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50 Reviews for Stiga Allround Classic

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This blade is super slow. Doesn't mix very well with harder rubbers on forehand. The ball tends to die and goes to the net, even with sticky, hybrid rubber like Rakza Z. With Chinese rubbers it is just dead forehand, completely. On backhand doesn't mix at all with tensor rubbers. Had Xiom Vega Europe and it was tragedy composition, due to the speed of the blade you had to put more force into shot and ball would fly out of the table. On a different blade Xiom was very controllable. It only goes well with linear non-tensor rubbers. I put Rakza X-soft on my backhand and it was an instant improvement. It is very dissapointing blade to me since the handle(Legend) is very comfortable and it is thin and weighs not that much - 85g, blade looks great aswell. The ball feeling is one of the best though and it gives you some control, f.e. blocking is pretty good with this one. People say it is great beginner blade, but I have used my brothers Hurricane Hao 3, which is definitely not a beginner blade and it is just way better. To clarify: I've used many blades already: cheap/expensive/beginner/advanced/different compositions of wood/carbon/ all-wood and I've got to say that this blade is overpriced and doesn't provide you with sufficient speed to play modern TT. I will continue playing with it and bettering my technique, since I am a beginner, but there are better ones and cheaper to start with.
It seems like I am very negative here, but I am not. The blade is a classic, looks great, gives you good vibration(feedback), allows to produce good topspin and is good for blocking, but the speed is insufficient to me.
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I cannot recommend another blade more than this for maximum feel and learning looping and pushing, or just learning to spin the ball in general. So much control! The flex and feedback is the clearest and really promotes development of full and good technique. I could not make a good shot unless I made good contact with acceleration. Otherwise the ball drops dead.
Only downside is the speed only takes you so far. I played with this blade for 3 years and even got to the point when I slapped Dignics 09C and tenergy 05fx on it... after that I knew I was ready to move to a new faster blade as I developed my feel and technique enough to stop relying on the All-round's inherent abilities.
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This blade is perfect choice to beginner. It have good control and enough speed that contribute confidence to beginner.
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Interchangeable with Sanwei m-8. Friend gave me to play and it feels very simmilar to m8 or donic all series blades.
Godd for learn strokes or play allaround mixed style. Not easy to attack with chineese tacky rubbers, You need to use body power. Easier to use attack with eur/japan rubbers but for newcomer with less control.
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best control blade I've ever had, perfect dwell, good feel in the hand, feels like it blends in with the hand, speed isn't too fast, but it's a perfect blade
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Begginers dream. Very nice feeling and very light
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My 1st blade in table tennis game. Good for beginner who need to learn good control but less of speed. Now i upgrade to Yasaka Sweden Extra blade and my gameplay still allround player. Recommended for newcomers in TT with good price. Pair with abit heavy rubber to make it average weight paddle.
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One of the best classical blades, its got a lot of flex so it pairs perfectly with hard tacky Chinese rubbers, I would say that this blade at least for me does not feel that slow, though due to the flexibility and soft feeling you can create very powerful shots, overall I would say this is the best blade not only for beginners even for advanced players can be beneficial.
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Best blade with solid feedback. I bought 3 blades for kids to teach them. For them, its like using dual shock gaming controls :) provides great feedback, paired it with tacky rubbers that has hard and active sponge. Best combo for control, speed, spin and learning technique.
