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Reviews for Yasaka Silver Carbon (5)

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Pretty much every reviewer is spot on with the silver carbon here.
Its an inner carbon style blade. Its thin, has some flex with woody feel. At higher gears some carbon kicks in and helps you but thats it.
Maybe we can say that its a slower version innerforce zlc or harder version of innerforce zlf.
ST handle is on the squared side but not like a galaxa, dynamix or timo boll alc kind of squared. With two tenergy 80 its still not that head heavy.
I really liked that blade. I was trying to find a little bit stiffer or faster virtuoso and I think I find what I want. Not the exact feeling ofcourse but close enough.
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Not too fast not too slow. Good for looping and smashing. High throw. Good spin. Superb control. Little vibration. Not so solid. Carbon with wood feel.
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This is my second blade i bought this because i want a little faster than my previous blade. this blade is not too fast not too slow with a good control but when you hit hard is fast enough to win a point. Good for looping and smashing. Pair with dhs hurricane 3 neo on forehand and friendship 802-40 on backhand. Its a good combination you can defend and attack. But the handle is a little bit thin so I put a handle grip.
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I play with this blade for 3 weeks with yasaka rakza 7 max (2.2) on FH and rakza X max (2.2) on BH. I is easy to loop and has great control. The blade is not too fast for a carbon and that's why I like it so much.
After 2 years I got to know the blade very well and now I play with XIOM VEGA PRO max(2.2) on both sides for about a year now and the whole thing is beautiful. The feeling for the blade is great and I know I found a right combination for me!
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Feels like I'm holding a Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon without the vibrations. The neckline feels like DHS PG12 flared blade. Not a fast carbon blade. There is no bounciness. It's head heavy. I use 2.1 5Q on BH and 2.1 Hexer Duro on FH. This blade has no WOW factor. Quality is good. Soft touch shots are good. Loops on FH and BH are so so.
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