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13 Reviews for Yasaka Anti-Power

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My first Yasaka Anti Power is a 2.0 mm thick black Anti Power. I love it on my Innerforce Layer ALC.

Speed; It has a good speed for an antispin rubber. It can be used quickly or slowly. On block and hits it is steady and you can alternate the speed according to your will.

Spin; It is an antispin rubber, it's not going to be a spin monster. On the other hand, you can create some spin with this rubber with strong enough force like a chop or a push. On hits, you get some sidespin which might come in handy.

Control; Its best trait. It has great control, you can put the ball anywhere you want to without great problems.

Else; It has a good feel and does anything anti should be able to do. It is a little bit new for me, as I came from inverted, but I absolutely love it and am sure we will be good friends.

I will update my review, as I cannot tell anything about its durability yet.

Update; If you have the chance, don't use it on a fast carbon blade, as it behaves rather strangely. Sometimes it is a dampening sponge and sometimes a trampoline. You have to be careful. I will tryit on a 5-ply wood in a few weeks and make another update.
I've put it on my new blade, Stiga Cybershape Wood and I love it. It has great control and attacking capabilities.
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Probably the best anti to start with coming from normal inverted. Slightly "grippy" anti topsheet with elastic sponge so thicker the sponge, the faster it plays. Not to be confused with dampening sponges found on frictionless type anti where thicker = slower. Reversal is decent if you don't engage the sponge, use fast cutting type strokes. Go to frictionless anti if you want the most reversal possible. I have tried YAP in 1.5 & 2.0, both in red. 1.5 being slower is more controllable so can be used quite effectively and consistently for classical defense. Chopping from distance can add some backspin to the reversed topspin, you will enjoy returning back hard loops rather easily. At the very least it's good training practice for a stronger looper to play against.
2.0 is more suitable closer to table for offensive style and can be used to set tempo of a rally before using your attacking side to finish the point. Attack strongly any backspin that is given. No difficulty against no spin balls with placement key to success and a longer rally. Be careful of the sponge sometimes engaging on passive shots and unexpectedly launching it just long off the table, experience eventually resolves. For reference I enjoy playing with 2.0 more as it is more versatile: great attacking + blocking at the table with possibilities to play cut defense if needed. As of writing 2.0 is still attached to my Dr N. Hercules blade. Make no mistake grippy anti is for fun and enjoyment, adding variety to the dominant copy pasta all out topspin strategy. Don't expect to be winning many high level matches against this archetype, for that you would need to transition to frictionless anti/twiddling close to the table or LP/SP/inverted for chopping away from the table.
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The first time I used it I was shocked at how it could effortlessly return serve, it is best for that however you better keep it low as it doesn't generate much spin.

Super easy to control and helped my game considerably when I switched from conventional, but ultimately I stopped using it because it doesn't generate enough spin with chops (but can certainly generate some). For me, the trade off between being insensitive to opponents spin vs not generating much spin is too extreme and I prefer short pips as the trade off is lesser.
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After transformer I tried this rubber. This rubber is fast relative to transformer. The transition from normal to this anti is not that much compared to transformer. This id faster and easier to handle conpared trasformer. However the spin reversal is lesser. My second block can be easily be spin again. This rubber excel in fast attack and change in tempo. The change in tempo can be done by changing your grip to lighter hold. Highly recommended.
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Fast and quite difficult to learn it. Deceptive but only in offensive strokes. Not for passive play,you have to take the initiative in order to obtain the best of this rubber. In proper hands it could become a dangerous weapon.
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Fast anti and hard to learn.Able to perform both, defensive/offensive strokes.Very deceptive but only in offensive strokes.You have to be very active(offensive) with it, otherwise is quite easy for your opponent.
Decent price and durable.
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I was given one that was 2 or 3 years old from a friend - it plays like new!
There is almost no throw angle - it is great for blocking. I feel it has a better reversal than some others think. There is no doubt about how durable this rubber is. A fantastic anti, definitely worth the price (especially if you get it for free like I did)!
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I'm reviewing the 2mm version red. Used it on a stiff all around blade.

Chopping is very controlled even with bad technique, although spin variation is almost non-existent. Fast enough for smashing. Drop shots are hard to execute -- I can only do it sometimes, but I think it can be done with practice. Tacky enough to topspin a no-spin ball. Low to medium spin get killed on a flat hit, heavy spin gets some reversal. Service receive is very forgiving.

Good for control and speed. Less suitable for deception and change of pace.
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The best commercial Anti in the world. But much difficult the use.
Pro: disturb, inversion, speed, control.
Cont: speed, no grip.
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Its a very good rubber. Best if used with an offensive rubber.
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I play with this rubber and It is not difficult to block with it. You can hit the ball fast if its even a little high as it inverts the spin. Good to play against offensive players. And it lasts a really really long time!
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No specific sound when you hit the ball.
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it is slower than butterfly super anti.
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