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24 Reviews for Yasaka Goiabao 5 - Chinese Penhold

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CPen review. I used with Skyline 3 provincial FH and H3 on BH. Strong 5ply blade. Doing a comparison to Yasaka Extra offensive. Not much flex quite stiff with hard surface. I found that looping rubber is best option for this blade due to low throw and long trajectory. Short game had to use light touch to keep short. Vibrations very minimal. Blocking, slapping, looping playing near and far werent an issue. Playing far from table was quite good for a 5ply blade. No issues at all. I just bought for the hype and claim to be the upgraded version of Yasaka Extra offensive. This is a false statement. Still great no hate.
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Please share your expert opinion-
Does Goiabao 5 FL handle play well with a combination of Rakza Z 2.3mm + Rakza 9 2mm on either side of the bat ?
Intermediate player looking to Advance, serious hobby-leisure, budget under 150 for the bat.
Thanks in advance.
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Have tested a fair bit since purchase 6months ago. The blade has nice feedback. Thick middle veneer. I have noticed in the reviews not many people use Chinese rubbers. I currently use H3 provincial 41* forehand and H3-50 backhand. Feel is hard still however it is more stiff than YEO and YEO7. Power delivery is still good far from table. But must close racket angle when playing near table. The ball has low throw. Tends to overshoot. My go to FH rubbers are the DHS skyline series but I am yet to use one unboosted for this blade. So I can not comment on short game because it is not my strength with this FH rubber. Updates will continue in near future due to my search for the perfect feeling in blade.
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My ST handle weighs 83g and is 6.0mm thick. Handle is hollow, but it's surprisingly not head-heavy. This blade was designed for the China market, so it is made to be used with Hurricane 3 on FH. If you use a different rubber, it will have less dwell time. Soft rubbers (42deg ESN) can add more dwell also. Speed is solid OFF and very linear. Due to the speed, it's a little hard to make topspin; best to use H3 with Chinese technique. Control is great on all shots. Overall, this blade is amazing for the price and should be much more popular!
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A review from Cpen user :
Used to have a JTTAA YEO Cpen. after learning the basic strokes, always thought that YEO is a bit too flimsy for the 40+ plastic ball.

Goiabao 5, compared to YEO is a bit stiffer and faster, which make playing from medium distance easier while still maintaining the control and feeling to play 3rd ball/close to table thanks to the all-wood plies. The only downside is it is a bit more bouncy while serving/playing short, but the difference is negligible.

I think of it as a direct upgrade from YEO, kind of similar to STIGA Rosewood 5, to play more comfortably in the 40+ era. If you like the feeling of a 5-ply wooden blade, this blade can never go wrong.
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I switched to pip rubber on my back, tried several varieties and Spinlord Gipfelsturm became my favorite gum. But it didn't work well with my favorite Timo Boll Alc. I had a Goiabao bat for a long time but I didnt use it because of its speed. I tried Gipfelstrurm on it and it got really good. The rubber (mxs, r7) was fast on my first hand so I tried the Rakza 7 soft and I'm very happy with this bat!
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Incredible cheap
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Lovely blade with lots of gears. Crisp attacking shots with lots of power and a pleasing level of woody vibration are possible with this blade. There will certainly be faster blades available, but not by much and this is a thing of beauty that can certainly be held up against far more expensive composite blades in terms of speed and control. No-brainer at 23 from!
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Best yasaka blade I have been using so far. Fast 5 ply woods with very minimal vibration compared to ma lin carbon or yeo. Solid in feel. Balance in weight. Beautiful in design. Good in quality. You can do every type of strokes with ease. You can block, hit, loop, chop, drive with no problems. Moreover the price is quite cheap. Best for attacking, hitters and loopers.

