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Reviews for Yasaka Galaxya (5)

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Medium softy blade for attackers. Easy to hold ball on table, good for short game, easy open ups, high arc, high spin, good dwell time. Good feel with Rakza 7 or Nittaku P1 speed is more than enough..
For me, this is the best Yasaka blade what I've tried (Giaobao, Extra Offensive 7 Power, Galaxya Carbon)
Concave handle is too thin, ST is good, quality is very-very good!
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Clipper like construction, quite thin (6.1mm for the one I've got). So compared to something like a Stiga Clipper, it's thinner, slower, flexier, and has a bit harder touch. Better for topspin and counter topspin because it's flexier (but it's still a 7-plys blade, so it's quite stable in its reaction), but for sure behind the Clipper for blocking. I've played with several 7-plys blades during the last 2 seasons (Stiga Clipper and Clipper CR, HRT Clipper, Joola Viva, Nittaku Ludeack) and this one is between 7-plys and 5-plys blades : behaves like a 7-plys blade but with more flex, so it's easier and has better feel for topspin game, but still nice for blocking and short game. Clearly slower than a regular Clipper Wood, I think speed is about the same as Joola Viva, I'd say OFF-, but with more flex and softer than the Joola (that has a smaller head as well).

(and really it's a shame that this blade is not more easily available in Europe for instance, it's a really good one and not that easy to find this type of "not overly fast 7-plys allwood blades" on the market)
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Great blade from Yasaka. This blade feels different than many blades in it's class. Has a quick response at the table and is very good for fast blocks and fast drives. Loops are great at mid distance with much power. comfortable and attractive FL grip. Blade is sealed at the factory but edges still need sanding. Impressive blade for the price compared to other carbon blades
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Do not get confused by yasaka's ratings of speed(19/20) and control(14/20). My galaxya weights 86grs with a ST handle and I would rate it rather differently: 16/20 for speed and 19/20 for control. Yes it is more like an OFF- blade in terms of speed paired with rakza 7 or xexer hd rubbers. What shines on this blade is the superb control it offers for blocking, service receive, short balls etc. Although it vibrates more than average, vibrations are more informative than in other blades. Top spin is quite good with a lot of rotation and good placement. However, when it comes to fast loops or smashes on soft balls it lacks a lot of kicking power. It somehow absorbs energy and seems to have more than necessary dwell time to help achieve the wining shot. Maybe that is why yasaka added carbon layers in the latter version. Craftsmanship is amazing,!
handle shape and balance are great. I would strongly recommend it for developing players.
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one of my favorit blade. fell soft, fast. i can play fast loop, good blocking, chop. i recomended for player who want to play loop. very good performance....
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