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Reviews for Yasaka Pryde 30 (5)

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This rubber is really weird. The topsheet is not very grippy at all, at least compared to the acuda series.

The throw angle is way too low. During games, my opponents complain about the 3 or 4 net balls I get per game. However, I am not trying to hit the net.

Blocking is terrible with this rubber, though I am not saying it is difficult, just not very consistent. Acuda S3, Vario Big Slam, and Tenergy 05 fx are much better alternatives to this rubber.

Flat hitting is very difficult with this rubber, and it is not very durable at all.

Since you are going to spend 50 dollars per sheet anyway, go with Acuda or Coppa Series of tensors.

I highly recommend Acuda S3 or S2.

This rubber is decent for beginners, but it really lacks grip and durability.
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Very nice rubber !!!! excellent on stiff blades.. =)
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It' s a great rubber for fh, to fix in corneau hinoki of is a perfet balance.
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I didn't really expect to like this rubber, but was surprised. It has a very low throw - almost a low as Air Condle, and is quite soft.

It was Ok on my backhand - where I though it would work best, but nothing way above average.

I figured it would stink on my forehand, but wanted to try the rubber on the other side (Hammond Pro-B) on my backhand. I was very wrong!

This rubber is soft, but, at least for me and on my blade, didn't bottom out. It has a nice audible pop and some speed-glue-like kick when looping and counter looping. It is plenty fast enough, but has a nice (to me) speed spin ratio. I can make strokes like I used to with speed glued rubber and get good results.

I have no trouble generating spinny loops with it, and can get plenty of speed too. I need a bit more time to adjust to the low throw for countering, but it blocks very well. It surprised me by NOT being reall bouncy in she short game. It still requires some touch, but seems far more linear than many of the new wonder-rubbers.

I've read that some can't generate spin with it, but have to wonder if their technique just isn't suited...
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This rubber isn't for everyone. If you're a hard hitter this is not for you. The sponge is very soft and the ball will sink to deep into the rubber/sponge and will not produce the effect you want. On the other side - It will work perfectly if you play a controlled game with a soft touch. It's very easy to play with. I personally miss a little bit of spin. I don't find it as spinny as the classic mark V rubber.
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