Yasaka X-Tend

by Yasaka
Yasaka X-Tend

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Rated 4.5/5

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The New Spin Machine!
No speed glue is needed! Trough continues testing it has been possible to concentrate the "tension increase" on the spin factor. Until now , "tension rubber" concentrated on increasing spin and speed equally but with the Yasaka concept the "spin tension" increase by 2/3rd and the speed tension increased by 1/2.

XTEND does develop superior spin characteristics especially useful for the 40 mm ball.

Speed: 94
Spin: 89
Control: 78

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Reviews of Yasaka X-Tend (10)

 External Review for Yasaka X-Tend on October 22, 2016
A good rubber, never disappoints. Stronger spin than most, with just enough control. Not that heavy, so not much speed is lost. Overall, a good rubber for any offensive player
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 External Review for Yasaka X-Tend on January 24, 2016
Very good balanced rubber for my backhand.
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 External Review for Yasaka X-Tend on September 4, 2014
Attention,for me this rubber is very tacky
with very good spin,speed and control
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 External Review for Yasaka X-Tend on October 3, 2013
A good rubber for the price. Its a bit old now, and it shows when compared to todays tensors. But overall a good rubber as always from Yasaka.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for Yasaka X-Tend on August 31, 2013
Amazing rubber with an amazing price. This is a good substitue for tenergy because it has the same speed (can better with tenergy) and a way better control. Because of its very soft sponge, it allows the user to have better control without sacrificing much speed. Its spin is nice. Though not tacky, you can have quality loops and serve with this rubber. My only problem with this rubber is its durability. But please consider this when you are buying a rubber. It won't disappoint you. PROMISE
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 External Review for Yasaka X-Tend on October 22, 2012
Very controllable. A step up from Mark V with slightly better in spin and power. The first problem I've encountered when using this rubber was my inconsistency in blocking. Nonetheless, this rubber make my strokes better.

The colour will fade and the edge will break earlier than any ESN rubbers.
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 External Review for Yasaka X-Tend on February 25, 2011
This rubber is a monster! a real stepping stone for using the fully fledged Tenergy 05 .This rubber is totally not for speed glue it cuz shrinks! and it is very very good for opening loops but be careful it cuz t sometimes pops it out!, same with pushes and blocks but overall it is good very comparable to a Donic Baracuda and a Yasaka Fusion rubber
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 External Review for Yasaka X-Tend on October 10, 2010
soft rubber, fast speed,i like SOUND from this rubber very much..hehehe.. i used it on my Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive,,wow its good combination i thing...try it..
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 External Review for Yasaka X-Tend on January 27, 2009
The yasaka x-tend rubber is a tensor rubber that is pretty good for loopers for like to loop really spinny, not very fast shots. It has a very tacky topsheet, which is really good for adding lots of spin to the ball. It has a semi hard sponge, but the sponge really allows the ball to sink into it and grip the ball to add lots of spin. The speed is not very fast. That is one thing that really bugged me. The rubber made my loops really slow, and somewhat floating in the air. With this rubber, your shots do not feel very powerful, but they are actually loaded with spin. This rubber is pretty good, but i would prefer something faster.
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 External Review for Yasaka X-Tend on February 3, 2008
Xtend is a very soft and bouncy rubber. You can get tons of spin off of it, as long as you're careful with your touch. It's not very durable, and will tear easily, and it takes some getting used to for soft pushes, but I think it's a fantastic rubber, and suits me well (I play a two winged looper/control style).
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