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4 Reviews for Stiga Nostalgic VII

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Veri good for receive and first ball, for looping you should be more precise with the timing, for blocking is the best wood , smashes also are so easy
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Tried this blade in penhold. Visually very beautiful. Mine was 87g and 6.2mm. I started out with slow rubbers H3 forehand and Bty Sriver on backhand as I heard this blade was quite fast. Even with the slower rubbers the quicker rebound speed was immediately noticeable at passive block and very fast at smashes and drives. And this was me coming from a Dignics 09c and Tenergy 05fx on All-round classic. Looping with this blade vs stiga all-round classic was something else altogether. Dwell time is much shorter so this blade requires a better touch for pretty much every shot. There is almost no flex to it. This is definitely no beginners blade. Maybe after you've learned the short touch.This blade is best for those who utilize athleticism in their game (counterhitters will enjoy it and some loopers) in addition to those who already a well developed touch game.
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I played TT a long time ago and I came back after 20 years. When I leave the game Liu Guoliang was the king and I always try to imitate his style therefore I'm a penholder RPB shortpips forehand but the difficult decision was find a blade that fit with Stiga Clippa..the Stiga Cliperwood is not so easy to find and now is a bit old therefore I tested many blades to finally play with Nostalgic VII. In the description there are some mistake (I guess) because this blade is 5 plies and not 7, is thin, light and fast. I Played before with Stiga Infinity VPS and Nostalgic is faster, no doubt on it, therefore speed cannot be 8 (less than Infinity blade). Is a bit harder and less control but is not a blade that is "crazy" or difficult to play with it. I recomend if you play closer to the table, very good with shortpips but don't play with a hard rubber because you won't feel the ball's contact with the blade.
Very good blade.
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This blade consider very fast for all wood blade.
Handle small, suitable for female or kids hand.
Pair very well with Nittaku G1
Pair very well with short pips or long pips also.

Update: this blade pair well with Xiom Vega Japan, very good spin and control. Recommended pairing.
Speed is good, spin is good, very balance blade and comparable to other expensive carbon blade.
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