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Yasaka Goiabao 5 - Chinese Penhold

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Chinese Penhold


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Yasaka Goiabao 5 - shakehand version

After the introduction in China market during the winter 2015 the blade GOIABAO 5 is now ready also for the European and the US market.

The word GOIABAO has the meaning "nice wood" - a very suitable name for this elegant blade with top level play-ing characteristics.

GOIABAO 5 is a fast 5-ply blade with a hard outer veneer and a relatively thick middle veneer. The second veneer is hand selected Scandinavian pine.

GOIABAO 5 has a sealer from the factory for easy rubber removal when needed.

Speed: 92
Control: 63
Plies: 5
Weight: 86g

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Reviews of Yasaka Goiabao 5 - Chinese Penhold (23)

Please share your expert opinion-
Does Goiabao 5 FL handle play well with a combination of Rakza Z 2.3mm + Rakza 9 2mm on either side of the bat ?
Intermediate player looking to Advance, serious hobby-leisure, budget under 150 for the bat.
Thanks in advance.
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Update: I have changed rubber to FH:H3 Blue Provincial 41 BH:H3-50. I struggled with forehand and backhand game when initially tested this blade with (familiar rubbers to me) OLD re-used TG2 Provincial Blue Boosted and BH rakza 7 soft & Valmo. After the rubber switch I discovered how crisp the blade actually is. Short game and serving is easy and allows you to put little more pressure on the touch and a more open racket angle due to blade/rubber combo impact absorption. Looping under spin had low trajectories with high enough throw to clear net which is one of my preferences. TPB blocking seemed to return ball much higher than I prefer. TPB Ma Lin styled chop blocking seemed easier. RPB didnt feel as deadly as my current set up but still packed a lot of spin& control on RPB loops & flips on receiving underspin. (BH Rubber combo potentially not deadly enough). Blocking is easy on both wings. Nice control and good FH power when executed. There is a slight cracking sound when FH smashing. Im going to say its my technique and not the blade. I actually like this blade. Not convincing enough yet to be my main. Nicer finish than H301
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My ST handle weighs 83g and is 6.0mm thick. Handle is hollow, but it's surprisingly not head-heavy. This blade was designed for the China market, so it is made to be used with Hurricane 3 on FH. If you use a different rubber, it will have less dwell time. Soft rubbers (42deg ESN) can add more dwell also. Speed is solid OFF and very linear. Due to the speed, it's a little hard to make topspin; best to use H3 with Chinese technique. Control is great on all shots. Overall, this blade is amazing for the price and should be much more popular!
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A review from Cpen user :
Used to have a JTTAA YEO Cpen. after learning the basic strokes, always thought that YEO is a bit too flimsy for the 40+ plastic ball.

Goiabao 5, compared to YEO is a bit stiffer and faster, which make playing from medium distance easier while still maintaining the control and feeling to play 3rd ball/close to table thanks to the all-wood plies. The only downside is it is a bit more bouncy while serving/playing short, but the difference is negligible.

I think of it as a direct upgrade from YEO, kind of similar to STIGA Rosewood 5, to play more comfortably in the 40+ era. If you like the feeling of a 5-ply wooden blade, this blade can never go wrong.
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I switched to pip rubber on my back, tried several varieties and Spinlord Gipfelsturm became my favorite gum. But it didn't work well with my favorite Timo Boll Alc. I had a Goiabao bat for a long time but I didnt use it because of its speed. I tried Gipfelstrurm on it and it got really good. The rubber (mxs, r7) was fast on my first hand so I tried the Rakza 7 soft and I'm very happy with this bat!
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