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17 Reviews for Stiga Clipper CR WRB

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Sharp and crisp feeling blade, great for looping with proper technique.
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it is a hard blade, it has good pop, feels light
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Ive been using this blade for about 3 months and Ive had many pros and cons.

Pros: fast, durable, lots of control, consistent

Cons: heavy, stains easily, changes colour
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Trke: Rakza 7, R74 ve Airoc Astro M ile oynadm. Blade ok kontroll ve hz yeterli.
Skma: R47> Rakza 7> Airoc M
Hz: Astro M = Rakza 7> R47
Kontrol: Astro M> Rakza 7 = R47
Toplam: Rakza 7> R47Astro M
English: I played with Rakza 7, R74 and Airoc Astro M. Blade is very controlled and speed is sufficient.
Spin: R47>Rakza 7>Airoc M
Speed:Astro M=Rakza 7>R47
Control:Astro M>Rakza 7=R47
Overall:Rakza 7>R47Astro M
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Top 5 blades, together with a Nittaku, another Stiga, a TSP, and another Nittaku. Its a classic, that has been updated from Clipper, and it is actually really fast, but with good feeling.
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I am lucky :) My is 87 g. And for me control is more than 8.3. It's realy easy to play in the point :). Lot of power when U need.
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I've been playing with this blade for 3 years. Setup is yasaka rakza 7 on fh, and xiom rubber on BH. Definitely a good setup , but I do agree tge control is a bit lower than the speed rating, like a notch. Really good blade to practice ur offensive game, fast but ull struggle a bit on fast rallues to put the ball in, but once they hit the table the opponent will struggle to take it. And yes after sometime it will teach u better placement of ball, in crazy speed rallies, definitely a good blade to start up it table tennis career. And I can progress to other better controlled blade after.. Not a big deal if I wish to stay with this blade but I will find that with a better control blade I will be sighing a big relief as the well spent time mustering this blade will improve ur games with better blade by leaps and bounds
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I play penhold style, at first when i bought this blade with stiga carbo sound and royal at bh, it was very fast that i cant control it, then i bought another blade, joola flame fast, this one is fast and at the same time controlable. Then i tried this blade again with a new setup, t05 fh and t80 on bh. It was a killer at both wings smashes great at overwhelming speed, vibration is felt here(due to all wood) and has oversized head.
Smashes 9.4/10
Close to the table 8.7/10
Loop 9/10
Control 8.8/10
Weight(due to 2 tenergys) it is heavy.
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This a review of the Stiga CR Classic (non-WRB). I had ordered a straight handle Stiga Clipper and my local supplier gave me this for the same price - couldn't resist a bargain. Anyway I couldn't use it. It was too fast with no control. The Resin on it - hence the name CR - makes the blade stiff and essentially it makes it a difficult blade to use. Would recommend the standard Clipper over it any day. I had a rare one with a solid ST handle and it only weighed 88 grams. Blade was thick and I wasn't prepared to spend the effort and time getting to know it. Some of the Clipper players tried it and they didn't like it at all. Felt it had great potential in the right hands.
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Bought this ply a couple of years ago, and sold it off after 3 months of use!

My coach still uses it. He swears by Clipper CR, but his version is CR, not the CR WRB, and that is where the differences happened.

What I write here is entirely my own opinion, and may be disputed, since there are so many fans of Stiga Clipper CR all over the world. But my observations are:

- This is a 7 ply, hardened wood blade, almost as hard as a soft carbon ply.

- The blade is thick, so thick that with two "max" sponge rubbers, it is difficult to fit into my slim wooden case.

- The face is big, adding to the sweet spot of the bat.

Considering the above three, the bat is heavy. There shouldn't be any dispute on this.

Now, with the WRB handle, this has become even more heavier in the head. As a result, I lost on the control, BIG time!

I use moderately fast, spinny rubbers (had Mark V on FH and Sriver EL on my BH), and the bat became heavy, too speedy, almost spinless on close to the table shots, and the only thing that worked from close to the table was the pushes. It was a harrowing experience! It may be my technique (playing for the last 24 years), or my playing style (close to the table attack with loops, side-spins, pushes and occassional smashes), but the end result was too bad for me.

On the other hand, while playing from mid-distance with the same set of rubbers, it was pretty much explosive because I could take advantage of the high throw angle of the blade and smash mercilessly! But that is just not my game!

The older Stiga Clipper CR is a much better play, in my opinion, because it distributes the weight of the bat a lot more evenly (I can say this because I played with my coach's bat with the same set of rubbers and it gives much better result), but overall, Stiga Clipper CR WRB was a disappointment for me for my playing style.

I would recommend it to mid-distance players, who loves to smash it hard, maybe.

For close to the table players, who enjoys side-spins, underspins and quick loopy top-spins, it probably will be best to stay away from this blade.

I do not use Super Anti or other slow rubbers, so won't be able to tell you if that would suit anyone.

Interestingly, a few months ago I had an opponent in a tournament using the same ply. I decided to take my chances based on my experience with that ply (I was playing with my Donic Waldner Senso Carbon with Tobhar Genius+ on FH and Tenergy 25 on BH) and started playing all my shots short and low. The poor guy just had no other option but to try to chop it, which came to me high enough to kill with a smash. Later on, we had a chat over a couple of beers and he confirmed that he was a mid distance "hitter" and the bat was really good for that. He said he was not prepared to handle "touch shots" at close to the net, and the bat felt "dull" in his hand when he tried to return my shots.

Practice issue? Maybe. But how come two different players who play under different coaches, plays different styles have the exact same opinion about the same blade??

You take your decision!
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this is attack blade its have a good control ,for chop fast.not the faster but fast .i had mambo h 2.2 on fh and dawei inspirit quattro allaraund 1.8 on bh (old glue)on bh i had everythin blosk ,spin ,short play, power,control,even a devensiv chop and then came new glue ,not even a 50% off old one
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I played Clipper CR no-WRB.
It's stiff and fast, but still good, touch crisp feel and control.
The best blade for short pips.
A medium-high throw angle rubber on forehand is recommended: Acuda S1, Stiga Calibra works just great!
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a good 7 piles blade because it is very fast so it is good for attack,very suitable for short pips and anti-rubber because it can increase the attack
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Combined with classic h3 and now neo h3 on the forehand and soft japanese rubber on the backhand. I like the feel of the blade with the chinese rubber. Fast, good feedback, great touch for the short-game (not so bouncy), flexible and not as hard as advertised. The power comes from the 7 plies as well as the WRB making your swings a little more powerful. Dwell time is good, low throw so I'd suggest using it with a high throw rubber. Having switched from different composite blades and 5 ply woods, I find the CR a great balance of both power, control, and feel. Highly recommended.
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I've come across two types of Clipper CR WRBs: thick (~7mm) and thin (~6mm). The thick Clipper CR is good for countering and smashing. They are stiff and have a medium feel with lots of response. Looping is harder with a thick clipper since it's stiff; thick clippers usually at or above 88 grams. Thin Clipper CRs are good for the same reasons as a thick Clipper but loop better (because the blade can flex since they're thin). The Blade still has a medium feel, lots of feedback, looping is strong, is lighter (low 80's).
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Played with this blade for a while. It has a very nice feel to it. I have to agree with Stiga marketing here, this can be a speedy blade but has great touch in the short game. Loops and flips very well but just lacks just a bit on the flat smashes and blocks in my opinion, but I tend to like the really stiff and fast blades.
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