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Excellent performance with COLD PRESS manufacturing technology and the world first orange AXYLIUM (Arylate) with carbon! The combination of outer Arylate Carbon is world’s most popular, the genesis for XIOM's first true outer Arylate Carbon blade.

The 36.5 ALX incorporates XIOM's blade development team vision, introducing two world first technologies: AXYLIUM and COLD PRESS.

AXYLIUM is a new found Arylate fiber that provides high stability, less vibration, clear feeling and tremendous power. The unique orange color stands for the fresh, clear feeling. 36.5 combines the outer Axylium carbon with a crispy Koto outer ply, which is great for fast play close to the table.

Unlike traditional blade manufacturing methods that dry at high temperatures, 36.5 blade features the industry-first low temperature drying technology. This new "COLD PRESS" technology provides a softer touch that leads to a better feeling for the ball while maintaining the direct contact. This makes the blade more forgiving and easier to play without loosing speed.

Speed Rating: OFF
Ply: 5w + 2 ALX
Blade Thickness: 5.7 mm
Head Size: 157mm x 150 mm
Grip Size: FL 100 x 25mm; ST 100 x 23mm
Surface: Koto
Weight: 85g
Made in Korea

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Reviews of XIOM 36.5 ALX (7)

Very nice blade. This is the best blade I have ever played with. I also liked the Xiom Hugo Hal with hard rubbers, but it requires very strong arm work. The quality is at a very high level, the handle is with no corners at all, and lies very naturally in the hand. My base weighed 82 grams. I play FH: Xiom Vega Japan (45 degrees) 2.0 mm, BH: Donic Acuda S2 (42 degrees) 2.0 mm. The weight of the racket was 173 grams.
The first impression from the racket is that it is not an outer carbon racket. It plays very softly, smoothly, controlled, there is no sharp bounce. If you add force, then the racket has a lot of energy, it accelerates quite linearly in my case, it doesnt spit like the xiom stradivarius. With a slight movement it is possible to create an excellent spin, easy to block, easy to play topspin against topspin close to the table or at a medium distance. Creating very high speed is a little more difficult here and requires rotation of the body and a quick swing of the hand. I think it's a plus because you are working and start developing your style. Among the other outer carbon blades, this is the slowest and is ideal for transition from inner carbon to outer or from 7 ply wood blades to carbon one on the way to Viscaria.
I also tried playing with FH: Xiom Omega 7 Tour Max (55 degrees), BH: Xiom Omega 7 Pro Max (47.5 degrees). Despite the harshness, the game is still comfortable and natural. Of course, stronger movements are required to activate the hard rubbers, but this creates very dangerous long low trajectories with high rotation.
I plan to gradually move towards harder rubbers, maybe Ill try the new Xiom Vega Asia H and Vega Pro H hybrid rubbers. Will update.
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Simply the best blade I've tried.
A softer and more balanced version of Viscaria.

The very rounded handle (Free Angle) is very pleasant and the finishes are perfect. The design is modern but the plates on the neck are the only negative I found. The sound is nice and the Sweet Spot is very wide/consistent.
Far from being too fast, the transition to carbon is happening naturally.
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This is a very nice blade, fine craftmanship by Xiom. Mine is 86g and paired with V>15 Extra on both sides. The costruction is similar to Bty ALC blades. It features a medium-hard touch, great speed and enormous spin. I think it is faster than TB ALC, but offers a fine touch for topspin players. It is one of the best looping blades and it is excellent for mid distance play.
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a very good blade to learn how to be better in tabletennis this blade give me a lot of confidence when playing
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What an amazing blade, weird but in good sense. Finishing is above everything I've grabbed my hands on, koto surface and handle are nice and smooth. Too bad they've used cheap lens/logos. Mine came in 87 grams, flared handle.

This is my first impression - only one session - and is in comparison with Viscaria. Upfront it is needed to say that comparing this two, in a sense that they have similar behavior, doesn't make justice to neither, IMO. They are two different species! I will refer to Viscaria as it is a benchmark blade.

1. XIOM 36.5
FH: DHS H3 Provincial Orange 39 degrees, 2.2 mm + booster
BH: DHS Gold Arc 5, 2.1 mm
DHS 15 Glue

2. VISCARIA U code
FH: DHS H3 Provincial Orange 39 degrees, 2.2 mm + booster
BH: TIBHAR MX-S, 2.1-2.2 mm
192 grams

For me, the most outstanding difference between the two is speed (elasticity). I didn't expect to ALX to be so fast! According to the reviews I've read I was expecting a more captive blade, higher dwell, more oriented towards FH strokes, resembling inner carbon structures, with a good kick provided on higher power strokes by composite layer. These respective to Viscaria.

In reality the blade provides a fast spiny kick upon contact, even at relatively low power strokes (warm-up drives). The kick is not a heavy type (Amulart/Photino) but a crispy one with very good conversion to speed, with balls landing deep on the table. Even stranger is that one can easily tame this wildness, decelerating the ball in an automatic manner. If you go slow it goes slow, if you ramp up it becomes really crazy. Bottom line, I cannot say it is linear.
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