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One of the most powerful all-wood blade in Xiom range. Balance between high power and stability of topspin.

One of the most powerful all-wood 5-ply blades. ARIA aims the all-round power play close to table and even from mid or far distance. Thick, medium soft wood of top layer provides neutral feel. Second layer provides clear feel and best balance. Overall thickness is 6.4 mm, which is considered as the maximum for maintaing the distinctive advantage of 5-ply offensive blade. ARIA shows top level of comfort as a powerful blade. It is hard and fast, but is able to catch ball softly and then release it with great control, especially when players attack with topspin. The ball flies very fast, and draws sharp and aggressive trajectory. ARIA is recommended to skilled players. New “Hyper Elasto” rubbers as VEGA PRO or VEGA ASIA will make the best combination with ARIA.

Speed 90
Rating OFF
Thickness 6.4 mm
Weight 88g
Construction 5 ply

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Reviews of XIOM Aria (9)

I used this for years, and like many other 5-ply all wood blades, I feel it suits a wide variety of players and styles. Lots of ball time and great sensation, with good speed from close range and high control. Speed is right between Primorac and Korbel. Weight distribution feels balanced, and handle is good for larger hands. If you put really fast rubbers on it, it can definitely suit an aggressive close to table offensive game. It can also suit all rounders and maybe even beginners.
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Excelente madero mucho control y buena sensacion
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I am using Aria with Xiom Vega Europe 2mm (both sides).

Former user of a Tibhar Samsonov Alpha SGS with Acuda S2 and Bluefire JP01 Turbo.

I must say that Aria has a lot of control and has enough power to drive untill mid distance in full harmony - remember that i am using 2 Xiom Vega Europe, which are not the fastest agressive rubbers you can get.

Pair it with rubbers according to your needs and you will be fine.

It's light weight and a little head heavy with the rubbers glued, but it has not affected anything of my game (ST handle).

I'd say it's very fast for a 5ply and you should not use it as a first custom setup.

I feel that topspin x block and topspin vs topspin are the principal features. Blocking is OK, but as it is fast, you must pay attention to your racket angle. Lets say... You can easily block a shot so fast that the opponent will make a passive shot and you have the chance to kill the point. However, that speed also can make you miss the table.

Summing up: Blade for offensive style, topspin, smash, until mid distance. Has speed but also great control.
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Coming from Butterfly Petr Korbel, Aria has more control, less weight (mine is 82 grams), softer feel and lower rebound angle. I think it's great for close to table topspin, block and drive, but lacks power from mid-distance. I've compared Korbel and Aria using Donic Barracuda 2.0 on both. Korbel has more power and maybe a little more spin, with a more direct and stiffer, woodier feel. However I hit the table more consistently with Aria and love the ST handle and low weight.
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I found this blade in light weight (around 80-82 g). Compare to Korbel. This blade is faster than Korbel but still maintain the feel and control. Thicker blade provide stronger feel and stiffer but lost some flexible. Recommended for who loved 5-Ply wood and want more power.
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