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6 Reviews for Andro Rocket Medium

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i played with andro rocket forehand and andro upgrade backhand and it was great for amateurs!
great controll , good spin and good power. For allround player i recomend you this rubber but i think
you can find an better one :D
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Nothing special. Plays like a dead sriver.
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It's just a step in rubbers, you can get easyly more from other rubbers, but for growing is good option.

It's a good trick if you want to change from european rubbers to chinesse rubbers
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Rocket medium is a very good rubber if your game is very slow, even in speed or spin. If you are the kind of players who use to wait a moment before attacking, it could stay in your blade.
It is very slow, and the spin, I think it is of that rubbers that you need to hit hard to get some spin.
It's control is good, I mean like a Neos Tacky.
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A good rubber.
Easy to use for learners, good for speed and control, a little less for spin.
Recommended for an allround player.
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really good rubber reccomended to create good spin and diversity in play ideal for chopping also amazing atack
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