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18 Reviews for Andro Rasanter R50

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I used viscaria alc. Very good combine with di rubber. Very suit with my style. Best rubber after tenergy and dignig. Best rubber in low price. I used max on FH, 2.0mm on BH
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R50 2.0 mm red and black on Joola Vyzaryz Trinity.

Blocking 10/10. Looping 9.5/10
Countertopspin 9.7/10 Serving 9.5/10 Receiving 9/10 Spin Sensitivity 9/10 (not super reactive)
Speed 9.2/10 (between G-1 and T05). Power 10/10 (bottoming out doesnt happen when adding power to others shots) Control 9.5/10 (on the right blades)

Dwell time is between T05 and T05 Hard. Better rotation capabilities. Less sensitive to spin. A tad slower than T05 on base shots but has a higher speed reserve. This rubber tends to work well on mid hard or hard feeling baldes with a mild amount of flex. Very good on all wood blades all the way to stiffer blades like Zhang J ZLC.
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Ive been using this rubber on a Novacell OFF for quite some time now. On the forehand this thing is great. I am able to generate massive spin on loops close and far away from the table. There is also quite a lot of speed, I am able to easily put the ball past my opponent. Serving is great but tacky chinese rubbers are better for it
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I have this in 2.0 Red on my backhand (R53 2.0 on my forehand). I use a Donic Waldner Offensive 2016 blade.

