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TMX, a new concept special material selected by international star An Jaehyun!

This is a blade designed by the XIOM blade R&D team to place the next-generation composite new material 'TMX (TRIMETRIX)' close to the center of the blade for the sensuous and powerful performance desired by An Jaehyun, a member of XIOM Stars and the national table tennis player of Korea.

The delicate vibration value setting of TMX to help control the ball in the strong topspin attack situation that An Jaehyun likes will give you an experience of dominating the game with a resilient ball and amazing sense that you have never felt before.

A blend of materials to create a new sensation!

The XIOM blade R&D team attempted to weave three special materials of different characteristics, Axylium, Zephylium,and X-Carbon, in one place for a new blade special material layer. And after numerous research and tests, they have successfully developed a new material TMX (TRIMETRIX) with an optimal balance point.

The selection of professional table tennis players, including national players An Jaehyun and Cho Daeseong, shows that the amazing performance of TMX is unquestionable.

Speed Rating: OFF
Ply: 3w + 2 TMXi
Blade Thickness: 5.8mm
Head Size: 158mm x 152mm
Grip Size: FL 100 x 25mm; ST 100 x 23mm
Weight: 88g
Made in Korea

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Reviews of XIOM AJH TMXI (9)

Ok blade but for price there are much better blades. Stiff, not as enjoyable for looping. Good for samshers. A little hard. Good but not best for control.
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I have xiom ajh TMXi 90 gr with 05 bh - mercury inhe hard boosted fh ( versus ) or after ===== zjk alc 90 gr and viscaria 89 gr with 05 boosted both and mizutani szlc 92 gr with bh barracuda - fh rasanter 37 and zjk szlc 92 gr both 05 boosted and tb zlf 84 gr with 05 hard unboosted .
XIOM TMXi is overall my best choice and i intend to change mercury with mxp normal .xiom have a little more speed ( smash ) and high throw and accuracy placement ( topspin - receive - retopsin ) than viscaria 90 gr versus xiom 90 gr . negative xiom is a little head heavy . is a innerforce blade but timetrix is between alc and zlc .
update baracuda fh cut 45 gr high throw with gewo nanoflex 40 have 47 grams with xiom tmxi 90gr = 184-186 gr glued very good in all situation on the table- near -away very good sweet spot better than viscaria a little bit more stiff xiom tmxi . Xiom tmxi on smash tmx is activated and you can hear it . retopspin is easy . control very good . loop against backspin balls good .
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music to my ears, lovely feel
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My daughter plays with a Joola Vyzaryz Trinity, and my son wanted a similar blade, but a bit slower. He thought the Xiom TMXi would be a perfect fit. He likes Vega rubbers, so he paired it with Vega Japan on both sides.
I have tried it with high expectations but I am quite disappointed (and so is my son, we have the same impression). Compared to the Trinity (with Dynaryz ZGR + CMD), the TMXi seems muted, soft (like a 5 all-wood-plys), almost mushy, and suprisingly it has less feedback and less control. Handle is too thin and slippery to my taste. Maybe some glue issue or a need to break in. We will see in the next weeks but for now the blade is unimpressive. EDIT: 3 weeks later, still not convinced by this blade.
Beside that, build quality and finish are good, as expected in that price range.
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Hello! I got used to it for a long time (2-3 months) after Zetro Quad. In short, the blade has both delay and good speed on hits far from the table, making a great sharp discount at the net.

Recommendations for mastering a blade after another (such as Zetro Quad) - take the time to flat hit, feel the ball hitting the carbon to feel the strength of the blade. I had problems the first time because Zetro Quad vibrates and the ball flies off by itself, but here you need to squeeze it and then the result will be good. No, it is not slow - you just need to move confidently and wherever you want - the ball will fly there.
ST handle - could have done more, like Timo Boll.

Once you feel its power, you will no longer need anything else.
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