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6 Reviews for XIOM Zeta Offensive+

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For me i like this blade, good combination with Xiom Vega Pro MAX and medium pips Kokutaku 110 1.5mm. With hard surface is make medium pips more effective on BH side. And using Vega Pro ( medium ) at FH side just nice...
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A very hard blade, its not easy to control, if you are a beginner dont buy. In my opinion there are a lot o more better options. Now i have a Xiom offensive S, for me is very good.
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I bought this from a friend about a month ago.I didn't try using it until today as My Viscaria has been my weapon of choice lately. It feels quick as my Viscaria and was good looping close to the table. Underspin was hard to power through so I lifted to spin instead. This blade is somewhat is definitely stiffer and harder than the Stradivarius that I had before but not quicker or as efficient.
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Super fast super comfortable but a bit too stiff/hard
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This is a nice blade. It has great craftsmanship and finish. However, it's speed is much higher than Megaspin's rating. This is due to it's lack of flex and hard outer wood plys. The control rating is about right though. This blade works very well with pimple out rubber. It is best suited for players who like playing from med distance from the table. I give this paddle a 3.5 due to it's lack of control combined with it's added weight. Again, it is a great paddle, but requires a specific taste. This is not for the beginner!
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Hi ! I got a blade yesterday . It's faster like Xiom Strato with 5-8% . If Strato has 9.6, Zeta Off + is the fastest blade of Xiom in this moment; I appreciate of 9.7-9.8.; the weight is 85g. First training I will test also the control with Xiom Sigma II Pro rubbers.
After training:
This combination is the fastest racket of XIOM. It's amazing, but you must have good technic to control the speed.
Speed: 9.7
Control: 8.5
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