Yasaka Mark V HPS

by Yasaka
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Mark V HPS

MARK V HPS is a top of the range fast table tennis rubber and gives you all the characteristics required for advanced offensive play.
MARK V HPS is the result of the newest Japanese rubber technology.

The HPS technology gives:
• improved dynamics in the sponge
• more speed and spin, without higher weight

Mark V HPS is a medium hard sponge, suitable for aggressive play close to the table.

Speed: 100
Spin: 100
Control: 60

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Reviews of Yasaka Mark V HPS (26)

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Review by josebustamante (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Mark V HPS on July 20, 2017
A very good rubber with good control and rotation I recommend it for intermediate players
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V HPS on July 6, 2017
Very good rubber, nice spin and speed, also provides a good control. Works very well in FH, but I think it is perfect for BH. Paired with a Xiom Extreme S blade and a Xiom Omega Europe in FH, nothing to complain. The HPS version is better than the other versions, worths the price.
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V HPS on March 21, 2017
I am a Short and Mid ranged OFF+ player, and I play in spin rather than flat shots.... And This Rubber is the Best for me so far for my FH...
Before this, I was using Donic Coppa Gold. But Mark V HPS has more spin and control. And if you have blade like Donic Senso carbon, which is enough fast, you can also generate lots of speed in your topspin.
My services are having mroe spin now. And I can put my topspins anywhere I want....
Mark V HPS is a Must Try Rubber for players with style like me........
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V HPS on January 4, 2017
Bought a sheet of 2.0mm red. So far this is my favorite rubber. It's fast with very good control and is very forgiving, great feel, medium soft suitable for any blade. You can use either for forehand or backhand. Currently I use it on BH and use Nitakku Fastarc S1 for FH.

My review: Very light, cut weight=42g. Speed=9.2. spin=9. control=9.5 forgiving, grip=9. throw=med. hardness=4. feel=excellent, overall=9.5
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V HPS on December 27, 2016
As a big fan of Yasaka I want to try a faster rubber combined with a faster blade YASAKA GOIBAIO 5. I have this racket with rakza 9 on forehand and mark v hps on the backhand and I am very satisfied. I have this racket for the last 10 days and even is very early to tell yet this is some observations. Racket was a lot faster than my previous and the first 2-3 days I was struggling not to keep the ball as I was able to do it but I wasn't able to hold the blade as this time from straight I went to anatomic bell type. After the 4-5 day I was able to get used to hold it but also to play better. It would take me a few days or weeks to get used to it but I believe with this blade and with this rubbers I ll be able also to move forward faster. As for the rubbers very fast and very strong hit and for the spin you ll have to be a little technical if you want to succeed with a lot of speed.
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Review by thienknguyen (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Mark V HPS on April 16, 2016
Very good !!
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V HPS on August 10, 2015
Very good balanced rubber. Great speed, explosive, with good spin and great control, also blocking very well. You can do everything with it. Works better with medium/hard blades.
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V HPS on August 5, 2015
This rubber is very sensitive to dust since dust causes it to loose it's spin rapidly. If you wash the rubber with soap and water ( remember to wash out all the soap) the grip will return. I need to wash the rubber after every 2 sets. When the rubber is clean you can do everything with it, providing you have the skill. The rubber feels light.
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V HPS on February 26, 2015
Just rec'v it and it play good, was able to hit BH pretty solid. I think I like my Yasaka X better because it is more spinning and control, also I able to smash in with FH 70%-80% at a time. Do recommend it, everyone I show to said this is good rubber.
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V HPS on January 27, 2015
perfectly balanced rubber between speed, spin and control.
when you want speedy smashes or drives this rubber will provide you that,
if you want spinny loops, short pushes, serves this rubber will provide you that,
if you want to control over opponents shots you can do it. if you want controlled faster blocks you can have them.
if you want a lighter racket, put this rubber on.
perfectly balanced rubber.
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