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Reviews for Stiga Offensive Wood NCT (13)

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I love this blade. I came from a Yinhe Earth 3 VB who has the same wood composition Limba-Spruce-Ayous. I was playing that setup for nearly a year and now changed to this blade. Still the same rubbers FH: DHS TG3 and BH: Yinhe mercury 2 medium. I feel this blade is a natural upgrade to something beginner get recommended like Primorac, Samsonov Alpha (everything avergage speed and lots of control and flex) not too fast not to stiff and not to hard but something in between. I play penhold and this blade is so much fun generating spin or spin+speed. It feels like an extended arm and my RPB is showing huge improvements already. A great blade for an advanced beginner/intermediate player maybe for higher levels a bit more speed is needed. If you need something faster get an Intensity or Yasaka MA Lin Extra Offensvie.
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The tagline "Designed for a technical and fast game with full control" is exactly what I think of this blade. It's an excellent versatile offensive blade, with good touch and control, but still enough power when you need it. It's really suited to a versatile offensive play, with spin and speed variations and a close-to-the-table play (it would lack power to regularly play an offensive game far from the table).

I've never managed to use the Stiga OC, but this Offensive Wood NCT feels different, it's much more "stable" and predictable, stiffer and softer. It's limba outer ply, so the feeling is soft enough and works well for topspin play. I find it average in many aspects (average speed, say OFF, average stiffness, average hardness)... and that's actually what makes it really good for me. I've paired it with Genesis M or H3 Neo on forehand and Rakza X Soft on backhand, and I got plenty of speed and control.
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Very interesting blade. When I was using soft rubbers i had isues with looping, hitting and block. Few days ago I glued Chinese mid hard DHS Huricane 8 on FH and Hallmark Panther BH (also hard sponge - before Clippa ) and miracle has come. Blade showed a new face. With hard sponge rubbers works excelent. Fast, nice controll, perfect hitd and loops.
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I do not understand the average weight of 80 g, mine weighs 92gm, something flexible, big sweet spot, more control than speed, thin handle a little uncomfortable, works very well with hard rubber, very bad with soft rubber, a lot of spin in services , excellent loop, average in block and under spin, with Chinese rubber forehand h3 is perfect, generally good blade.
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very lightweight blade but powerful. The sweet spot is huge! no variations on the surface also comes sealed. You can feel the ball when you hit, i am thinking to buy a new one.
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Despues de probar muchas maderas la Offensive Wood NCT combina perfectamente con h3 neo y tg2 neo. Mejor que dhs pg7, galaxy n-9, galaxy T-11 y Andro Super Core Cell OFF. debido a su flexibilidad, ligereza y su tiempo de permanencia. Para jugadores que no sean muy rapidos puede ser un poco lenta. Se astilla con facilidad. Para mi la mejor con diferencia con cauchos dhs. Saludos
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This is a wooden blade, soft, some flex, fast, light, with a great touch.

Use it if you need a lighter offensive classic.

More in detail, this blade is:

- stiffer than Offensive Classic and Offensive CR. But more flex than Allround wood NCT and Allround classic. More flex than Clipper wood.

- Much softer than Offensive CR. Softer than Offensive Classic. As soft as a clipper wood.

- slower than offensive CR, Clipper wood, mostly due to the lower weight. Warning: This blade becomes slower with time because it has an NCT coating (sealing layer) that goes away with time. I have one new and one used and the difference in speed is noticeable.

It may be difficult to finish the point, because the blade is light, soft, and flexible. not powerful.

- Lighter than OC, OCR, Clipper. (mine are 78 grams)

This blade was used by Xu Xin before rosewood 5.
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I'm not very experienced in this sport yet.
The wood is very soft, I mean physically. Very fragile, splinters by the side of the blade, caused by the side tapes.

I use Palio Thor's (max) on both sides.

The top sheet of Palio Thor's is said to be soft and has a hard (very hard for me) sponge. And when combined with this blade, the control feels great, easily aim at the while line.
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An awesome blade! No wonder Xu Xin used it. You can't go wrong with this one.
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Very Good Control. Especially use Tibhar Nimbus Rubber for topspin.
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Very good control! Not as fast as expected with a 2.0 mm Tibhar Genius on the forehand. For its price a great blade!
Well done Stiga
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nothing special.

that said, it is a very balanced offensive blade, and combined with the 'right' rubbers may fit well all intermediate to advanced looper and offensive minded players.

i tried it for a week with tenergy (05 and 64) on both sides, and it did not impress with power, speed or control as compared to my TSP 6.5, Joola Viva, or Tibhar Power Wood... and offloaded it to another club player. mine was 82 g., I have also seen 85 g. and 87 g. copies with identical handle.
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Cons - Possibly splinters across the head of the blade. Recommend blade sealing.

Pros - By far the best blade I've use for the price. Not outrageously fast (I have added Tenergy 05 with it), and control was easier than expected. Stiffness wasn't hard, and exceptionally good for something like this.
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