XIOM V1 Quad

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Overwhelming speed and very precise control.
Super performance which was realized by advanced “Quad” technology.

V1 QUAD is a high-tech blade which provides super power and precise control at the same time. Its overwhelming performance was realized by our advanced “Quad” technology. Two layers of “Energy Carbon” of very high efficiency of energy transfer are used directly under the hard surface woods. And, another two layers of soft carbon are used inside for adjusting the balance of performance. Though there are four layers of artificial materials, the thickness of V1 QUAD is only 5.6 mm. Further, it is lightweight blade. Extremely large sweet spot and the unique feel allow very precise control as well as super power. Heavy topspin and destructive smash are effortless. Block will always be a very effective counter attack.

Speed 100
Rating OFF+
Thickness 5.6 mm
Construction 5 + 2 Energy Carbon + 2 Soft Carbon

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Reviews of XIOM V1 Quad (8)

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 External Review for XIOM V1 Quad on November 22, 2015
For me this blade is OFF and not OFF+. It has amazing control and awesome in looping but it doesn't have the edge to put the ball away always. I was using Xiom sigma 1 pro and Xiom Omega 4 elite
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Review by calwong (Verified Customer) for XIOM V1 Quad on June 11, 2014
I have never given a perfect 10/10 review, but this is as close as it gets for the modern attacker.
I tried someone i met at my club's for about an hour and i can already say a few things. Specifically, the paddle was a straight handle with a t-64 FH and t-25 BH. I came from an Innerforce ULC flared, with t-80 both sides. I had thought that the ULC would be my last buy. I was wrong. As soon as i get the money together, i am getting this paddle.
Inital impressions: this blade is definitely stiff, no doubt about it. However, it can generate solid topspin with the t-64 for forehand. The ball had an EXTREMELY low trajectory and would always go very long. It seemed like it would go off, but the topspin always made it.
Handle was straight, and my first ST handle i have ever held. Fits a giant hand like mine fine. Allowed for more fine tuning for trick shots.

I am unrated, however i can match 1800 ish players.

That said, this t64 on the forehand elevates my game to shots i watch on youtube. I feel like i can hit anything hard. The blade is also very light, light than the ULC. It was much more ready to smash; i swung faster and harder than the ULC with t80.

As for backhand, i feel that the t25 was not a real match for my style; i consistently missed easy shots. However, my friend suggested t25 fx might go well. Based of my intuition, i would either choose t80 or t05 to go with the backhand.
However, when i did make consistent backhand play, i could land solid shots, but all my smashes missed one way or another. I blame this on the rubber, though.

Overall, a very good choice if you have the cash and are an offensive player. The one hour with this blade elevated my style. Definitely better than butterfly blade of the same price range.
In short:
Weight: light enough to be smash happy, but heavy enough for solid power
Spin: 7.5/10 (power compensates and so does tenergy)
Handle: 9.5/10

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 External Review for XIOM V1 Quad on June 29, 2013
Despite being a 9-plie blade, with 4 carbon layers and hard outer layers, its dwell time is amazing.
When hitting, the arc is mid-low, but when topspinning it gets much higher.
I've used it with hard, medium and soft rubbers and I think it suits better with soft rubbers with high throw angle, for example bluefire m3 or better 03jp.
By the way, this is a real off+ blade. It's faster than all the off blades I've tried (with the same rubbers combination): Tibhar Stratus CB, TBS, Timo Boll ALC, WSC, Viscaria...
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 External Review for XIOM V1 Quad on March 21, 2013
I just got this blade, and played with it for the first time for about an hour. I have to agree with everyone who has commented on the build quality. This is a beautifully crafted blade, and although it is the most aggressive blade I have used to date, it was extremely easy to make the adjustment. Andro Rasant max on th FH, and Rakza 7 soft 2.0 on the BH. Everything I could ask for, speed, control, touch, and the Rasant gives people fits.
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 External Review for XIOM V1 Quad on February 5, 2013
The blades are very thin but has incredible speed, even though the control is maintained in the table. very small errors that occur. Because it has 9 layers, this knife feels heavy and hard. I recommend choosing soft rubber on both sides for balance.
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 External Review for XIOM V1 Quad on July 14, 2012
My previous blade was a BTY Hinoki Shake Swift, which has a very soft feel and flexible. The XIOM Quad V1 has a very sharp and hard feeling. Even though has 4 layers of carbon (2 energy + 2 soft) has good speed and it is very controllable. I used a H3 neo on FH and a Omega Pro on BH. I find that this blade along my Omega Pro is a very good setup! This blade could make my BH strokes so much more flexible. I can block, push, active blocking, flicks with ease! As the description from the manufacturer says, this blade is perfect for mid-close gameplay.
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 External Review for XIOM V1 Quad on June 13, 2012
i cannot say anything bad about this blade. a carbon blade with superb control and not crazy fast that it's uncontrollable.
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 External Review for XIOM V1 Quad on February 16, 2011
Basically what is advertised by xiom in the catalog is true.

Long Trajectory and good dwell time.

FH T05 / BH VEGA PRO (tested with Zetro, V1 Quad, Stradavius, Timo Boll ZLF, andro aramid)

1. Modern Topspin (zetro>aramid andro>stradavius>Zlf>v1).

2. Classical Topspin
(v1>zlf>andro aramid>zetro>stradavious)

3. Passive block

4. Active block

5. Counter topspin

6. Serve

7. Loop
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