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Yasaka Extra Special

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YASAKA Extra Special Several top players prefer the pure wooden blade construction, appreciating the special feel of pure wood. In EXTRA SPECIAL Yasaka combines harder inner veneers with a little softer middle veneer to get the right power without vibration. In addition the surface veneers are thin, selected hard walnut veneers, making the blade faster. Yasaka EXTRA SPECIAL is the ultimate pure wooden blade for demanding players who like hot power strokes.

Speed: 91
Control: 66
Weight: 88g
Plies: 7

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Reviews of Yasaka Extra Special (14)

Amazing allwood blade with great control. It is suited for offensive playing style and has more power than YEO.
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This blade is very good . Good at every department especially loops and topspining, Control is very high. This blade is comparable with nittaku barwell . Yasaka xs is slightly harder in feel and maybe a little stiffer . I would say 95% characteristics of famous nitaku barwell . The barwell is always lighter in weight and softer feeling than yasaka es but still medium hardness. The dwell and spin is ever slightly high on nitaku barwell aswell. Yasaka es is faster than barwell that may be due weight which most are around 90g-93. And Barwell is 85-89g. Overall yasaka extra special is a top end performance blade that cost under 55.

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I bought this blade on sale as a spare/training blade. I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality and performance. It has a lot of gears and plenty of speed. It also has great feeling, so you can easily execute any techniques with it. As a 7-ply blade, it's fairly stiff. It's great for blocking, but you also get enough dwell for high quality loops. This blade provides good control, but it's not for beginners. You need to have some power and proper technique to unleash this blade's potential. I recommend medium hard to hard rubbers. Both tacky Chinese rubbers and tensor are good.
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Nice blade for loopers. Good dwell time, good speed away from the table, excellent control. Pairs well with medium hard rubbers like Xiom's Omega IV Pro. Kinda heavy, tho.

I needed to sand quite a bit of the neck to make it comfortable for my fingers, playing CPEN. That's not necessarily negative, cause it means we have a bigger margin for customization. The top ply seems quite fragile, getting damaged even with a slight hit on the table, not sure if it's related to the wood properties or if it's just poor finish.
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Good speed, control, spin. My rubber Rakza 7 Soft is backhand. Super spin and control for backhand. Forehand Rakza 7 is cool speed and spin. Full Control is back table. :) I would recommend it not for beginners. Blade provides experience for professional players. I play as a Chinese player Zhang Jike. Backhand and forehand is play no problem. It is absolutely cheap and very good racket. Try you with the racket. I am a deaf person. We apologize for the English language. ;) Bye for table tennis players :)))))
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Same composition and quality as barwell for much much cheaper price. Its more than great value for money, it is getting a priemium blade for a fair price.

This short review is the same for Barwell and Extra Special.
Certainly on of the best clipper based blade. The Walnut outer gives amazing control and power, the touch is great. Throw is medium high, speed is off+. The blade is topspin monster close and mid-range, short game is very good thx to amazing touch, speed/spin/control ratio is amazing. The solid feel is amazing for blocks. Tested both Barwell and Extra Special with bluefire M2 both side. Sold my barewell, bought two other Extra Special (91gr each, blade has good balance, feels much lighter than my Butterfly IF ZLC of 89gr with same rubbers).

I commend this blade for those how wants a premium clipper based blade, with hardwood outer. If you liked Ebenholz VII, Rosewood VII, Barwell, Timo Boll W7, Stiga CRW VII.........you will also like the Yasaka Extra Special and you will love its price compared to the previously listed blades.

If you liked Yasaka YEO and wants somehow even more power, you can consider the Extra Special as a great choice, but you can also think about the Extra Offensive 7 Power.

For those who love their Barwell, give a try to the Extra Special, its the same but much cheaper......same quality.
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I'm a rookie in table tennis (6months) and then i started to use this blade (CH version)...WOW, i felt so much difference about control, spin and smashes. Im using Stiga Calibra LT PLus FH, Calibra LT Sound BH. I think my forehand still too fast, my backhand control is superb (for my level hehe), so i think if you use soft sponge on both sides it would be the best! I tried yesterday Rakza 7 Soft as Forehand and it was marvelous, the throw angle was medium high but ALWAYS hiting the table whether it was looping a backspin (3rd ball) or counterloop as 4th ball.

To all my rookie fellow, i highly recommend this blade with medium/soft sponge rubers. No mistakes!
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Has a perfect control,good speed, comfortable handle,more for hitting
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My hobby is trying blades and rubber im a 1850 US player , i have tired many blades this being one of my top picks. I use tenergy 80 FH and Nittuku anti BH , the only thing they could improve on is the handle length. The blade is on the faster side but still maintains control. Looping and flat hitting are excellent, close and mid distance hitting are a breeze. recommend this blade for offensive style of play.
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It's very light and had comfortable hand. :D
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medium soft, too soft for me. good for play away from the table
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some flex and head hevy, some trampoline efect not at p700 but more than clipper
Review helpful?    Yes | No

control is very good , speed is quite fast , a good blade
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its a very nice blade! great feel and control.has a perfect control, but that time good speed. it has the next plies:
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