was the spin machine but this one beats it! If you too have a spin based game, give this blade a shot! it's totally worth it!
FH - Omega 7 Pro ; BH - Vega Japan.
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I've just bought and tried an AZXi. Fantastic blade. 91 grams. With rubbers, 185 grams, quite decent weight. I don't like heavy rackets.
I put a couple of Xiom Omega VII PRO, with fantastic results. The sweet spot is huge, and quick enough to enjoy attacking. Spin is tremendous, mostly on ZLC side, its easy to put the ball where you want. Easy to serve, block, chop and do flicks.
I'm so happy with my new equipment.
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First blade in the world with two different materials on two sides, must have for all the collectors.
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I play Azxi now and it is really the best blade I have played with. I play at a intermediate level and this blade really made my game much better, especially against higher ranked players with a lot of speed.
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I used AZX for about a year and has been happy with it, but I became increasingly curious about AZXi because of its inner carbon layer structure and the limba outer layer, which together supposedly create a better feel and control. So I got AZXi with Xiom O7T on the ALC side and Xiom O7P on the ZLC side. After several sessions with AZXi, I agree that AZXi has a much better control and feel. The control is noticeably better especially in receiving the spin serves and BH drives. The speed seems slightly less than the AZX, equipped with T5, but the overall gain in confidence due to a better control certainly provides a reason to purchase this racket for those who are inclined to play more of the "all round" game rather than the attack style game. Personally, I will play the AZXi and keep AZX as the backup.
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So this is my first Review here and I am using this blade with Xiom O7P on ALC Side (for me Forehand) and Xiom O7E on ZLC Side (for me Backhand). I am very impressed how much control there is for that amout of Speed you can produce with this blade! The two different Carbons suite my playstyle very well. Tried it the different way (ZLC on Forehand) and wasnt as consitent. If you play a Koto blade and want to buy a new one go with the AZX and not this one but be aware that the AZX is even faster then this one.
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Got rubber on fh,short pips on bh. FL,high ergonomic handle.
Just received azxi. I can finally say: will never change blade. On zylon side(fh),spin goes crazy. Block,pimple - everything. Faster side is for my short pips. Now i can block short, long, slow or fast. Bh Attack i do even 2meters from table. It is like blade has 2 gears on both sides. One for short game, other for strong attack. Handle better than anything before i used. This blade has everithing player needsoff(zlc), off+(alc), 2 gears each side. Vibration 0 gives feeling of max control
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My current favourite blade. Short pips on zlc side and dignics on alc side for ultimate blocking and counterattack. I feel like I can do anything with this blade. Slower and more flexible than the way too fast azx making it more controllable and easier to add spin to the ball. I can now enjoy seeing opponents run back and forth with tricky placements xD.
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I use Victas V01 Stiff in ZLC side in Backhand and DHS GA8 in ALC side in forehand. After first 3 hours training session my first impressions are: very nice blade and well done. ZLC suits well to my BH and very easy to spin, block, especially flat hits are like a dream. ALC side has much more dwell time, so throw angle is more suitable to my style. Only thing I would do differently is the handle. I have straight handle and it is a bit narrow to my quite big hand. But that is quite easy to fix with grip tape.
Update after 6 training sessions: speed rate decreased and control rate increased.
Top3 all time blade!!
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