Play best with soft tensor rubbers or with chinese tacky rubber. I play it with nittaku hurricane pro 3 orange sponge. Looping is fast and spinny. The ball fly low becoz the blade is low throw. Block with this blade is the best. It is not affected too much with the incoming spin. The ball will go low and very fast
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pure perfection.
low throw but very well quality
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awesome blade, i changed from donic epox powerallround. I was liitle bit scared for change from all to off+(its more like off not off+), but its fine. Fast, enough control. Im using with rasander r37 on BH and rakza 9 on FH. I think i will change rakza 9, its too fast for me and little bit heavy. Racket has 181grams. But blade wasnt 86gr, but mine is 89. With rubbers is weight more to head, i have to try softer and lighter rubber like rakza7soft against rakza9.
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This is a hard and stiff blade. At first I thought I did not like it because it felt so flat. However, when I switched from a hard sponge (Nittaku Flyatt Hard) to a softer sponge (Andro Resanter R42), I realized that I could loop much better. The Flyatt Hard is great, but not for this blade. This isn't my favorite blade but it is still a great buy!
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I have purchased Yasaka Goiabao 5 blade from TTMode and got it delivered within a week to India.
I appreciate their service, including packing and lacquering of blade. All are top notch.
I have paired it with Yasaka Mark V HPS 2.0mm on both sides. The racket weight is ~ 181 grams.
It has a hard outer layer, medium second layer and a thick/medium inner layer.
Perfect mix of hard wood & flex.
Counter-hit engages the hardness. The trajectory more linear and precise.
Looping / topspin engages the flex. A beautiful arc loaded with spin.
Cut and push are comfortable and purposeful.
Blocking has to be done with purpose, especially on the backhand.
If done properly, blocking is like kill-block with low bounce and tough to retrieve for the opponent.
You can dictate the pace of the rally, as you have both the hardness & flex at your disposal.
Yasaka rate it at Off+. It is more Off-. Intermediate players can handle it with ease.
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this blade is not stiff imo 5/10, but little 7/10 hard. Speed is 8,5/10 but Rotation is 6,5/10. Throw is 4/10 but Control is 9,5/10. I played with rasant grip on backhand and rasant on forhand and I will change my rasant for Tenergy. The best part of the blade is stability and the feeling. My overall is 10/10
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First, I put myself in beginner/ intermediate level. I had been using Butterfly Super Zhang Jike with Tenergy 05-FX untill I tried the Goiabao 5 with Joola Maxxx 500 . I iinitially intended to use Goiabao 5/ Joola as an extra paddle for my guests who come over to play at my house. But after 2 hrs trying this paddle, I decided to use this instead of Super ZJK from now on. And I am really happy with better perfomance.
For me, Butterfly Super Zhang Jike with Tenergy 05 is stiil the best combination in the world. But it just best for the advanced players. It too spinny, and especially too fast for me.
The Yasaka Goiabao 5, even thought very inexpensive, is the best all-wood blade I have tried so far. The Goiabao 5 combined with both Joola Maxxx 500 gives something I have been looking for in 3 years:
1/ Speed: not extremly fast as BTY sZJK, but still very fast. Very good in attack away from the table
2/ Spin: Joola Maxx 500 is very spinny. The projection is very curvy, very good for looping. My serves becomes more tricky for opponents
3/ Control: according tonYasaka website the Goiabao 5 is among the higher control blades. Indeed, it is very control, helping me with blocking, and returning opponent 's serves
4/ Throw angle: High Throw angle. I don't know if the credit is for Goiabao 5 or Joola rubbers, but it helps me lift heavy under spin to get more successful loops and banana flicks
5/ last thing about Joola Maxxx 500: very good rubber but a liitle bit heavy. If you want to try a combination like mine, you should get Maxx 500 with 2.0mm thickness, not Max thickness.
I will save my Super Zhang Jike and will use it once my skill get better
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Amazing blade which is very controlled in the short game but comes alive on powerloops and hard drives. The throw is on the lower side but with my MX-P and Tinarc 5 I believe I'm playing with my best setup yet. Now I do think the handle is hollow, so take that into account.
