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8 Reviews for Andro Impuls Speed

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Plus: control, spinny loops, counter hitting.
Minus: not very fast, wears out fast, bad spin on serves.
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It's very slow, but if control is what you want you'll love it.

It's perfect for beginer's bh
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Very good rubber pretty soft with lots of spin the onlt bad thing is that you´ll have to change this rubber every 4 months.
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I used it some years ago.... NOT for beginners. It's not very powerful, it's best just looping behind the table. Bounces very high, so a topspin is difficult to block
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Plus: Accurate hitting, looping on backspin/opening, good speed on counter looping

Minus: Slow on driving, no spin serves, not good on blocking
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Nice sound when hitting, blocking is much worse than I expected, the only good thing about this rubber is its controlled looping against backspin or counter looping. However the spin on serves is bad.
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Firstly, this rubber is loud! It's brought back my joy of just looping and continuing the rally. I also discovered how much control it has. Now, before you all start quoting how I said "all tensors have horrible short game, no spin, blah blah..", note that I've paired it with much more sensibly speed blades. My first hit with the Impuls Speed was on a Schlager and I claimed it had no speed, no spin, hard to block. Well duh son! Anything apart from 729 lightning's gonna be unplayable on that piece of metal.

Anyways, I am using it on a Oh Sang Eun, and the combo offers speed with I need it and an abundant of spin. The thing is, what is normally into the body shots now sink perfectly into that soft sponge, creating a great loop off something mistimed.

On the FH I'll admit it can't handle the higher level techniques such as a hard flick or a loop kill off backspin, and the speed's actually not something you'd write home about, especially if they're lobbing at you. But on the BH it just shines for me. I can play all my bullcrap shenanigan shots that I've learnt from the G555, at the same time passive blocks are now weapons on their own. Not to mention the excellent feel and feedback on a punchblock!

So, I was wrong (again) about this rubber. It just needs sensibly speed blades for it to work. And perhaps techniques that are carried over from much slower equipment.
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Well I got the 2.2 mm sponge version RED, and I must say that for BackHand is a very good rubber.
Its extremely soft with a very nice feeling of the ball, you can generate a lot of spin or just simply do a flat stroke and get little by little more deaf with every stroke : P
The only bad thing with this rubber, durability... Around the third week, using it 4 days a week, like 4 hours each day, you start feeling the fall of the spin, but I love it.
Great Tensor rubber =D
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