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Classic AR blade. my cp weights only 78gm, which is quite perfect. pairs extremely well with Mark V - no surprise here. very spiny, with high control/fault tolerance.
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Great blade for beginners. I got it for my kids and it was a very good place for them to start.
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Mj staz to okolo 3 lata gry w tym moze z rok treningow z trenerami albo sparing partnerem. Moj problem w graniu polega na wkladaniu zbyt duzo sily do uderzen a za malo techniki. Na desce mialem przerozne okladziny od podkladu 32 do 45 , im twardszy podklad , im bardziej sprezysta rotacyjna okladzina tym bardziej deska staje sie szybsza i nabiera coraz to wyzszego katapultu, gdzie jak dla mnie to deska juz na starcie ma spory katapult co bylo bardzo duzym problemem na poczatku mojej kariery kiedy przyklejalem do niej zbyt szybkie oraz rotacyjne okladziny jak na moje umiejetnosci ! Deska ma swietne czucie , jest lekka , ladnie solidnie zrobiona , jedynym minusem tej deski to uchwyt master wklesly waski ktory jest bardzo smukly/waski na sredniej wielkosci dlon (rozm 9) Mialem tych desek z 4-5 egzemplarzy ( raz sie zdarzylo, ze zepsuly sie szybko bardzo forniry) , gram nia aktualnie znowu i chyba zamowie sobie ponownie ta deske tylko z uchwytem legend wklesly gruby aby lepiej,wygodniej lezal mi w dloni. 2x butterfly flextra 2.1 to dobra konfiguracja do nauki kazdego elementu oraz swietnej kontroli .
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The amount of control you have with this blade is insane. The dwell time is also quite incredible. In combination with Andro Rasanter R47, it is a formidable looping blade.
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9.7/10 for ALL style. FH: Nittaku H2 Pro, 1.8mm, 45g (0.22g/cm^2), 42.5 degrees (Nittaku), 38 degrees (Shore A). BH: DHS H3, 1.8mm, 43g (0.207g/cm^2), 39 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Stiga Allround Classic, 80g, 158mm x 151mm x 5.1mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (Wood): Limba - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Limba.
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Everything has already been said about this blade. Lima-Ayous-Ayous-Ayous-Limba. Pair it with rubbers to suit your play style and it works great, slower rubbers for beginners, and buy faster rubbers as you level up. Sweet spot is on the small side. Wings need slight sanding. This blade has a very similar feel (and the same wood composition) as the Tibhar Drinkhall All-round Classic, the only real difference is that the Tibhar blade, imo, has a nicer feel in the hand, and no sanding is needed.
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Not as slow as its rating given here. You can generate a lot of speed if you utilize its flexibility. But beginners tend to hit flat instead of flexing the blade and that explains the low score here. It can become too fast with tensor rubbers so beginners should stick to harder Chinese rubbers at the beginning.
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I have been playing with this blade for a couple of years now at amateur level. I pair it with chinese tacky hard rubbers (e.g. DHS Hurricane H2 on forehand).
For me, this blade is extremelly helpful for developing and improving the technique. It has a great feeling and flex. I can always feel exactly where the ball hit the blade during a shot - essential feedback for improving my shots.
Control and consistency is very good, at least in the combination I use with chinesse hard tacky rubber. When the ball goes long or into the net, I can understand what I did wrong with my shot. Again, great feedback for developing technique. With other "faster" blades when the ball goes long I often can't tell what I did wrong.
For amateur level, the speed of Stiga Allround Classic is fast enough when hitting the ball with proper technique and enough power (weight transfer and waist rotation). The blade is not fast on it's own, not using your body to put power behind your shots will make the blade seem slow.
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I am a beginner / developing player and I find this 5 ply very pleasant to play. Amazing control! The blade is not super fast but fast enough to produce good FH shots. Blocking with BH is very controlled, lifts are accurate. The speed of the blade can be offset with faster rubber but I recommend that you maintain the control feel of this blade when choosing the rubber.

