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XIOM Hayabusa Zx

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The Hayabusa Zx is an amazing architectural synergy of wood and composite material. The Zx features exquisite Zephylium carbon which is carefully layered as the second ply. This makes Zx feel sensibly sharp but with an unbelievably softer feel than other composite carbon blades. Armed with tensor rubber, this blade becomes a spin and loop drive machine- Spin loading is leveraged, with a unique combination of accurate and powerful ball control.

Need a racquet that you can count on in long rallies. High close to the table control, combined with off the table power and control. The new paradigm defines Hayabusa line of racquets. Touch, feel, power, control.

Manufactured with precision in Korea.

Blade Type: Offensive
Ply: Hard Wood 5 Carbon 2
Thickness: 5.7mm
Head Size: 156X152mm
Weight: 87g

Omni Line / Hayabusa Series:

XIOM is proud to present the OMNI blade line and its new HAYABUSA models. After years of research and painstaking manufacturing and empirical testing, the engineers at XIOM have unleashed the next generation of wood blades, designed to perform for you at the highest level. The groundbreaking construction and unprecedented vibration mechanism define these racquets.

Superbly engineered by combining the best hardwoods layers with the perfect mix of Zephyllian carbon mesh polymer make these blades the best produced on the planet today!

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Blade Weight Variations  - Actual blade weight may vary by up to 8g.

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Reviews of XIOM Hayabusa Zx (6)

My favorite of 6 blades, I tend to rebuild the setups of my fav pros but in this case I wanted to make my own using this blade. I paired it with new Xiom Jeckyl n Hyde Rubbers and its very good to me. Much control while having loads of speed. Handles everything you wanna do with it, looping, blocking, on table play off table play, fishing, flicking, smashing, it all feels great and consistant. For its price clear Winner in the ZLC world of blades. A Hidden Gem to make it short!
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One of the best blade in tt market today... People don't know this!
Blade composition: limba-limba-zephylium carbon-ayous-zephyliumCab asslw
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Hayabusa ZX is well made blade with average size head and a bit small handle. Finish on my blade is not premium, it is actually ok only. Top plies are not even thickness which is noticeable by a naked eye. Some could say blade needs more factory sending but Xiom provides sending stick so this cushions the issue. Fiber layers are close to the core. Blade when rubbers are on is very head heavy. About 85-90g blade only.


Close to the table blade feels like all wood with minimal to no flex. It has medium soft feel to it. Blade does not rebound the ball instantaneously when dealing with low speeds. Control is fairly good for a modern blade close to the table.

When you go off like 2m and up and start looping and hitting harder things do change a lot. Blade flexes bit more but still not huge amount. Flex feels very stable and vibration is kept to lets say minimum. Speed goes off the hook when playing away from the table. Basically at this point blade shows it is modern blade made for heavy top spin game. I had to hold back a bit for a week until I learned how to adapt. From reviews I thought blade would be much slower then it feels to me, and I mean much slower for mid distance and up. Control is ok once you get accustomed but dont expect 5 ply all wood old school control. I think what gives power also is head heaviness of the blade next to the new materials.

Pros and cons:

Hard to say much here but I guess biggest up side of the blade is the price. Much better pricing than BTY blades and about same performance. Big con is actually production quality. Xiom premium product has to be spotless. All the rest is personal preference and what player wants from the blade on individual level.

If you have any questions about this I would be happy to answer.

Have fun and enjoy TT.
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Very nice blade. Fast but still very controllable. I think this blade weight more than 85 grams, maybe 89 or 90 but this is a very good blade. Cons: Heavy Head
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I like the blade is very very good top spin and control.
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