XIOM Zetro Quad

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Innovative topspin weapon by “QUAD” technology.
Ideal balance for modern offensive players.

ZETRO QUAD is a blade for topspin. Aiming of ZETRO QUAD is purely the improvement of the ability of topspin. “QUAD” means our innovative technology of using four layers of artificial materials sophisticatedly. Zylon fiber which directly placed under top layers increases the ability of grabbing ball. Soft carbon fiber under middle layers adjusts overall performance, and at the same time reduces the unnatural feel which is the shortcoming of Zylon fiber. Top layer of selected KISO HINOKI guarantees comfortable feel. The result is great ability of topspin. Making heavy topspin is effortless, and even secure. Players will always be able to take initiative of their game by effective preparatory topspin attack, and keep it by continuous topspin from any distance.

Speed 90
Rating OFF+
Thickness 7.0 mm
Construction 5 Kiso + 2 Zylon + 2 Soft Carbon

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Reviews of XIOM Zetro Quad (39)

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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on May 6, 2018
Looper blade, nice crisp sound and good feeling, make you confident with full power topspin, still can do good topspin even it doesnt good touch the best part of the blade. If you a looper and you now using off - blade and want to upgrade, this is not bad choice. H3 fh and sriver bh, but i think i can use faster rubber on bh side.
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on December 24, 2017
this blade is really good. used it for at least 2 years. really good feeling of the blade and a very light weight.
the blade lack a little bit of speed but a really good control.. its also bouncy if you grip it hard.
i little vibration provide a good feeling and a good understanding of the stoke
a good size sweet spot. recommend to loops, topspin, flicks, and player who are improving style at intermediate level
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on September 7, 2017
This blade is a looper'a paradise. I tried couple of combinations with this blade to determine what suits best for my topspin laden attacking game. On my FH I tried TibharMXP, Tenergy 05fx, Rasant Turbo and R47. In all cases I was effortlessly able to topspin with high degree of speed, spin and accuracy, so the credit for the quality of the game obviously goes to the blade :). On the BH, I struggled adjusting to the stiffness and speed of the blade - I started with my regular long time BH rubber that I use on all my other blades, Donic BF M2 but it was difficult to loop with it on this blade, so I switched to T05 Fx but it's spring sponge resultant bounce n speed limited the accuracy of by BH attack, now I have a softer Baracuda BS max and my BH attack is much better.
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on May 27, 2017
great blade, great touch, but you must use rubber on backhand with low throw angle
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on December 23, 2016
Mine is a ST handle that is extra wide weighs 89.2g & measured 7.25mm thick! The hinoki top layer is pretty thick. This blade is fast but not too fast. just ideal for competition. The amount of spin it produces is enormous. Besides the good spin, this blade can produce wide range of speed: from slow touch shots to medium fast loop shots to very fast smashing shots. Smashes are fast & spinny and also harder to return due to the curvy trajectory and somewhat inconsistent due to the graphite kicking in @ 2nd gear. The sound pitch & volume changes as the graphite layer is kicking in, making a loud popping sound. When I played with other blades before, I tried to hit hard to win the point. But with this blade, I don't have to hit that hard, but just try to loop side spin then watch my opponent miss hit. You can slow loop easily and aim for a wide angle shot with better placement because the ball will dip onto the table. The serves can be short but spinny so are the pushes. Prefer softer rubber for this blade like Razka7 Soft.

