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4 Reviews for Andro Plaxon 450

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Plaxon is bae
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Control is key with this rubber. Spins are great too.
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I bought this rubber to replace an old andro Plasma 430. Hoped it would be a bit harder due to its name (450), but I was totally disappointed. This rubber is even softer than Plasma 430! May be the sponge is of identical hardness, but the pimples are longer, so the overall feeling is very soft. As long as you hit the ball gently everything is fine and you can play nice loops. Even blocking is ok. But if you hit harder, the pimples bend and you loose everything: no spin, no additional speed, no control, no high arc. The rubber also produces less spin than the Plasma rubber.
I used the rubber on a Stiga Allround Classic blade which is very soft by itself, so maybe you can get better results using the rubber on a harder and stiffer blade.
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The Plaxon 450 has this classic tensor feel. It doesn’t feel as hard as the Rasant Powergrip. On every impact of the ball, you can have a good feedback feeling. Somehow, I like the feel of this rubber because it gives me a sense of control on all types of shots. Speedwise, it feels very fast almost in the level of the original Rasant rubber. Both the topsheet and sponge seem to give the ball good speed. At about medium hardness, it feels softer but when you hit the ball both on smashes and power loops, the much needed power is there. Spinwise, the topsheet is very grippy. My loops are spinier compared to the time when I was testing the Powergrip. I would attribute this to some factors like the Plaxon 450 is easier to use and the combination of the topsheet and sponge make brushing the ball easier. For the potential in spin, new Andro rubbers are spinier but it needs a specific stroke to full produce spin consistently. I don’t know why but past rubbers like the Hexer and Hexer HD seem easier to produce spin. Other people will find and can spin better with the newer rubbers. The Plaxon 450 is very easy to loop and the high arc it produces lessens the error. I find that the 450 is very forgiving in all shots. I find it better as a looping rubber and also a smashing rubber than as a rubber that you can push or serve with heavy spins.

For its price, I think the Plasma 450 is worth more because of its high performance. I still have to check on its durability maybe after a couple of months I will be able to determine if the Plaxon series has improved durability compared to the Plasma and Roxon rubbers in the past.
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