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Yasaka Falck W7

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Flared Handle

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The all new Yasaka Falck W7 blade follows the Swedish tradition to develop 7-ply blades for offensive players who prefer the good ball feel of an all wooden blade.

The Falck W7 consists of a thicker core layer and three thinner outer layers, including one harder, colored layer. Individually hand selection of the veneers gives Falck W7 a low and very stable weight, around 85 grams.

Speed: 90
Control: 69
Plies: 7
Weight: 86g

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Reviews of Yasaka Falck W7 (7)

Nice 7 ply blade with solid play with inverted rubber. I use LP with sponge on one side and it works to both hit and to chop off the table with my LP-A huge bonus. Faster than Yasaka's Ma Lin extra offensive (YEO), but has the same good control of that blade. Similar in shape. Have two blades-both close to the same weight-87-88 grams. Impressed with this quality-even more so with the price for this quality.
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A very versatile powerhouse. LIMBA/2x Ayous (the inner Ayous is hard and colored)/Ayous core. Its main strength is the adaptability to almost all kinds of rubbers. I mainly use Tacky/chinese rubber on FH and tensor on BH, and the combination works very well just like on a 5ply all-wood blade or even 5+2 composite blade - FH topspins are fast and with low arc. BH drives and flicks also loaded with speed. Huge sweetspot meaning this blade is very forgiving especially on powershots/powerloops. A very good blade for developing intermediate and even serious competitive players.
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This is by far the best all wood blade. My previous blade was a MA Lin extra offensive, very forgiven, easy to play and easy to get use to it. Control is very good.
Well this Falck blade is even better than MA Lin's is faster obviously, great control very easy to adapt there is nothing you can't do with this blade. Block is very good. Chops are nice and easy. The sweet spot is even bigger than the MA Lin.
My only complain would be the handle length is a bit short but so was my MA Lin. So not big of a deal.
You do get a hell of a blade for so little money. I'm very happy with this blade.
It was recommended by mega spin experts as I out did my MA Lin's so this was the step up. Paired it with Rakza X BH and Rakza Z on the FH. Awesome combination
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I am a former state level player (U19). Used all wood during those days. Then used opposite blade for long time. I was thinking to switch back to all wood and decided to go with this one. Didn’t disappoint me. I got my control back when I can do lot of loop and counter loop. I use MXP BH and MXP 50 FH. Planning to try T05 as well. So far so good.
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Weight: 86 grams
Thickness: 6.55mm
Hardness: medium stiff
Plies: 7 (Limba-ayous)
Speed: Off to Off+

This is my favorite blade in between the 2 Falck blades. I am intending to keep it and I have been playing with it heavily since it sparked my interest on using a 7 ply all wood blade again. I was once an all wood 7 ply blade collector. I used to collected selected 7 ply all-wood blades before but got tired of them and gave away most of them. I always had a thing for 7 ply all-wood blades due to their balance of speed and control. Tranas Woodhouse has always made excellent 7 ply blades for Yasaka and for other brands and the Falck W7 is their latest 7 ply all-wood blade. The W7 carries the classic 7 ply all wood feel that all wood users love. The blade has a simple design with a 2-tone color reminding me of the Swedish flag due to having blue and yellow colors. Like the Falck Carbon, the W7 has some factory sealing and I do not think they need any more sealing. I have so far removed and glued 4 rubbers in each side but I did not observe any wood splintering or delamination. The handle is big with a dimension of 26mm x 34.96mm at the base of the flared handle and a measurement of 23.5mm x 28.5mm at the neck part of the handle. It is big but it does not feel as big compared to that of the Fextra or Force Pro Black blade if you base it on the feel of holding the blade.
I used several rubbers for this test such as the Rakza X, Rakza 7, Rakza Z EH and RITC Battle 2. The Rakza Z EH was a little worn out because of heavy usage. I had to use the Battle 2 rubber as a representative of tacky rubbers being used for the blade. Anyway, the blade is fast. It is almost in the level of an Off+ blade. The blade is thick at 6.5mm producing enough speed even at far distance from the table but like its carbon sibling, the W7 is ideal at middle distance from the table. You can still use it effectively at far distance from the table but you would need faster rubbers like Rakza X. For speed comparisons, I would rate it as faster than the Xiom Solo, regular Clipper. It could probably be a little faster than the Clipper CR that I owned years ago if my memory does not betray me. I would rate it almost as fast as the Fextra but then Fextra is a level or 2 stiffer than the W7. The Force Pro Black is definitely faster and has a more profound stiffness.

The Falck W7 is your do-it-all offensive blade. Even with faster carbon and carbon arylate blades today, using a 7 ply all-wood blade like the W7 will not diminish your powershots away from the table. This can be compensated with faster rubbers. Even at higher levels, the W7 could sustain heavy counter looping away from the table. I have observed a medium high to medium arc when looping. The strength of the Falck W7 is in its easy adaptability when using different kinds of rubbers. I have used other rubbers other than the ones I have mentioned and the W7 seem to be compatible with them. I have even used a soft short pimple rubber in the backhand and never had much difficulty using it. It is not super high on the speed and power compared to composite blades but the amount of power and speed it produces is enough for most people even at advanced levels. The weight goes towards the tip of the blade. Some will find it head heavy but I prefer this kind of set up since I loop heavily in the forehand and the head heaviness favors my stroke. If you will be using a Chinese rubber on this blade, you would need some arm strength but if you are using the Rakza Z EH version, the effort lessens. Overall, the W7 is very forgiving on all types of shots especially with powershots. For drops shots and short pushes, the control is a given strength since this is an all wood blade.

This is highly recommended to at least intermediate level players and up to competition players. This is one of the type of blades that you can never go wrong when choosing if you are conscious about the balance of speed and control. It’s very versatile and compatible to different types of plays. From an all out offensive type of player to defensive blockers, the blade is on a class of its own. I’ve had the Yasaka Max Wood in the past but I seem to like this better because it is not as heavy but still has the same classic 7 ply all wood feel and everything.
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