The only thing I don't like about the blade is that it produces excessive vibrations. May upgrade later but for now this blade is improving my game and shots quite a bit.

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Best beginners blade out there... much better than Boll all round
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(I will not rate this blades performance only how it felt in my hand as its the most important thing for me personally) Had a chance to compare Master and Legend Stiga Allround Classic with Clipper in both handle variations. In my personal opinion clipper is much better in how it feels in my hand the difference in quality is highly noticeable. The biggest downside for me personally was the weight... It is just too light... and both flared handles have poor feel to them. Even my coach said that they used to be much better made. So if you can find an old one go ahead but if you have only newly made available to you, be aware and try it in your hand first. Do not order new online before holding it yourself beforehand.
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Stiga released this blade in 1967. It is a very simple wood compared to the complex blades now in the market. The positives are flex and control. The negatives are slow but you can generate speed with the appropriate set up and gesture. Spin is very good. Blade is very thin but not light. Handle is big and pleasantly shaped. Not for the modern champion but good for average players.
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I've had over 10 people try out my set up: Stiga Allround Classic with Hurricane 3 Neo. Most of these people have switched to this blade. They just love the feeling of the handle, the weight balance, and the way it plays. There's just so much control and feeling. It's also light and flexible.
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A switch from Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk to Stiga Allround Classic (legend handle)
keeping rubbers the same: DHS Hurricane 3 (black, commercial) and TSP Curl P1R
1.0 mm (red).

First of all - huge increase in spin on topspins! As expected here, DHS H3 runs
on its native engine - flexible blade, perfect Chinese setup with all profits.
DHS H3 is also fast (sometimes too fast) on this blade without any boosters or
speed glue (probably due to the hardness of blade). As for technique - closely
follow EmRatThich guides - you will progress and enjoy.

Defense is a bit more controllable overall and with a shorter trajectory. But it
gets some time (at least a month) to get used to the flexible blade after stiff
JSH. Notably, Stiga Allround Classic is a hard blade (my partner says it's a lot
harder than his DHS 301). Assuming both hardness and flexibility, it can be
thought as a tricky combination for a defender. First, you will think its
defensive returns are slow and compared to JSH are easier for an attacker.
Chopping in the same way as you do with JSH won't give you much spin, there is a
big difference. Later you will understand how to benefit from its flexibility in
defense too. As you catch the feeling you will get ways to generate more and
more backspin on both sides.

TSP Curl P1R gains pretty strong attacking capabilities on this blade compared
to JSH. It lets you even generate topspin with the pips. It's also very unusual
after JSH, which sends the ball in a very straight manner when executing
anything other than chop. Opens you a bunch of new stroke types, previously not
viable on JSH. But again it gets some time to discover it. I discover it useful
even far from a table - you can push back and attack medium height balls like
with pips-in rubber. Overall it brings you to a different active game.

The only significant drawback this blade has in comparison to JSH for me is
smaller head size. At least it's not a perfect fit for a defender. Also, there
is a minor disadvantage as a consequence of allround blade & Chinese rubber - it
requires more effort and concentration to smash lobs. Maybe generating backspin
requires less concentration with JSH too, but not sure.

Passive gameplay is not the best for this combination as well as chop-blocking
or other low amplitude strokes gameplay. It's just not as controllable as the
mentioned JSH in such strokes.

Also, the forehand combination of Stiga Allround Classic & DHS H3 emphasizes the
direct feeling of the ball with your hand (also a lot lighter weight than JSH).
It doesn't do anything itself that you didn't do. Nothing unexpected. As was
mentioned here: "This blade gives you exactly what you put into the shot". This
helps you to progress and quickly judge which strokes performed well or badly.

It's definitely worth to switch from JSH to this blade and I recommend this if
you aim for upgrading drastically your attacking skills. Attack more confident
and actively both forehand and backhand. It's not an easy switch at all but this
pay is worth its outcome. Be ready to be in good physical condition.
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Plies: 5 (Wood)
- 2 * Limba 0.5mm
- 2 * Ayous 0.6mm
- Ayous 2.9mm
Width: 158mm
Height: 151mm
Thickness: 5.1mm
Weight: 80g
Speed: 7.7
Dwell/Spin: 10
Control: 9.9
Stiffness: 1.8
Hardness: 5.2
Value: 9.2
Overall: 9.8
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First blade for me and i played with it 2 years. I think it's a very good blade to begin with because it has indeed very good control and help to develop good strokes.

