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XIOM V1 - Chinese Penhold

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XIOM V1 - Chinese Penhold is a light, fast and very sensitive carbon blade for aggressive players. Mixture of powerful attack and very precise block. Win with XIOM!

Very light carbon blade for aggressive close-to-table players. V1 is a very hard and speedy blade. But, its thickness is only 5.4 mm, which allows sufficient deformation required by modern aggressive players who play with topspin. Special hard wood is used as surface material, and Energy Carbon which provides very high energy efficiency that is inserted directly under the surface. The result is the combination of high speed and compact feel. Both close-to-table topspin and hard smash are very easy. On the contrary, players will easily be able to enjoy extremely precise ball placing of block. The stability and security of V1 even lets players win the battle of topspin against topspin. The most recommended rubber for the combination with V1 is any of the VEGA series (Pro, China, Elite, Japan, Euro).

Handle: Chinese Penhold
Type: Offensive
Ply: 5+2ply
Head Size:163 x 149mm
Strategy: Controlled Agression
Distance from Table: Close
Hardness: Stiff+

High-Tech Blades of Superb Sensitivity for Top Players

NOVUS TOUR CARBON family is designed for skilled, professional players. Advanced technologies are applied to the blades of this family for realizing the optimal performance. Their relatively thin construction provides sufficient deformation and sharp feel that is preferred by top players who mainly play with continuous topspin. They are faster than most all-wood blades, but the ease of making strong topspin is the same level or even greater. Also, their large sweet spots will make table tennis more stable and more enjoyable. Players can easily dominate the high speed rally of modern table tennis, even with less effort.

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Reviews of XIOM V1 - Chinese Penhold (8)

deska za 30 zl i tak gra
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I got the V1 at 81 grams and put yinhe big dipper on forehand and tibhar mxp on the backhand. The craftsmanship is flawless; the handle is more conic than flared and fit my large hands perfectly. I have to say that Xiom's description for how it plays is pretty accurate: it's a hard and stiff blade with enough flex for looping. Blocking is very crisp and it excels at both aggressive and passive blocking. Close to the table it's faster than xiom stradivarius, bty timo boll alc or viscaria by far. The lowered dwell time made it more difficult further away from the table though. The optimal distance is definitely close to mid. I bought this knowing carbon blades suffer from a lack of feel and the v1 isn't much different in that regard. It takes some getting used to in the short game. Regardless, if your playing style has you close to the table, the v1 is a good bet, especially for the price.
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Blocker blade... Also good for looping and smash... Medium hard n' Hard rubber recommended (head heavy)... Good quality from xiom...
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Outer ply is very hard and very thin. Under that is the "energy carbon" layer. It makes a loud carbon "ping" sound when played. Has an old school carbon Tamca 5000 feel; IOW, a very carbon-like feeling. When you hit the ball hard, this blade is really fast. However, it's controllable. I'd rate it about 87 on the Butterfly scale, that is, slightly faster than the Boll ALC. It's flexible enough for looping. Short pips work great on it. Throw is somewhat low. Good for blocking and hitting. After using it for awhile, I don't like it that much. It feels like a somewhat flexible, carbon brick. It's very hard. The Boll ALC feels totally "woody" compared to this thing. Overall, though, I think it's a decent blade. Can also work well with long pips, due to the very hard outer plies.
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i have stradivarius 88g and now i am useing v1 86g. on a fair test both were put with max vega pro both sides. i found v1 touch faster. on everything else i can not seperate theses two blades, v1 has slightly harder feel. i t.hink weght is important when buying blades according to xiom scale, it can make the deferrence some time. v1 was ment to be slower but not. main strength of both blades is looping. i cant make my mind which to use! 10/10 x2
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