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Andro Rasant

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Rated 4.8/5

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This is a discontinued product with limited stock available. This sheet has been replaced by Rasanter R47 and Rasanter R42.

Can this rubber bear a different name than this?

Certainly not - in case of andro's new top rubber Rasant the name says it all. Maximum acceleration and immense power are stuck in the poisonous green colored sponge with built-in Tensor effect. The new top sheet impresses with its varying topspin performance - always combined with high ball control. If you are fast enough for this high end rubber, then we've got a breathtakingly rasant experience for you! Fast, faster, RASANT!

How Andro Rasant is made:

• Experience RASANT's compact play feeling caused by the unique, fine-pored green sponge!
• Disarm your opponent's spin by using the newly developed RASANT top sheet and kick-start your own, more dynamic topspin!
• Step up your stroke efficiency! Trigger toxic, better spins with an aggressive spin curve!
• Change the game to your favor! Take your performance to a higher level!

Play RASANT by andro!

Speed: 111
Spin: 110
Sponge Hardness:Med

Additional Information

Which Rasant rubber sheet to choose?

For entry-level competition players

For mid-level competition players For world-class competition players

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Reviews of Andro Rasant (66)

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 External Review for Andro Rasant on December 22, 2017
The Iconic Top SPIN rubber from Andro
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 External Review for Andro Rasant on November 20, 2017
Absolutely Love this rubber. A classic Combination of Great Spin and SPEED. And boy what a game i am having.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for Andro Rasant on September 21, 2017
I love this.Afetr I started using it,I realised what is speed and what is control.I can even return fast shots from 10 feet away.....always lands where I want.Mind you when I try this with other a lot.I am using it on Andro Trieber z blade.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by wini for Andro Rasant on July 13, 2017
what can i say? i'm simply and totally in love with this rubber, it changed my life to the winning side, i'm totally serious saying this let me tell you,so i say go for it and don't forget to hit it very low angle forehand or backhand
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for Andro Rasant on January 3, 2017
My style is mid/long distance attacker and I am convinced that this rubber is currently the best in the market. For a while, I was debating between using this rubber and Andro Rasant Grip. I tried both out and was very happy with both rubbers. I ended up choosing this rubber instead of Andro Rasant Grip because it was a little faster with slightly higher throw than Rasant Grip. I am using 2.1mm and the control on the rubber is phenomenal and it is extremely surprising how linear this rubber feels despite it having tensors at it. I feel extremely confident using this rubber to counter loop and looping short balls that barely come off the edge of the table. I guarantee that anyone who uses this rubber will be extremely satisfied in all styles of play.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for Andro Rasant on August 10, 2016
Top notch rubber, as good as anything on the market.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for Andro Rasant on June 12, 2016
1.9 on infinity vps5. This rubber improved my serves instantly. The explosive spin it generates is unbelievable (best i've played with). Speed is fast without losing control. I'm also addicted to the smell. Love it!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by trezr (Verified Customer) for Andro Rasant on April 25, 2016
Great rubber and very durable. Will reorder.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for Andro Rasant on March 13, 2016
Using this rubber on my Stratus Powerwood blade on FH, prefer to play looping game not very far from table. It can do just EVERYTHING (even chops, maybe not very good ones but still, when you want to have some fun). Medium hard sponge makes it still fast without losing spin and control. You can finish point by placing precise spinny and low shot right into table corner or smash ball as hard as u can and watch with pleasure how oppenent is trying to catch that damn fast ball. For me it's best rubber i've ever used
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for Andro Rasant on December 24, 2015
This rubber is perfect a Very good Alternative for Adidas p7,because Adidas dont produce rubbers and blades anymore. This rubber is Medium Not Very Very Hard but Not soft and has a high throw which helps massivly to overcome Tones of Backspin and the Spin helps to create Topspins with nice Arc, speed and Spin. Returns in the Short game are Very low and banana flicks are Very spinny like every Other Shot, serve etc when you have a good technique and you graze the Ball nice. Because of the high Medium throw you can Play this with Hard blades and also with Medium Hard and flexible blades. This rubber can i recommened for two winged attack loopers or one side attackers.
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