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18 Reviews for Andro Hexer Grip

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Easy to control and very heavy spin. Fast enough when you apply some effort.
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I tried on my Treiber Z on both sides. It started with no problem but after about 2 months It lost control too much. I tried to remove and re-glue them but nothing improved. I had to stop using it and replaced it with the previous rubbers (Rakza Z and Vega Euro). So disappointed with these rubbers.
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a good rubber for magic spin, speed and control.
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Exactly what you'd expect from a 45 degree tensor rubber. This rubber (as expected) produces more spin than speed. I never find myself blaming this rubber for missed shots, which makes it a beauty to play with. The tensor effect does not kick in at random times like some tensor rubbers. Compared to the Rasanter series, Hexer is more suited to amateur players whereas Rasanter is tailored towards pros and semi pros. I would recommend this if you're an amateur / intermediate player looking for a reliable tensor rubber. The Hexer series has got you covered for a range of sponge hardnesses (40-47.5), and is the most reliable rubber series I've used so far, that is perfectly tailored to your average league player. (I've used: Bluefire JP, Evolution, Acuda Blue, Rakza, Vega, Omega VII, Rasanter)
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Beast backhand rubber
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Played with Hexer Grip in Max, both FH and BH.
1. Grippy, but not at par with Rakza, Tenergy;
2. Quite a good speed, but not enough to play far from the table;
3. Bouncy, somewhat strong catapult effect, which leads to loosing some degree of control and confidence;
4. Overall: another good tensor from Andro, better than Rasant series IMHO, decent overall control and speed. Really a fun to play with, if you like springy rubber.
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Bought in red, 2.1mm sponge, used on my Xiom offensive s blade:
This feels softer than medium (45 degrees), probably because the topsheet is soft. Very forgiving; picks up the ball safely in the low gears, and has some kind of consistent trajectory/throw angle which is nice for a softer rubber. Closer in, during pushes and flicks, there is a noticeable bounciness (which most soft tensors seem to have). Blocking is good. Sweat makes the rubber slippery to the touch, like Bluefire and Acuda Blue. Drives work pretty well with this. Enjoy your TT!
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Quite easy to play with in an all-around game. 45 degrees sponge is a bit soft on hard hit for me. Good control since it is only slightly tensored. Speed is there if needed. Spin is decent. It is adequate for most of the basic strokes.
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Rubber shines in drives, serves, blocks. For top-spin game it is not very sutable, because dwell time is low and ball leave rubber quickly. Rubber is very reminds me Xiom omega V euro, for top-spins Vega pro, baracuda, t05 is more sutable.
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A dream to play with.
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Wow what a good rubber. Speed just ryght and spin amazing.
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As a low intermediate, developing player I moved to these after playing with the softer Xiom Vega Euro DF rubbers on both sides for 9 months. I like the Euro DF. Soft at 37 degrees, they helped me start to learn how to pin the ball and loop.
The Euro DF was too soft and slow for the forehand especially so I wanted to bump up to something harder.

Andro Hexer Grip is harder but not too hard for me at 45 degrees. I got it on Max on both FH and BH. The first day I thought I had made a terrible mistake because they were so bouncy. But after 3 days, they softened and I'm now finding them to be a great all-around rubber. They work well on every type of stroke. I'm using then on my OFF- OSP Virtuoso.

The main advantage is in the title - The GRIP! It's much easier to do spin on an underspin and side serve now (versus the Euro DF). AND, it's much easier to do underspin pushes and chops. That grip helps. I hope it lasts awhile; we'll see.

It's not super fast and won't be the most powerful rubber at the club. But that's ok for me now, since i'm still learning how to brush and loop and flick. They're forgiving, which I like. But these rubbers are helping me train towards the next level.
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I have always been looking for something that grabs the ball well, not heavy weighted, ad with good control.
I was using ELS on my backhand for a while, liked it, but wanted tiny bit more control while maintaining the spin. This rubber, Hexer Grip, serves me well. It feels like what I was looking for.
If anyone tried Aurus Select before and was slightly disappointed then this will make you happy. I had gone through several sheets of Aurus Select before was felt like it was lacking something, some more feel, some more spin.
The 45 degree sponge means it is a little forgiving. The control reminds me of the good old Acuda S2? Not that they are from the same generation but the level of control is definitely there. Also, like the Acuda S2, it is springy but not too explosive, sort of like a "slow" kind of springy? Unlike the Acuda S2, Hexer Grip grips and picks up the ball well and and allow you to do delicate shots like the banana flip.

If you are a very hard hitter, you better off trying Hever Powergrip maybe? Since harder sponge suits harder style of strokes. On the other hand if you are more a pro-placement kind of player like I am, then Hexer Grip is definitely worth a try.

