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4 Reviews for Yasaka Ma Lin Max Carbon - Chinese Penhold

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Ordered a very light blade measured at 83.3g but the thickness was measured @ only 6.0mm instead of 6.3mm. Innerforce design with 3 wood plies on top of carbon+core. The 3rd wood ply is thick, placing the carbon buried deep under the surface; as a result the carbon can only be activated on harder strokes. Therefore, MLMC feels like a medium soft 7-ply limba wood blade on lighter strokes, but it can get pretty fast & hard feeling when the carbon is aroused. Got used to the excellent control right away and it's easy to play slow and it will also provide decent speed when needed. Speed is progressive; it has a very wide range of gears. You can hear the carbon as you hit hard and the ball feel turn hard at the same time. Very precise; not bouncy; has soft feel on lighter stokes & can grab the ball well; medium hardness on medium strokes and fast and hard on hard smashes The spin & loops produced are enormous. This is what I expected the DHS 301 to be but it isn't. Comparing these 2 blades, they have about the same amount of control, but the Max Carbon has higher speed when hit hard; more spinny; bigger handle; I like the Max Carbon much better and did not like 301 at all. Good quality at very low price. I use Vega Pro on FH and Razka 7 on BH.
Speed=9.0; Control=9.5; Spin=9.6; Feel=vary, Flick=easy+; Flex=6.5; Hardness=5; Balance=good; ST handle=large/nice; Dwell=good; Smash, flat hit & Drive=great; Throw=med+; Serve=great; Sweetspot=large; touch shot=great; Sound=wood popping sound, occasional glassy; Overall=9.3
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Price too high.
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very fast speed, very good control, powerful. i can generate top spin easily eventhought this blade feel hard.

i stick DHS NEO H3P D39 Max on my fore hand, eventhought this rubber is feel hard but still ok for me. This blade be my one of my favourite blade.
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i have played with this blade about 1 month. my style is offensive. i use DHS Neo H3P max for my Fore hand. with this blade i can play fast loop and loop easily. smash very fast. control is very good. this blade feels medium hard. very nice blade for offensive blade.
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