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Andro Rasanter R50

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Rated 4.8/5

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Our notes: Around 72g uncut; This is the hardest Rasanter rubber and the spinniest. It is like a Tibhar Evolution MX-S with a harder sponge but has more bounce. It is almost similar to the JOOLA Maxxx 500. They have the same 50 degree sponges but that is where the similarities end. The R50 is very spinny and fast even with the hard sponge. At first, you would feel as if the rubber is not so bouncy but the more you use it, the rubber could turn into a fast and bouncy rubber. Players who use Chinese rubbers will not have any difficulties transitioning to this rubber. Recommended for advanced-level players since this rubber requires you to brush the ball a lot when executing topspins.

• Your profile is spin driven. You will take the lead with spin at maximum speed.
• As a high to pro level player you have what it takes to master the power of this top level 50 hardness sponge boosting your topspin play.
• Your full throttle short strokes will activate unseen spin performance at maximum speed. Set a new benchmark with the R50 and be feared. Be honest to yourself and read above text about skills needed again.

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Reviews of Andro Rasanter R50 (4)

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Review by tommygunn (Verified Customer) for Andro Rasanter R50 on January 15, 2018
This rubber has a lower bounce, Good Spin and better defense than Tenergy 05...but, Tenergy has Medium bounce, Great Spin, Attacking Defense and last a long time... it's not better than Tenergy 05...I have been playing with Tenergy line of rubbers over 8yrs...I have not found a replacement yet! Andro Rasanter R50 is close! I will stick with T05.
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Review by yogi_bear for Andro Rasanter R50 on August 9, 2017
The R50 is my favorite among the 6 Rasanter rubbers. It is not the fastest rubber among the series because both the 47 version rubbers are faster than the R50. Sometimes, I would find the 42 degree versions bouncier than the R50. The powergrip version has some similarities with the R50 but the R50 is very easy to produce spin. The topsheet and sponge grips the ball easily compared to the Powergrip which I find not so spinny before unless you put some effort. I find it very spinny and I would rate the spin as a little less than mx-s but spinnier than el-s at slow loops. If I compare it with the MX-P, the MX-P seems spinnier on stronger shots while R50 is spinnier on slow spinny loops. The speed is good enough and it is in the level of EL-S but it is not too bouncy. Moreover, I would like to describe it as an MX-S rubber with an increased speed. I like it better than the EL-S because there are some shots with the EL-S that seems dead or less lively. The R50 can serve and push well because of the grippy topsheet. It behaves almost like a Chinese rubber inside the table using drop shots or short pushes while maintaining the spin. I would recommend it both as a forehand and backhand rubber. It is not even choosy with the blade. R50 = 72 grams uncut
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 External Review for Andro Rasanter R50 on August 9, 2017
This is a very good rubber to use especially on the BH.
This rubber is made perfectly for fighting against the plastic ball and it can generate huge amounts of spin and speed while having great control.
I wouldn't advise a beginner to buy this rubber it is more suited for people with good technique.
This rubber makes BH topspin against backspin very easy. It wouldn't seem as if there was backspin by the amount of spin it can create. So very good rubber but it's for more adavanced players.
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 External Review for Andro Rasanter R50 on May 29, 2017
Great rubber. Easy to lift heavy backspin, the sound of the sweet spot is great (tong, tong):D. Great sound. Ok The rubber it self is very fast without losing any feeling or control whatsoever, I really recommend this rubber to experienced players who can really enjoy the quality of this the way, this is a tensor rubber and the info should be updated ASAP.After further testing, I have realised that this rubber has one weakness which is serves.
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