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13 Reviews for Stiga Clipper WRB

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English- IMPORTANT DETAIL: Tested with two Rozenas. And at another time tested with two Bluefire M1. Pros: Good speed; Excellent control; Very easy to spin ball with it; You understand the reason for the errors; Cons: Surface is fragile, so the use of sidetape is mandatory; It is mandatory to sand before using, even if your grip does not require it, as it hurts your hand incredibly easily, its edges are sharp; NOTE: The size of your head is 158mm x 151mm, it looks like it is round, which can be a nuisance for many, including me. A vicaria is 157mm x 150mm; Center of gravity is directed towards the head, which increases speed, but I personally didn't like it either; Its weight can vary a lot, mine weighs 88g; The Stiga's FL(Master) handle is different from the butterfly's FL, it is much more curved in the middle, providing greater security when delivering explosive Forehand drives, but making the transition to backhand and vice versa a little more difficult.
PT-BR-DETALHE IMPORTANTE: Testada com duas Rozenas. E em outro momento testada com duas Bluefire M1.
Velocidade boa;
Controle excelente;
Muito fcil de girar bola com ela;
Voc entende o motivo dos erros;
Superfcie frgil, ento obrigatrio o uso de sidetape;
Obrigatrio lixar antes de usar, mesmo que sua empunhadura no exija, pois ela fere a mo com uma facilidade absurda, suas bordas so afiadas ;
O tamanho da sua cabea 158mm x 151mm, parece que ela redonda, o que pode ser um incmodo para muitos, inclusive para mim. Uma viscaria 157mm x 150mm;
Centro de gravidade direcionado para a cabea, o que aumenta a velocidade, mas particularmente eu tambm no gostei;
Seu peso pode variar bastante, a minha pesa 88g;
O cabo FL(Master) da Stiga diferente do FL da butterfly, ele bem mais curvado no meio, d uma maior segurana na hora de dar drives explosivos de Forehand, mas dificulta um pouco a transio para backhand e vice-versa.
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Slightly faster that regular Clipper Wood. Balance is moved towards head. Feeling is nice. Blade is stiff but with soft touch.
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Great blade for consistent attacking play. Solid but not too heavy. Tends to accentuate the characteristics of the rubbers on them, and all rubbers seem to work well - attacking inverted, spinny inverted, short pips etcetera. The Stiga Clipper makes for a great backup racquet it always delivers.
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Nice blade to play for control game. I have started using it with Stiga Genesis M in forehand and Calibra LT Spin with a backhand that gives me awesome control and feeling. Appreciate its well-balanced nature when I drive, spin and smash.
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Bought this blade yesterday and paired it with T05(FH) and Dornenglanz(BH). Everything seems to hit the table. Blocks, loops, smashes and all other aspects are well above expectations. On top of that the blade is simply excellent for long my long pips. Yesterdays session lasted 1,5hrs and I played against higher ranked players. Warm-up was sensational. Three games; 3-0, 3-0 and 2-3. All against higher ranked players. My playing-style the same, but this blade is loaded with control creating a lot of extra points for me. Have been playing 4-5 times a week for the last year and experimented with a lot of blades such as Stiga Carbonado 145, Donic Appelgren World Champ, Mizuno Valour, Donic Epox Power Carbon, Donic Defplay, Stiga Def Wood, Spinlord Ultra Carbon Def, Butterfly Petr Korbel and Stiga Celero Wood. None of these are even close to the Clipper WRB.
If you are a long pips player I highly recommend trying the mentioned combination. Swedish star Gustaf Ericsson have allmost the same set-up, using Clipper CC instead of WRB. Make a quick search on Youtube and watch the wonders of Clipper paired with T05 and Dornenglanz.
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Best Blade i have used so far good control not too fast and not too heavy
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One of the best fast blade i played with. No need to force or whatever, this blade just got power, downside of this is you gotta contain yourself and control your hits most of the time. Driving and looping with this blade is just amazing and effortless though , short game comes in handy too with a bit of training.
A very good blade if you're looking for something fast and steady.
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A few grams lighter than Clipper Classic due to WRB. Need medium to light weight rubbers or will be head heavy. Like most blades from Stiga needed sanding and sealing with a rough feeling handle and wings. I feel Classic Clipper has better balance than this version. Fast thick blade that hits with authority and loops well at all distances. Very fast speed with decent control. As with the Clipper line these blades block very well. Stiga has nice feeling handles, not to wimpy like some others.
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I've been using this blade for about 2 years now. Safe to say this is an offensive blade without losing a lot of control.
Normally I have to adjust when buying a new blade, but I recall this wasn't true this time. From the very first strike I knew this was a blade that suits my style of play.

It comes at a relatively cheap price as well.
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Mine is a bit too heay for me and my elbow hurts after some time of slapping with it. It has a weight of 98g. Professional young players must be enjoying playing with it. Speed is definitely in off+ category so I cannot handle this speed deamon but that is only my shortcoming. I am fond of the feeling transferred into my palm and it means touch play is also great. Next time I am supposed to get and try a lighter version of it. In conclusion I am not surprised it has become a legendary blade but again I advise that you should get a lighter one if you have the chance to do so.
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No weak point for aggresive player who prefer all wood. Medium sponge rubber (e.g.rasant, shark II) on fh and medium pips out on bh (friendship legend, pluto...) is winning combination with this blade.
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very good blade from is also very cheap is a very good blade for looping.loop kills are extremely fast and there is also a lot of is also very easy to hold with a straight handle.i use calibra lt on backhand and donic bluefire m2 on forehand and i find that this combination is perfect .it has the right balance of spin and is also very easy to place the ball anywhere on the table.i recommend this blade for loopers who require a balance of spin,speed and feeling.
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Versatile blade, the arc when looping is high, whilst hitting it is consistent and "sharp". Possibly the all-wood version of the TBS in terms of its versatility.

Although WRB'ed, the weight of the blade is still well balanced, but it typically runs at 96 or so grams.
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