Yasaka Mark V XS

by Yasaka
Yasaka Mark V XS
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The Mark V "family" of rubber sheets are the most famous among the top players all over the World. The aim was, when developing MARK V XS to offer a rubber with superior spin characteristics without losing too much speed. The way the Yasaka technicians achieved this is: - the balance or raw material for the top sheet was changed - some new chemicals where added - the production process is improved The result is D.A.T., D ouble A cceleration T echnology, which gives the rubber extremely strong spin possibilities and good speed.

Speed: 94
Spin: 91
Control: 81

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Yasaka rubbers are steeped in history dating back all the way to 1926. The flagship rubber for Yasaka has been the Mark V. Mark V burst onto the table tennis world stage in the 1970 and 1971 World Championships taking home victory in both competitions. The Mark V is still going strong today and other versions of the rubber have been produced through the following decades.

More recently Yasaka has developed Rakza rubbers which have taken innovation to another level. The shape of the pimples provides a strong balance between spin and speed. Rakza rubbers use Hybrid Energy to provide synergy between top sheet and sponge providing great elasticity for power and control.

Yasaka has many more rubbers in their product line as well. Yasaka rubbers are used by top professionals as well as players of all levels. Be like 2019 World Championship Silver Medalist Matias Falck and choose Yasaka rubbers.

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Reviews of Yasaka Mark V XS (11)

 External Review for Yasaka Mark V XS on August 10, 2014
Good for controlled attack. All strokes are easy with this rubber. Good speed for a non- tensor rubber.This is a good choice for those who prefernon- tensors.
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V XS on November 18, 2012
This version of Mark V is a bit faster with the same spin and almost the same control. The quality of the top sheet is superb and is always the same from sheet to sheet. I recommend this rubber to players who dislike tensors and want more "direct" speed and spin. The price is higher than the regular version but has a long life if kept clean and in a case. Mark V XS has a medium low throw and is great for all the shots in table tennis. Loops are spinny and fast, counters quick and the short game very controllable. Mark V Family Rules!
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V XS on October 3, 2012
I am reviewing a 1.8mm black using on my forehand side. I find this to be a fairly spinny rubber with loads of control. It is not too fast. The sponge feel medium or so in hardness with a nice soft topsheet with some mild tackiness. I find it a fantastic rubber for looping with a nice low fast arc and very easy to control. It pushes with real control although I don't find it as easy to chop with. It seems to block well. It has enough dwell time for me but is reasonable at this thinner sponge level for flat hitting. A good all round rubber I think and a good alternative to some of the slightly softer chinese rubbers.
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V XS on May 29, 2012
graduating to this rubber I had to get used to the higher throw. Control against spinny serves and loops was a challenge. However as I used it more and more, i began to appreciate it better. The rubber enabled me to change my over-defensive game to a more and more looping attack! I now loop or drive more balls which I would have earlier pushed. This of course helps me win more games. Spinny serves takes opponents by surprise sometimes - especially players of lower ability to handle spins.
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V XS on May 8, 2011
THIS rubber is faster then bryse speed fx, also you can control the ball easily with the amount of speed this rubber has.

looping is amazing too.

you can easily play with a player with a tenergy rubber
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V XS on April 30, 2011
This rubber is amazing. its SPINS are very fast as well as its SPEED. LOOPING is excellent and very fast. backhand front spins have a low trajectory which makes the ball harder to hit by the opponent. true to its word, the balls speed increases as per the DAT technology, speed increasing on hit.
With practice this rubber can be easily CONTROLLED. overall this rubber beats the previous older version mark 5 easily. it should, however be noted that this rubber IS NOT in the sriver class of rubbers as this rubbers performance IS BETTER then butterfly's bryse fx.
overall this rubber is high quality for a lower price.

-note that this rubber is better then mark 5, bryce speed.
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V XS on April 24, 2011
I am a big fan of Yasaka having previously used Regular Mark V until recently. I found this version far inferior to regular Mark V, the sponge seemed softer and had very low throw angle with average speed. A Mediocre rubber. Maybe I had a duff sheet. Stick to regular Mark V!
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V XS on February 26, 2011
This is very cool rubber great for semi-pros and above love the spin and speed!!!!All in All.....Very Good Rubber!!!
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V XS on October 28, 2009
Amazing rubber! Although it has a little less control than the original Mark V, control is still amazing. Speed is just about the same. This is the looper's version of the Mark V although it has a fairly low trajectory compared to other spin rubbers. It performs all shots very well from chops and blocks to pushes and loops and smashes. I really like this rubber, which is why I stuck with it for about 1.5 years and am still using it :)
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V XS on August 7, 2009
It is good for the controlled offensive game. You can hit topspin drives and loops and it will always stay on the table. It is a fairly weak though
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 External Review for Yasaka Mark V XS on August 1, 2009
It is has more speed and spin than the Mark 5 but has less control. This is a great rubber for someone that likes to loop and use different types of spin
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