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Reviews for Stiga Eternity VPS V (8)

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The second blade which I had had Stiga Eternity, before that, I used Butterfly Sardius. When I compared with Butterfly Sardius, Stiga Eternity is not too fast, has a good feeling
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Pros- good speed, great touch and feel. Good flex do power looping and super spinny balloon shots. Great to mid distance looping. Good Power.
Cons - kind of a heavy and a little too hard for 5 ply blade. Not compatible with most rubbers. Requires softer rubbers in general, harder tended to overshoot and not have any spin due to hardness of blade.

Feels like a composite blade without the composite blade. Would reccknend to power loopers or well trained players to get the best out of it.
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Great all wood blade.With decent speed and a lots of control. Good for toppspins attack. A little bit heavy 190 g with rakza 9 bh and rakza 7 fh. But i dont have any problem with that. Works good with Hard rubber. Perfect close to table off play but not bad at mid distance either..
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Really well balanced blade. Speed is fast but with lots of control and lots of spin. Vibration is almost none. Im using stiga mantra H and andro rasanter r47 for me the mantra h is too fast but with the rasanter it is perfect because you have dwell time to put spin on the ball and a lot of speed with control. In the end a perfect blade not too fast and faster than infinity vps. Would rate exactly as an off blade not close to off+ or off-.
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Truth is, I wanted to buy an Infinity. I tried one, and I liked it. I went to shop, but they haven't it with ST handle. They had anatomic, master, but no classic. Seller said, have a look for an Eternity, becouse it's similar, but faster. Never heard anything about it.... But I've surprised! It loooked fantastic, handmande, colour is nice (but the white stripes in handle will dirty..) handle is perfect... 5 plyes allwood, with VPS technology. I belive plies are limba-spruce-ayous-spruce-limba. I've bought it.
Mine is 88g. I've put on my Tenergy 05, for BH and FH. Tested at my club and I've surprised. Speed is between Korbel and TB ALC, faster than Clipper, but lighter. Very-very spinny, good in short game, balance is perfect for me. Feeling is good (thuth is, I switched from a carbon blade), but I think less then an average 5 ply allwood Stiga - it is stiff. Serving and blocking is easy, you can take the ball back very short, if you want. I don't know how works with another rubbers, but with Tenergy it's powerful, spinny, with high throw. Easy to spin, you can attack anytime. Many people tryed it, allways liked it's handle, feeling, spin and speed. It's reminds me my first blade - what was Stiga Off Classic with Sriver FX.
Try it...
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Fast all wood blade with high control with weight 92 gr and also it didn't produce a lot of vibration or almost none . This blade although is an all wood blade but can produce a lot of speed and speed with good control . Overall this blade is a good blade and have nice feel
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great blade but heavy. it provides more dwell time, thus provides more spin, it feels stiff and hard, not much vibrations.
92g weight. control is also great.
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Weight and balance - Well balanced, heaviness toward the handle hecnce you can use heavy and hard rubbers. Mine is 91g.
Quality - Stiga is getting better but it still requires edges smoothing. Quite nice and simple box. This blade is handmaded in Sweden. No splinters at all, yet. Great new metal tags - they look awesome!
Speed - General speed is between Korbel JP and TB ALC.
Rebound - It has some kick but it's not superbly strong, it's more linear. Think about being medicore in the middles. I would call it just a fine quality bounce not too springy not too numb.
Spin potential/Flexibility - It's much easier to spin ball with all wood blade than composite, topend spin has slight edge in comparasion with composite blades(w/o t5000/hardcarbons/ect) at full swing.
Feel/Stability - Feel is just medium, if you call it medium soft or medium hard you won't make a mistake - it's just medium. In comparasion to ALC (even IFL) feel it's softer. Anyway feel it's quite direct for looping.

Summary - If you are looking for all wood blade which can match performance of composite blades it's a way to go.
If you wish to get something like Korbel JP but a bit stiffer, more direct and a little more speedy with tad less vibrations, just get this!
Control/Speed ratio is much higher than any composite that I held.
Cost/Value - Worth to try!
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