I think a lot of people complain about the lack of speed but I don't think that's really a problem. When I do proper stroke i can generate really a lot of speed and spin.

To illustrate it, i first play with 2 vari spin and it was great. Then i upgrade to Mark V on my FH and it was actually too fast and i had to downgrade back to vari spin (a great idea to do it !). Then i wanted to play tensor rubber so i went for rakza 7 soft 2mm. Also too fast (so yes the blade can be fast) and i had to downgrade to acuda S3 1.8mm. After a while, i played again with the rakza 7 soft and now i can manage it and it's a good fit. What i want to say here is that the blade can follow your progression with rubbers upgrade for a while.

About the con : I find that the sweet spot is a bit small. And it can feel a bit dead if you block slow ball without being active in your shot (but that's good, it helps you to learn to be active)

But overall nice blade. Good feeling, easy to control but still possible to create some nice power
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A blade designated for begginer level. Enough speed, good control. But it has so much vibrations....too much for my taste! And I was expected more from Stiga brand regarding the finishes. Edges are sharp, evem the handle needs some sanding. Overall, I'm not very impressed.
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Amazing beginner blade, gives you a great feeling, wich makes me confident in my strokes. I play with a neos sound rubber, a fast rubber, but doesnt have much spin. I was able to compensate for that with the flex of this blade, and using more of my body in the stroke. If you are a beginner you cant go wrong with this one. No chance.
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Combined with chinese FH rubber (729 Friendship Origin) and Stiga Genesis M on BH.

I played with this blade for 6 months now and I really have improved a lot, and this blade is one of the main factors. Because of its high Flex, the dwell time is increased a lot, which means great spin, and an amazing Feeling of the ball (I can tell exactly where on the blade I hit the ball, even in short game and serves)
People always complain about the Speed, but i think the Speed you can create with Looping is very high. Also, the spin this blade creates with the chinese rubber is insane (Players 2 leagues above me struggle to block my FH Loops).

