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Reviews for Yasaka X-Tend SD (4)

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Intermediary club player, unable to move like my younger competition (my knees are garbage lol). This rubber has so much potential that I am unskilled to achieve. In the right hands it can be a weapon but lacks consistency imo. Used on a Timo Boll (Spirit) FH, SpinArt BH

Spin: 80 (takes a while to get there) My Raxza 9 felt slightly better 87. Power-loops are fast and a shocker with the speed glue sound.

Feel: Fast and Numbing - way faster than a Raxza 9 hard to feel the grip. weight is definitely felt vs. the SpinArt. Both are 2.0

Consistency: power loops definitely, any other attack plays - no. Forgiving on loop blocks not reactive to incoming fast trajectory spins or power drives.

Gears: Only if you are a seasoned skilled player - takes some text book techniques and adjustment. Big rewards follow

I am a 1500 player and would not recommend this for anyone under a 1900 rating, I believe that level can unlock its rewards with strong consistency and form (text book player). I would call this rubber "Shock and Awe" because when you unlock its potential - that's what your competition and the crowd get. Unfortunately I'm going to have to put it on a slower Blade to see what I can unlock.

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I used this rubber on few blades: namely Photino,Clipper WRB CR,Yasak Allround Plus, they all reacted the same , a slight difference is here,Photino excellent for spin ,Clipper for speed and Yasaka Allround a great control with thisrubber.A great rubber for FH and BH but I use Coppa X2 on reverse side ,as I gauge different players. At the end this rubber is very similar to Coppa X2 and Andro Hexer duro a bit likable due to its grip, when I hit a ball I feel the ball, but the problem: there are not many places to buy this rubber from.In a major tournament I use Photino with Coppa X2 on one side and Yasaka Extend SD on the other side, both Max.I have a pretty good BH and Extend SD so far has not disappointed me.
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Excellent rubber, good speed, good control. I imagine that his new technology has a particular behavior that must be discovered and mastered. I am happy with my purchase.
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Wow!... Where have they been hiding this stuff? It says it's been approved (on the ITTF list) for a couple years already... but only now do I see it for sale anywhere (at least in the US).

I was an Xtend fan "pre-speed-glue", but it couldn't quite do everything that "real" glued rubber could.
Well, for my money, this is "THE" speed-glue replacement. Yeah... spring sponge and all that... Tenergy (and everything like it) was just hard, semi-sticky, fast rubber with a lot of good marketing behind it (in my opinion). This stuff (Xtend SD) actually feels and sounds like speed glued rubber. It's fast (but the sponge doesn't feel like a rock). Optimally, I'd recommend a harder, quicker blade though. It's really spinny, which is important because it has a high throw... But together they make it super-easy to use... which unfortunately the advertising makes that sound like it's for beginners. On the contrary, it's got all the gears, nice spin and touch on serves and near the net, a sweet punch-block and a quick, controllable straight-up block. You can really torque-it-up on counter-loops or quick-off-the-bounce, but it doesn't fly into the stands if you slightly miss-time your swing.
...AND it's got a killer glue sound (particularly on hits and drives)... for those of you who aren't too mature to still like glue sound :)
...not to mention the benefit glue-sound gives you by indicating you've made a good contact (especially when learning/perfecting new shots.

So... that's it... I like it a lot :)
...not that expensive to try either.
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