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9 Reviews for Stiga Celero Wood

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I have tried many allwood blades because I always believe allwood blades have better feeling. This is my current blade now, with Rakza 7 and Mantra M. Looping, smashing, blocking, and flicking are very satisfying. Weight 90 grams and feels perfect for looping and smashing.
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The head size and shape is similar to viscaria. I could change rubbers between Celero and Viscaria.

5 ply wood. Limba - dark wood? - ayous. No one actually knows what wood is used in the second layer.

The feeling of this balde is crisp, similar to koto.

I's thin flexible blade. Flexible blade need attention when blocking fast topspins. Much easier to counter with short topspin or drive as opposed to just plain block. Due to flexibility, the incoming topspin ball has a tendency to shoot out off this blade high into the ceiling. Blocking medium topspin balls is good enough.

Very good control. You can add to the spin, you can overpower strong shots, you can slow them down. Slow loop, backspin, flick, topspin do anything you want. Flat hitting? I am not sure. You need something stiffer. People buy Acoustic for looping.

Above medium throw angle. Brushing will make a medium high arc and land on the table with nasty kick forward. This is the key element. The stronger you loop more chances to put ball on the table!!! This blade is made to be hit hard with the force! The harder you hit the more you feel like the center area of Celero blade "bends" and grabs the ball.

Solid OFF- Slower than Korbel, Primorac (5 ply), Ebenholz V. Do not buy Celero less than 87g. 87 - 90g is good. When hitting hard do not flat hit, instead - brush! If you want more speed then adjust your contact point. Basically, for high speed do what physics suggests - do not touching ball next to the handle or close to the center of the blade. Instead, aim for a touch point to be in the top third. Blade will flex and ball will fly fast.

1m - 1.5m away from the table is ideal. 2.5 - 3m is difficult.

Avoid soft rubbers. Other than that blade will probably take the most of rubbers very well. Being flexible will benefit from hard rubbers. Unboosted Chinese - possible but you know, you need to be strong. Boosted Hurricane 3,8,NEO and similar will do. STN - very good. "Lively" linear rubbers work well here.
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the stiga celero wood is a moderate offensive 5 ply blade. it's available with four different handles.
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feels slightly stiffer than an acoustics (which is a premium high end wood blade), its stiff enough for modern plastic ball, VERY good control, does not have much power, which is good if you want to work on your technique, pair it with flagship 47 degree rubbers like MXP
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Strange and I like it. Slow like offensive minus on usual shot but will be exceptionally fast on faster swing. On the higher speed it is not as fast as timo boll zlc but still surprisingly fast and very controllable. Loop and smash, both can be executed comfortably.
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A Good Choice after playing with Stiga allround classic. It's a lvl Up. Played it with hurricane 8 which worked Good for me, you need to use your own strength a lot, however it gives a lot back.
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This blade definitely needs some "tuning" when you get it, meaning, I had to sand the wings and handle pretty considerably to make it comfortable. That aside, this blade plays wonderfully. I had exceptional control and it was fast enough so that I could finish points pretty easily. This may be because I was using DHS Goldarc 8 but the point remains. This is a great blade once made comfortable.
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I think it's a pretty Good Blade with much control. To add Speed you need harder rubbbers. it's a very Good combo
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This is a new model offered by Stiga. It is rated as OFF-. Finishing from the factory has improved over previous years but will require light sanding around the handle and lower wings to provide a broken in feel. Attractive new lens and bottom logo looks to the higher quality of this blade. This blade is very suitable for allround loopers , close to mid range. Not a power blade away from table. Short game is excellent with a medium sweet spot. Think a tic slower BTY Korbel or a heavier BTY Primorac with a much nicer feeling FL handle and you have the Celero. A much overdue model to provide allround power play with a lot of control. Very attractive wood selection and handle cosmetics. 84gr-88gr for weight range. This new model would suit a wide range of player except some pro's or pure power players. The limba outer ply is nice and spin friendly for those that live on top spin game. Quality to performance and price is stellar compared to other brands in this class and price point. Grade A overall score. intermediate level to 2000 will love this blade. Lots of ball feedback with enough power to end the point. Compared to OC CR this blade has a tic more flex and slightly more vibration. Not as pips friendly as OC CR due to softer feel. Pair it with a good Chinese rubber and you will have a great looping setup.
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