I am trying to decide which blade to be my main blade: Zetro Quad or Treiber Z, both are great for all around offensive strokes & game. XZQ has more spin vs Treiber Z slightly more speed & control. My rating:
Speed=9.2. Control=8.8. Sweetspot=large. Stiffness=7. Hardness=6. Feel=med hard. Balance=very good. Spin=9.3. Short Game=very good. Med Game=very good. Short Serve=excellent & spinny. Flicks=very easy. Push/Chop=very good. Throw=med. Flat hit=average. Block=excellent . ST Handle=extra wide. Dwell=good. Loop=very good(grippy & secure). Drive=very good. Overall=9.5
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on August 13, 2016
Xiom zero quad is a very nice blade I used to use butterfly gergly then shifted to xiom strato also a unique blade but this one is a bit different it lacks in power No problem but a little effort can solve,I am using donic bluefire m2 on both sides this blade has it all, doesn't matter how hard your opponent topspin the ball the ball is back on the table my strongest opponent is a guy using ox rubber both sides this guy used to make all players confused chopping and topspin used to become a big problem, it was hard to get the ball on the table, I tried even the amultart but was all in vein this one xiom zero quad has it all doesn't matter what your opponent is upto remember the game is yours , this blade changes the Damn situation and I love it . I am not an intermediate player though medium but I compete with intermediate players they to ask me how you get such a strong topspin on the table back this blade can make your opponents frustrate if you have the right skill while playing I also have the yasaka malin with approximately same feel but I prefer zetro quad becoz I have noticed one thing in zetro & my strato when I topspin the ball it goes slow but when it touches the table it becomes so fast & aggressive becomes difficult for opponents get the ball back, At last I will say ladies & gentelmen try this blade out and enjoy every moment of the game
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on July 19, 2016
A solid offensive blade, but personally for me it was lacking in comfort. It is on average heavier, mine was 91g. I found after using this blade that I would prefer lighter blades. The weight felt even heavier due to the handle, which I didn't find very comfortable. It's on the smaller side and has a rectangular shape - as opposed to oval shaped. My total paddle weight with Tibhar EL-P max and T05FX 1.9 was 186g (with grip tape), but felt much heavier than that and head heavy. Just one thing to keep in mind - some players may even prefer this! Other than comfort, this blade is great for a power offensive game, very strong for topspin play. It is quite thick and with the zylon you won't get a lot of feel or vibration, but it is still quite good in the short game. What you do get is good power and speed. Very secure mid to long distance from the table.
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on April 5, 2016
Intrigued by its design & use of Kiso Hinoki/ZLC.I could just not resist but I tryed before buying.Most of my many blades are all wood Limba.So Hinoki is a new wood to me.I am not disapointed at all and that famous feel is REAL.Zetro Quad is precise with excellent feel,soft with good dwell ,light vibrations in no way affecting control.7mm thickness gives the blade great blocking and stability.Quickly Zetro Quad became one of my trusted blades besides Clipper and Hybrid Wood NCT.
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on July 16, 2015
As a looper, I was searching for more speed with very good control/touch - the impossible, as we all are. The TSP balsas are excellent and gave me almost what I searched for. The 6.5 & 8.5 gave the speed & penetration of shot right for me, while the slightly slower TSP Black balsa 7.0 gave excellent control.

The Xiom Zetro Quad combines the two, perfect for what I was looking for.

Having tried several Xiom blades, they are well crafted and very high on control and feel. My experience was they all play slower than most ratings suggest, so aim slightly faster than you think you are looking for.

Other blades tried recently were:
Butterfly Primorac - lovely allround bat but too slow for me.

Butterfly Michael Maze - way faster than rated here and no control at all! Mad hitter's blade.

Xiom Vega Pro & Novus - lovely feel and All or All+ speeds.

In addition, I was able to practise yesterday with the Butterfly Boll ALC and the Xiom Stradivarius. The ALC felt a fraction quicker off the blade with loop, otherwise both were vitually identical in feel and speed to the Zetro Quad.
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on April 19, 2015
Using Bluefire M1 and Rakza 7 in 2mm both sides. It is very thick... Great blade for looping and blocking is good but one disadvantage is feeling. I switched from a Yasaka extra blade which was all wood and slower than this. After the switch i noticed the feedback I got was very dull compared to an all wood blade, but you can get used to it pretty quickly.
Update: Pushing game is weak with this blade. Angle and power when pushing needs to be adjusted.
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on March 5, 2015
It's verry consistant blade to perform spin and loopping with speed and excellent control. Smash to kill the opponent also easy to perform. Combine with P7 adidas and T80 it's good match combination, overall lovely so much this blade. One of famous blade manufacture by Xiom. Great...!!