This is fantastic for the backhand. Although, I think that may only be true for those with top level technique on the backhand. It feels softer than you may think. It is fantastic for the Waldner signature backhand down the line block. This has more control than you might think. And boy, you should see the crazy arc when you really shape an attacking backhand. While being 50 degrees, you could still easily loop with it, I'd say. And you'd be amazed at the serious spin you can achieve while doing so too. But, for anybody with a Waldner style backhand block and topspin backhand, this is the rubber for you. This beats the MX-P and Aurus Prime. And this is right up there with Tenergy 05 and Dignics 05, if you're someone who uses either of those on the backhand. And this is HALF the price. Plus, to me it's as if this has the best qualities from Tenergy 05 and Dignics 05, but while also having a bit more spin and a bit better feeling, as this feels as if it has a softer sponge than it actually does. Perhaps this just gives the illusion of dwell, and that is actually a good thing. That's because you get the sensation of dwell, but with the catapult of Tenergy 05 or Dignics 05 still. This allows for the same, or more power, and I would assume, more control than the others. Also, this has a delightful sound. I would recommend using an all-wood blade though. Carbon fiber is simply unnecessary for this. Plus, you really want to feel as much of the vibration as you can with this too. Use a fast, all-wood offensive blade with this and you will love it
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This an excellent rubber. I use the boosted rasanter r50 max on the bh of my h301 blade (offensive++) with dhs h3blue 2.2 mm boosted on the fh. The r50 is a fast rubber with excellent spin and good control. It is best suited for intermediate and advanced players with already established techniques. The r50 does it all, with great offensive spin and speed, good blocking and spinny serves and pushes. Touch is also very good. It does react to your opponent's spin, so it make take a little time to adjust to the rubber. It is particularly good at backhand flicks and loops. It is slightly less spinny than the dhs h3blue on my forehand, but most rubbers are. I have been playing with the r50 for about three months, and it is exactly what I was looking for on my backhand. I plan to stay with it for the foreseable future. I recommend the r50 for players also looking for a great offensive rubber with good touch and control.
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This rubber is an absolute beast. The speed is simply amazing, I put it on an innerforce alc, and it was incredibly fast and spinny. Way faster and spinnier than tenergy 05. I think that rasanters are game changer.
If you are seeking for a tenergy 05 try this rubber, this is not an alternative tough, this is better.
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Very nice spiny rubber. Using it on my backhand and it’s generating a lot of backspin which I desired for my pushes and deeps backspin returns are coming as desired. Combining this rubber with Tenergy on forehand is really a successful experiment. Perfectly as I wanted for my style of gameplay.
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Great rubber... Been using it on my backhand for 3 months, switched it to my forehand couple weeks ago... Pretty fast, quite a lot of spin and the control is very good for how fast the rubber actually is. What I don't like is the receives: returns are definitely harder than with R47, but other than that it's a great rubber.
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BEAST IN MY OPINION. way faster than Tenergy and SPIN is a cake for this rubber.
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Rubber no for beginners! I tried the Rasanter R50 2.0mm red on Garaydia ALC, and Max version on the Fire Fall VC. With this rubber you can impart a huge amount of spin on opening loops brushing so much the ball: I've never seen other rubbers give all this spin. Compared to Rasanter R47, the R50 give more spin also in services and is better on counterloops over the table. The trajectory in topspins is not long and you will always find the table (Es. the Donic Z1 has longer trajectory). Pushes are uncomfortable for the opponent because the backspin is very big. I tried a lot of rubbers like Z1, Z2, EL-S, MX-S, MX-P, Aurus Prime, Joola Rhyzer 48 and Pro 50, Omega VII Pro, Omega V Tour and Pro, Mizuno Q3, ecc. and for me this is the best overall. Some other rubber is better in counterloop or service ecc. but this is the most balanced for me. Bye everybody :)
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Ratings for 2.3mm. I have used Rasanter R50 2.3 on the backhand of Timo Boll ZLF for about 1 year. It plays similarly to Tenergy 05, which I used before. Rasanter offers better value compared to Tenergy. It weighs 51g in 2.3. The edges also don't break as easily as Tenergy so it looks better longer. I recommend this rubber for slower blades since it is quite bouncy like Tenergy. You could also try R47 if you want more dwell time and control, but the pure looping potential of R50 is higher since it's ever so slightly harder. Although this rubber is the hardest in Rasanter line, it is still softer than most DHS Hurricane rubbers, which are very popular. If you always loop strongly and you are good at it then this rubber is fantastic. Chopping or pushing short is fairly difficult with this rubber especially in 2.3 so your game may be slightly one dimensional even if it is very strong. Have fun!
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Speed: very high (9.7).
Spin: very high (9.7).
Control: average (8.9).
Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
Weight: heavy (51g, 0.253g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: medium hard (50/37).
Top sheet hardness: hard (59/48).
Gears: average (4).
Throw: high (7).
Consistency: always identical (9).
Durability: average durability (5).
Top sheet thickness: average (1.6mm).
Surface thickness: average (0.7mm).
Pip length: medium (0.9mm).
Pip width: wide (1.8mm).
Pip spacing: dense (0.6mm).
Overall: best (9.8).
Value: average (6).
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Trying to replace Rasant Powergrip on all my 14 or so paddles will not be easy because Andro is phasing it out slowly.Rasanter 50 is an excellent choice besides being an Andro product is also made by ESN both my favorites.I have R50 glued on an Yin He N-9 not the newer version N-9S.Andro R50 got good power,speed and spin that is what you should expect in an good offensive rubber. And 50 degrees is just perfect for boosting with Tempo Long Term Booster.I hope my review was helpful...
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This rubber has a lower bounce, Good Spin and better defense than Tenergy 05...but, Tenergy has Medium bounce, Great Spin, Attacking Defense and last a long time... it's not better than Tenergy 05...I have been playing with Tenergy line of rubbers over 8yrs...I have not found a replacement yet! Andro Rasanter R50 is close! I will stick with T05.
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The R50 is my favorite among the 6 Rasanter rubbers. It is not the fastest rubber among the series because both the 47 version rubbers are faster than the R50. Sometimes, I would find the 42 degree versions bouncier than the R50. The powergrip version has some similarities with the R50 but the R50 is very easy to produce spin. The topsheet and sponge grips the ball easily compared to the Powergrip which I find not so spinny before unless you put some effort. I find it very spinny and I would rate the spin as a little less than mx-s but spinnier than el-s at slow loops. If I compare it with the MX-P, the MX-P seems spinnier on stronger shots while R50 is spinnier on slow spinny loops. The speed is good enough and it is in the level of EL-S but it is not too bouncy. Moreover, I would like to describe it as an MX-S rubber with an increased speed. I like it better than the EL-S because there are some shots with the EL-S that seems dead or less lively. The R50 can serve and push well because of the grippy topsheet. It behaves almost like a Chinese rubber inside the table using drop shots or short pushes while maintaining the spin. I would recommend it both as a forehand and backhand rubber. It is not even choosy with the blade. R50 = 72 grams uncut
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This is a very good rubber to use especially on the BH.
This rubber is made perfectly for fighting against the plastic ball and it can generate huge amounts of spin and speed while having great control.
I wouldn't advise a beginner to buy this rubber it is more suited for people with good technique.
This rubber makes BH topspin against backspin very easy. It wouldn't seem as if there was backspin by the amount of spin it can create. So very good rubber but it's for more adavanced players.
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Great rubber. Easy to lift heavy backspin, the sound of the sweet spot is great (tong, tong):D. Great sound. Ok The rubber it self is very fast without losing any feeling or control whatsoever, I really recommend this rubber to experienced players who can really enjoy the quality of this the way, this is a tensor rubber and the info should be updated ASAP.After further testing, I have realised that this rubber has one weakness which is serves.
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