Additional note about whether to use it on backhand or forehand.
I personally have developed a very strong backhand, I hit, spin, and flick the ball a lot while staying close to table. At an amateur level, playing 3 times a week, Hexer Grip suits me well. Its not too soft for a confident attacking shot.
My forehand is relatively weak, a lot weaker than my backhand, so Hexer grip is hard enough for my forehand. I only use forehand for transitional strokes, and only when the ball pops up high. Again, If your forehand is good and can hit harder than your backhand, maybe consider Hexer PwoerGrip or other rubbers with harder sponge (PowerGrip version, EL-S, MX-S, etc)
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This is a perfect looper rubber for offensive Spin players. Use it on my Timoboll ALC.
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Set it up BH with Andro Treiber FO for 1month. Best BH rubber for me. Block, push, drive, counter topspin, service, chiquita.. is good. It shines in counter topspin. The natural rubber topsheet give me the very good feed back. Fast but not so fast, just enough to kill. Placement very good and I think it have some fault tolerance. Spin is awsome, unreal, magic just like Andro ads. It also suit FH. Must try.
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Hexer grip is a very balanced rubber excelling at the most elemental aspects of the game; spin and control, I will compare this with my previous FH rubbers; Baracuda and T25 fx, Hexer grip is slightly harder than both, the arc is lower than baracuda but higher than T25 fx (medium then) the speed sits right in the middle being T25 fx the fastest of the three, when it comes to spin this is interesting, I'd say Baracuda is the best option for top spin while Hexer grip and T25 fx are better for a drive (T25 fx is unbeatable close to the table btw) so what makes Hexer grip so special? in short ''Grip, Serves and Receives'' when you rub your finger on the top sheet it doesn't feel that grippy yet this is the most effective rubber that I've tried for serving, I started making more points with the same serve, this is interesting because Baracuda is one of the spiniest rubbers out there yet is not as deadly as Hexer Grip in terms of serves and what is more important 'Receives' Baracuda is spin sensitive while Hexer allows you to keep the ball short, it is less bouncy, I want to finish by describing how Hexer grabs the ball, because it is completely non tacky you may think that you have to put a lot of effort to lift the ball but nothing can be further from the truth, you may be surprised but sometimes you can overlift the ball, it takes some time to adapt specially if you come from rubbers with no grip at all but this grip is very useful working to your favor all the time, you can do a slow brush placing the ball close to the net with lots of spin or you can do a loop kill, the rubber has a lot of gears and at it's current price it can be a great alternative to build your career.

Current set up: Viscaria, fh: Hexer Grip, bh: T05 fx

Previous rubbers: T05, T05 fx, T25 fx, Rozena, Evolution EL-S, Baracuda, Acuda S3, Omega IV Elite, Omega VII Euro, Target PRO GT 47, H3 Provincial, Shining Dragon
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i played the butterfly rozena (44,90 euro) before and i liked it very much but on butterfly products you get no discount and so ist very expensive with the time to play with this material, when you have fun to train and must change the rubbers several times a year, so i look for a rubber with nearly the same qualities an find the rubber andro hexer grip (44,95 euro).
.i tried it yesterday and i think it has very good spin, very good control, i use a 1.9 mm but it could be a little bit faster for me, i try now the 1,9 mm supergrip (44,95 euro) on the other blade side. in my opinion a very good rubber you have only to find out if 1.7 ,1.9 or 2.1 mm fits for you. in germany you get 20 % discount when you buy two. that is nearly 20 euro less when you replace the rubbers than rozena.
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Andro Hexer Grip has a porous sponge with a hardness of 45 degrees and a significant green color. I had a red square, a sponge thickness 1.9 mm and a weight of 66 grams. Andro Hexer PowerGrip is his stronger sibling whose most distinctive paper difference is a harder sponge. It has 47.5 degrees, smaller pores and of course the green color. I tested a black square with 2.1 mm sponge and a weight of 70 grams. I was keen especially about the Hexer Grip, because it (at least for me) fills a gap in a range of Rasanters.
I tested the rubbers on the seven-ply Butterfly SK7. Glued with TSP Bio Fix.
The first impression while playing were positive. The rubbers played absolutely steadily, well balanced. Spin potential of the rubbers is enormous. In terms of stiffness, I would say that the topsheet is at the bottom of the medium hardness, it is not sticky, but it is quite adherent. Topspins are really easy to play, I was getting more and more sureness to play the opening topspin from BH. Overally, I would say that my confidence increased in BH topspin game.
Topspin from the FH side was steady. The contratopspins were extremely safe. Overally I thought the ideal space was rather closer to the table up to mid-range. Generally, for both rubbers (and more generally not just these two rubbers) the deeper a ball sink into the rubber the more controlled ball you get. Adapting to short play wasnt problematic thanks to the similarities of rubbers I am used to.
The softer Hexer Grip is slightly slower, with excellent control and a slightly higher arc. It has higher tolerance for mistakes. Ideal for players who are developing and want to increase their confidence and self-esteem in the strokes they are drilling. Hexer Powegrip is faster, sharper with a slightly lower arc. It's really the faster brother of the Grip, the rubbers are very close to each other. I think these rubbers are absolutely amazing substitution of older Hexers with all modern elements of todays game style.
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