Stiga Offensive Classic

by Stiga

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Rated 4.3/5

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The Stiga Offensive Classic blade is an attacking, lightweight blade. Offensive Classic is built to suit fast and technical attacking play. This is one of the all-time best selling blades world-wide.

Speed: 81
Weight: 81g

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Reviews of Stiga Offensive Classic (14)

 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic on May 18, 2020
9.5/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Tibhar Hybrid K1, 2.15mm, 52g (0.255g/cm^2), 50 degrees (ESN), 38.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Stiga Offensive Classic, 80g, 158mm x 151mm x 5.3mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (Wood): Limba - Spruce - Ayous - Spruce - Limba.
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic on February 2, 2020
A very good blade. Enough speed after Viscaria and much more control. It plays well with soft and medium rubbers like Donic Barracuda, Coppa X2, Acuda's. I personally have Donic Barracuda 2.0 on my FH and Donic Coppax X2 Platin Soft on my BH. And I love it.
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic on July 19, 2019
I'm an amateur without any coaching, but play regularly and very passionate about the game. I was playing with a premade Stag Ninja Fire and then wanted to move to a custom set up. My game is predominantly about aggressive forehand topspin loops and drives, with backhand pushes and flicks. I jumped in to the world of custom bats feet first and ended up with a Donic Carbospeed with Mark V on both sides. Hilarious, I know! My backhand improved significantly, but it was no fun. Couldn't topspin - either flew off or hit the net because I wasn't getting good lift on backspin. And too heavy for my liking. Difficult to feel the ball. So, started significant research efforts. Finally got my new set up today - Stiga OC with Donic BlueFire M2 on the forehand and Rakza 7 on the backhand. Any new bat I've ever used took at least a few days and occasionally weeks for me to get used to. This one? Boy oh boy...I just pulled it out of the box and started playing. It felt like I've forever played with it. Smashed a lot of guys around. Amazing feel, solid control, looping and driving is easy. Backhand seems even better. And no, it not slow - when you smash it, it stays smashed. For my game, I'm able to get more power on my topspin than I was with the OC. I'm already in love with this set up and can't wait for more!
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic on July 3, 2019
Choosing the right blade sometimes can be exciting. For me, it's like choosing an outfit before going to work. It depends on what kind of activities will be involved during the day. I use Stiga OC when I play with more attacking players for its stability and vibration, so that I can feel the opponents power and spin. I pair it with harder skin like Thor (FH) and Goldarc 8 mid (BH). Great stability when block, push, and flick. I can attack well from close and 1-2 meter from the table. Close to table chop is also in control. Overall, it is a good blade for advanced beginners and intermediate players...
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic on May 11, 2019
This blade took my spin game to an other level with better serve an beautiful hook shot simply by feeling what i am doing .I was a ball hitter with a pips backhand and now i use more table and angle and a lot more spin .I started with bty spin art and i switched to tibhar mxs to get a bit more speed . The spin is just ridiculous with both of these rubbers .If you need super hard fast wood this one is not for you .The control is good but not great and the speed is good with fast rubber like mxs .This blade made me play the right way with good coaching and that's why i'm loving it .
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic on February 3, 2019
After 20 years away from the table it was time for my comeback. I used to play with a 6ply!!! Tibhar Charly Roesch so I tried again with a carbon blade off-. Full disaster. After that I ordered a Stiga Offensive and it was a revelation. Fantastic control and the speed is exactly was I want. You hit slow, the ball has slow speed, you hit hard and the speed of the ball is fast. This blade does exactly was you tell her to do. FANTASTIC BLADE
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic on March 28, 2018
this blade is a surebet.if you want a good off- blade without speending lots of money and time to search,this is the answer.overall a good blade for any playing level.recommented especialy for players want to improve their offensive strokes.i know some high level players they kept this blade forever
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic on July 21, 2017
Light, beautiful, somewhat flexible, good for services and topspin, helps to generate a lot of spin, great control, many sensations generated by vibration, fast enough to attack, recommended with medium to hard rubber, narrow handle, maneuverable, Good wood off-
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic on May 12, 2017
This blade is a link between All+ -blades and Off- -blades. Its speed is surely Off-, while the feeling and the flexibility is like with All+ -blades. So I agree with the point that it is a good choice when coming from All and want to speed up. I played it a while and it's one of the spinniest blades I ever played with. I think it's a blade to play from the distance because it lacks in blocking. Because of the flexibility it is very hard to give a good placement when someone is firing hard driving topspins at you and it is quite sensible to upcoming spin, so this is the weakest point. Very good chopping on service, very good shortplay, very good flicking, very good at topspins in any variation, maybe except hard speedy tops, it just has not the speed and the stability. Even that is the reason that it's hard to fire a finishing shot by power. It is pretty good from the distance, the lack of speed is balanced by the throw and back then I learned to counter topspin with fh and bh. No wonder it's a classic.
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic on May 10, 2017
Very versatile blade, not just offensive. Very good quality finish. Thin blade with good feeling/feedback. Absolutely love the Legend handle. I glued Giant Dragon Storm on FH and BH and really enjoyed over the table quick attacks, as well as chopping. Definitely a classic Stiga wood blade. Blocking leaves something to be desired... It being thin, the blade sides are sensitive. Definitely recommended for graduating players from ALL blades.
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic on January 29, 2017
Very good choice for offensive technical players. Very good control with quick rubbers. Little bit strange, hollow sound and little bit vibration. Good one!
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic on March 12, 2016
This blade is a living legent. Maybe not exacly the same with the first OC (finishing not so good) but its qualities are plenty.
Looping: Very good, better close to the table. The first topspin against opponent's push or chop recquires vertical move and not a move like Timo Boll (this a slight disadvantage comparing with modern classics as YEO or Infinity, the modern blades lift the ball easier)
Blocking - Hitting: Maybe the best all wood off blade. Amazing control of spinny or fast incoming balls.
Great for hitting. Especially for short pimples users ( fh or bh ) this blade is necessary.
Serving answering: Very very good, the control is awesome.
Overall, one of the best blades i've ever tried. I use short pip in bh, from time time i try several blades but i can't leave it.
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic on May 19, 2015
Good for players between beginner to intermediate. Bad for sweaty hands because top layer (koto) is very thin that will get off. Good for chopping and topspin. Good for blocking and attacking. Small sweet spot. For close the table play. It has also catapult effect. Vibrates nicely.
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic on February 3, 2015
I've been using this for 5 months no.

It has more vibrations than other blades maybe due to its thin blade or elongated face. These vibrations to some users like me serves as guide in controlling the ball but a nuisance to others.

It has real thin flared handle compared to others. You might not be comfortable with it . Well it fits to my small hand.
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