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17 Reviews for Stiga Rosewood NCT VII

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Monica Bellucci among TT blades :)
Playing with regular 5-ply blades after this feels ridiculous, this blade has some serious power, and even carbon blades are behind in power.
90% of top spins will hit the end of the table, touching the white line, and it is doing this automatically.
Mine is 95 grams and quite stiff but with plenty of feeling, legend handle, very hard to find nowadays.
It is not a forgiver but it forces you to execute strokes correctly.
Did I say it is beautiful?
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I'm fed up with this as it is weighty! and not fast as marketing words.
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8.8/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Butterfly Sriver, 2.1mm, 41g (0.2g/cm^2), 38 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Stiga Rosewood NCT VII, 97g, 158mm x 151mm x 6.8mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 7 (Wood + NCT): Rosewood - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Rosewood.
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I have been using this blade for three years. It is not an off+ blade but in the middle of off range at most. Slower than kenta alc (86gr) e.g.. I have two samples at 87 and 88 grams and they play the same. Good match with medium hard high tension rubbers. But does not play well with rubbers softer than 45. This is of course a personal preference. It has a long trajectory and medium throw angle. Depending on the rubber It can work well from all distances. But for me it operates best one step behind the table. It has a distinct hollow feeling which is fantastic and inspires confidence for all types of shots. It is stiff and hardly flexes at high power shots. Surface veneer is medium hard.
I am an amateur veteran who has been playing table tennis for 30 years. I am an (old school) forehand dominant offensive player. I play all out attack when not tired :) and more allround nowadays and this blade supports both these strategies.
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Rosewood can vary alot on weight which also determines how it plays etc. This review is for srw nct7 weight 87g thickness 6.1mm straight handle. So another great blade with really good feel and high control . This one feels special at top spin , loops and counter looping. In fact it's above average for all other types of play. Overall feeling is not so hard and has a great flex when needed. The throw is beautiful I would say medium to high, and the ball tregectory is perfect just land on the last 20% of the table all the time. The blade is a slightly head heavy with max rubber on , a bit like timo Boll spirit but this actually packs power to your shot especially topspin , it becomes more aggressive due to that weight. Overall one the best 7 ply all wood I have played with.

However never liked the heavy ones over 95g too stiff and too much power and the control not too good.
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Plies: 7 (Wood + NCT)
- 2 * Rosewood 0.3mm
- 2 * Ayous 0.8mm
- 2 * Ayous 1.5mm
- Ayous 1.6mm
Width: 158mm
Height: 151mm
Thickness: 6.8mm
Weight: 97g
Speed: 9.1
Dwell/Spin: 8.6
Control: 8.5
Stiffness: 5.7
Hardness: 10
Value: 7.6
Overall: 9.2
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This is a very powerful blade if player has the strength and power to control. Dwell time is very short unless hitting with exteme power and correct stroke. In the era of big plastic ball, this blade can loop and provide decent support.
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I have been using this blade for two years now with fastarcs airoc astro and finally the Gewo hype xt pro. It is a very ballanced off/off+ blade. Mid stifness and hardness, great speed, great control and very nice feeling (the vibration everyone is talking about). You can play very spiny short game and easily topspin the first ball availlable. When the rally is on you can place the ball extremly well while maintaining a good pace. Looping is relatively easy, blocking is as easy as it can get for a 7-ply and a smash can be pretty fast but not exactly deadly. Combined with harder rubbers it will give you the hitting power but placement should become more difficult. It is forgiving blade if you consider it's speed, but i would't say it has a huge sweet spot, neither a tiny one. All in all a great all-wood blade for an offensive player who usually is on the attack, but can also score some points with smart placement in during the game.
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This blade is very classical and fast. I try it for one week with both side Tenergy 25 and the speed and controll is amazing. Very good blade for close and mid close to table.
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Reviewing penhold version. Blade is very premium quality. Blade have a lot of vibration when hitting the ball. Handle is very big. Player with big hand might like it. Loop have a low arc. Weight is on the heavy side. Mine is 98 gram.
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Using this blade for 3 month, with Prasidha Tokyo & tenergy 80 for backhand
and Tibhar 1Q Sound for forehand

Love the vibration when using this blade, especially when hitting the ball .

Great for looping ball, and good for using in close and middle play.
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Speed n control are good feeling
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The best there is. And a real beauty too.
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I used with Mark V (max) in both sides, it's so powerful speed and nice control far from table ,loop and spin are nice too, block is difficult 'cause i didn't use proper rubber for it. Overall it's amaze blade. Sounds like carbon blade. Some cheaper blade has more spin than this ,such as DHS PG-7. Anyway I LOVE it so much!
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Very nice blade! awesome in balance of speed and control.Good in every aspect, well balance.
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Well, It's good blade I have ever had. Excellent control and speed. Not only can I loop easy, but I can also increase power of spin when looping. It's good for modern game like topspin against topspin. Thanks, Stiga to create this blade.
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Tremendous speed and good control excells away from the table with high precision, coutering is not at is best but loops much better than any composite butterfly blade. Amazing if you want to play table tennis with enjoyment.
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