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This blade is fast ! I got megaspin combo with Rakza X on both and I couldn't be more happier. It is extra offensive and since in am beginner-intermidiate level it might be overkill for my skill level. But I am enjoying it lot more than my early combination of Mark V and Ma Lin Swede. Extra. Somehow I am able to hit very hard, chop is nicely, drop the ball with ease with very little effort. I am able to respond to any shots and somehow putting them bank more consistently now.
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Setup-Goiabao 5 + yasaka rakza 9(backhand) + dhs hurricane 3 neo(forehand).Fast all wood blade.Dwell time is amazing.The throw angle is a bit low but the dwell time is enough to compensate and adjust to it.Short and touch game-average,ball bounces sometimes a bit.Plus Point-Counter attacks!! and Counter Topspins!!Mid and far distance game is appreciated with this ply.A dense sound produced on contact.
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Excellent blade ! I was in war inside my brain to decide between GOIABAO 5 or MA Lin EO and Goiabao didn't disappointed ! It's fast and has great control ! And the look is elegant ! I did screw it up putting dhs skyline 3-60 in both F and B ! Those are good rubbers but not to put on this blade. Rakza 7 or rakza 9 pair with this pice of art ! Now i'll have to order rakza 9 on both sides. Overall excellent blade and totally worth the price ! I'm very happy with this purchase and I'm pretty sure I'll use GOIABAO for a long time !
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Before this blade I'd only prefered playing with off- blades like Avalox BT555 (which I love, awesome and underrated blade) but now I wanted try something really fast and harder kind of blade and decided to order Goiabao 5. Before i've also tried Clipper Oversize which i didnt like, too difficult to loop with, blocking was great though. I was scared that the Goiabao would be kind of the same cuz of the hard outer ply, but to my surprise it has been a delight and looping is easy (rakza 7, pairs really well with goiabao) and control is relative good...feeling is nice, just had to adjust my touch because the blade is a bit more bouncy than BT555. Fast, easy to loop with (medium low arc), good blocking and pretty large sweet spot. Probably the best blade i've played with.
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One of th nicest and fastest blade I purchased so far. I have this racket with rakza 9 on forehand and mark v hps on the backhand and I am very satisfied. I have this racket for the last 10 days and even is very early to tell yet this is some observations. Racket was a lot faster than my previous and the first 2-3 days I was struggling not to keep the ball as I was able to do it but I wasn't able to hold the blade as this time from straight I went to anatomic bell type. After the 4-5 day I was able to get used to hold it but also to play better. It would take me a few days or weeks to get used to it but I believe with this blade and with this rubbers I ll be able also to move forward faster.
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I have owned Nittaku Septear, Yasaka Extra Offensive JTTAA and Joola Rossi Emotion blades in the past, and have played with couple others but this blade is my favourite. Goiabao can be flexible when you're looping and can turn stiff and hard when you're hitting/driving. I don't know why it feels this way but I love this property of Goiabao. There is nothing negative about this blade. It is bouncy so my short game needed adjusting but after only a day of playing this started to feel like the most controlled blade I've ever come across. It is way superior to YEO. More people should play with this blade
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This blade was a pleasant surprise to me as it had very nice wood for the price. Sweet spot was medium-large. Fast with very good feel for the ball and some flex. Great for looping at any distance. Made in Sweden blade that rivals much higher priced blades with the same wood composition. Slightly head heavy with thick rubbers. A powerful and elegant blade for players seeking a bit more speed. Works well with short pips on BH or inverted. Speed to control ratio is nice on this one as most blades in this speed range can be difficult to control. Better than Clipper wood in all areas except perhaps blocking. For advanced or seasoned intermediate players who love more speed. Excellent buy.
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FH: Neo DFS Huriccane 3
BH: Neo DFS Skyline 3

Beautiful piece of racket. Very good control and speed. Works really well with Hurricane 3 on the forehand.

Huricane 3 seems a better fit for this blade than skyline. Skyline feels a little bit lack of power using this blade. May be its less bouncy compare to hurricane?
Recommend buyer to purchase a bouncy rubber for this blade.

The wood texture itself is also really nice.
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