Blade 1 XZQ 84grm weight (light)
Rubber : FH P7. BH T80 all max

Blade 2 Adidas carbon strike
Rubber : FH Stiga boost TC. BH P5 all max
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on February 13, 2015
Quite stiff as it is pretty thick, but really soft thanks to the hinoki outer ply. This blade is excellent for both looping and countering : you can really make the ball spin a lot thanks to its softness (and, I think, the Zylon underneath the outer ply) and it's quite high throw angle, but it's also really good for blocking. It's quite fast (let's say OFF), but really easy to control over the table, especially in short game, it can "grab" the ball and allow you to drop it right behind the net.

I still need to totally get used to it on my FH, especially for more powerful shots, but it's a really good OFF blade if you rely a lot on looping.
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on January 14, 2015
I like how consistent the reviews are for this blade and I agree with 95% of the reviewers. My zetro weighed in at 89g with 6.9mm thickness. It's stiff, and has a soft/dull feel (little to no vibration). It doesnt flex much (just a lil), but you get enough vibration for a lil feedback. Its not the fastest blade but it fits my style because i play close to mid distance. The dwell on this is amazing with medium/hard rubbers. Andro powergrip and t05 are good FH, and i like donic bluefire m3 for BH.
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on December 7, 2014
At first, I bought the Xiom Zetro Quad because it looked so nice that I had to make it mine.

After about 2 years of playing with it, I've begun to love this blade. and I will explain why.

The Zetro Quad is a carbon blade, with Zylon Carbon. Generally, carbon blades are known for making the blade lighter and faster but on the flipside, losing feel/dwell time and control.

What I've found though, is that the XZQ behaves like both wood and carbon blades, it has a remarkable wood-like amount of feel and dwell time, resulting in a ridiculous amount of spin and perfect control. On the other hand, it also powers the ball very well, as well as coming in very light- mine was only 86g. 7mm blade for 86g is pretty good.

It has been said that this blade is a loopers' dream and I can most definitely confirm this! The ZXQ, with its controllable carbon and hinoki layer results in the ball sinking into the wood resulting in control, as well as powerful shots. I use Xiom Omega IV Europe Max both sides and it is very controllable as well as fast enough to kill shots.

My only downside to this blade is that the edges are a little sharp so they require sanding, and it's a little expensive. For what it is though, the XZQ is on par with the top Butterfly blades for less than half the price.
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on November 20, 2014
the best blade for looping and relooping ever
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on August 29, 2014
excellent blade fast and controllable
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on June 6, 2014
Lovely blade, very good craftsmanship. Using it for the last 4 month with RASANT (1.9mm) and SIGMA Europe1 (2.0mm). Plays well on slow shots not too bouncy. Slow spiny loops are easy to do, blocking is fantastic, and on the hard strokes second layer of carbon is notice-able and gives a different sound and the second gear, that you need to be aware of.
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on April 4, 2014
The Xiom Zetro Quad is a beautifully crafted blade, first day of testing i can say its match ALC speed and i can say perfect control, i have paired with Xiom Vega euro 2.0 on BH and Vega Pro 2.0 on FH.
I will play with Xiom for a month and than i will decide will i stay with Zetro or i will be back to ALC
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on April 3, 2014
This was reputed to be a copy of the Innerforce ZLC but it is nothing like it. It's a little stiff and works well with slightly softer rubbers and possibly a pip if you wanted to one. Picked it up for a very reasonable ¬57 from Celtic Table Tennis and for the money it's great value. It's a consistent blade and one that you can rely on in a game / competition but for me it lacked the passion of the Innerforce ZLC. It might have been the Hinoki outer piles that I didn't gel with. Blade weighed 90 grams with a blocky straight handle that was quite decent. Sensitive to heavy rubbers and the balance of it meant that you were restricted on the thickness of using heavy new generation rubbers or tenergies. Once the blade exceeded 182 grams it felt too heavy. Would still give it 'top marks' but it didn't have the hallmarks of an illicit one night embrace.
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 External Review for XIOM Zetro Quad on December 5, 2013
an unexpected feeling from a carbon blade and control, stiff but soft, fast, but controllable, i could not find the speed and sound I'm looking for with vega elite. but workmanship is great and the blade looks very smart. so I should give a chance with vega pro when I started regular training program. dwell time is great, a real spin machine, controlable but powerful. isn't a very stiff and hard blade at all, like wooden.
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