I absolutely recommend this blade for loopers and developing Players who want a good Feeling.
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It is a very Good beginners Blade, recommended. Don't play soft rubbers, only medium or Hard. Chinese rubbers is a Good chose, just focus your technique.
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Mine 78g, 5.3mm. This blade is thin and light. Tok tok sound. From other review they said it was a good blade but i dont like this blade. Its not the blade fault, just it does not suit my playing style. I use clipper before and they are totally very different character.
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I've had this Blade since 1985.
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You can't go wrong with this as a starter blade. It has good flexibility, which leads to good control of the ball when paired with a Chinese rubber. Probably the best blade for a beginner who hasn't yet found out their style. ALL+ blade. Definitely worth the price.
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The best blade i ever had, better than donic persson exclusive off, or inclusive intensity nct from stiga. I love the control, the potencial velocity with the correct combination of rubbers (in my case rasanter r42 on backhand in 2.0 mm and rasanter r47 on forehand in 2.0 mm it's a great combination for Stiga Allround Classic), the spin, this blade it's for begginers AND advanced players cause you can do anything with it inclusive in advanced play
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Just like the name is a classic, good quality blade 85g you can use it for a long time, with your favorite rubber, there's no need to spend 100 for a blade give this one a try.
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Does anybody know which kind of wood is used for this blade? i cant find infos about it although its so popular..
i am beginner and play it now for half a year after i had a way to hard and stiff carbon blade. the feeling when i hit the ball is very intense, i think its perfect to improve my touch.
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Good blade for beginners, mine was abit heavy 91g. You can hit really nice shots and can lift underspin. Good feeling and vibrations.
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One of my first blades and probably one of the best blades for all round players who likes a lot of control. The Stiga classic is not super fast but the control in the blade is very very good. I think it works best close to mid range and what I like the most with this blade is the feel and control in my blocks. Even if it's a pretty old blade it's still one of my favorites.
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Very good blade to start playing and you can use it for a long time, just need to put faster rubbers on it as you're lvling up. You can do everything with this wood, the only limit is you. A blade one can buy without 2nd thoughts.
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This blade was picked for me from a reputable TT supplier to match my old blade when I used a Mark V setup in the 70s. Supplied with tame rubbers - Mendo Energy 2.0 Good blade to start off with but quickly out grew it. Did re-buy one for an Agent of mine and stuck Magna TC II rubbers on it and was surprised how well it performed. Blade is a little flexible and there's little top end. Developed a sore shoulder from trying to over hit to compensate for the lack of speed. Didn't do well with harder rubbers on it like e.g. the M1. Legend handle was really nice despite developing a fondness later on for straight and anatomic handles. Highly recommended blade.
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I have tested numerous blades of all classes through the years but not this one until now. This blade must be sealed when new after a light sanding of the handle and wings. This blade gives you exactly what you put into the shot. Medium speed with some vibration and medium small sweet spot. Build quality is good. Pair it with classic rubbers for a safe allround game or with tensors for more offense. Great for looping. Pair it with slower rubbers/thinner sponge for defense or control game. An all time classic allround blade good for just about any style depending on rubber selection except pure power play away from table. With tacky Chinese type attack rubber it becomes very allround in nature with very good spin. A classic!
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It was my first blade bit i broke it...
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For an all-around blade this guy is pretty fast, I feel. I havn't used a ton of blades, but I feel this one pops. The sweet spot is small, but when you hit it, the ball does exactly what you want. I feel this is a very good mid-distance blade. Overall a very nice blade
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I'm playing tennis about 2 years. With this blade I fell and control maximum. I use friendship geospin tacky 1.8mm with it. Comparing with other blades witch I have - it's the best to learn the game.
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I do not agree that this blade has small sweet spot. I have one with very big sweet point, speed slightly lower near the edges only. Maybe it can be different. Very flex. P.S. My blade weight 82g.
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This blade has much control and a very small sweet spot. You almost get a perfect feedback if you hit the ball correctly. But on the other side, if you hit the ball not at the sweet spot, the ball dies half way to the net. This rubber teaches you to hit the ball correctly and nice to learn techniques.
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This is a soft and rather stiff blade.

Stiga offensive classic and offensive CR are flexible blades; but stiga allround classic has little flex, less than offensive wood nct, like allround wood nct, like clipper.

Allround classic is also harder than stiga offensive wood nct, stiga allround wood nct, clipper wood. Softer than stiga offensive classic or stiga offensive cr. Allround classic is softer than allround CR, but still hard.

Speed: the blade is really slow. Much slower than offensive classic. You might lack the power to finish the point with a Chinese rubber such as MercuryII, Moon, 729 higher.

The control is very good, you can get short arcs and loop each ball.

the blade is light.
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This is just about the best Allround blade you can buy. The flared handle is extremely comfortable. Joola Phenix Red Max [ factory tuned ] works very well on the forehand for power driving.
This blade will accept just about anything on the backhand[ reverse or pips ].
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you must seal this blade to stop wood fibres from lifting when removing rubbers,the blade is light,flexy,medium feel and loops/pushes well with sriver el,not the best for smashing though,i found the area where the handle meets the blade a little sharp and uncomfortable and had to sand it back a bit,i added softgrip to the handle and now it feels good,i am a longpimples blocker/chopper on b/h and this blade is almost as good as defensive blade for this,but your f/h attacks are much better than defensive blade..great value for money
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great for the price
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A classic blade for many generations with soft limba outer plies. The blade is pretty slow, gets more lively only with very fast rubbers. Complements well fast medium-hard rubbers for allround game, has small sweet spot with lots of vibration, letting you know where you hit the ball, so great for instructional and correctional purposes.
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