Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon

by Stiga

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STIGA Offensive Classic Carbon is an update of the world famous Offensive Classic. Two carbon layers were added, giving extra power and stability for the modern offensive player. Designed in the classic STIGA design, the Offensive Classic Carbon retains the famous outstanding feel and balance, but provides an additional carbon dimension to your offensive arsenal.
For an offensive game with feeling!

Class: OFF
Speed: 93
Control: 62
Weight: 82
Plies: 5w,2c
Thickness: 5.5

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Reviews of Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon (12)

 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon on June 24, 2020
Have been testing a lot of blades the last four years trying to find the best combination for my style of play (Modern defender). Was about to buy the Stiga Classic Allround Carbon, but the blade was not in stock and I decided to try the Classic Offensive Carbon. Incredible control, great speed when necessary and a lot of reversal/effects from the pips. I recommend all lp-players to try this one. Tenergy 05 absolutely amazing and for my style with twiddling I now have a great weapon using the pips (Dawei 388 D-1) to set up attacks with inverted side. Also great to attack backspin with the pips.
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon on February 22, 2019
Good blade for hard rubbers and loopers gameplay. The Stiga OCC is similar to Waldner Senso Carbo with a tad more elasticy. If you're not an absolute beginner it's worth a try.
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon on September 16, 2018
Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon I have is 82 gr. and 5.4mm thick. This blade is medium-hard and elastic that produces enormous spin while looping. Two carbon layers help well with stability and performance of the blade when you loop or block. This blade pairs really well with Chinese hard sponge rubber 45-49H.
Overall, this blade is for advanced players who have built solid technique and have enough power behind their loops. When it comes to a loop away from the table this is the best looping machine out there.
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon on May 6, 2018
Lightweight, off - speed, rather hard outer and little flexible, because of that this blade have vibration when you hit the ball, suitable for spin oriented player, can give effect maximum result for looping style if combine with chinese rubber such as h3
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon on April 3, 2017
This blade is a masterpiece from the Stiga but to understand this I took a year. The blade has soft feel and flex. I would say that it is not vibrations, it is the elasticity. As you will compared Fishing spinning from wood and from carbon. So that`s why you must choose the right rubber and the blade will reward you. Carbon plyes are very thin and hide deep, but it is carbon. The sound of a shots remind me Viscaria light. Blade light, has large sweet spot, fast and very accuracy especially when you play near the table. Good feel and dwell time. BH flips, pushes, chops, loops are excellent and very controllable. There is no feeling of elastic cotton inherent in all wood blades. At the first time I played with Omega IV Euro max on FH and Vega Asia max on BH (it was very head heavy and fast), now I play with Tibhar EL-S 1.9 on FH and Vega Asia DF 1.8 on BH and all OK!!!.
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon on November 11, 2016
Overall a good blade but not for beginners who have little experience "adjusting" to a blade . My only bad feedback on it is the "vibration". I'm a casual player now but from being a competitive player many years back. My technique is admittedly very rusty however undeniably the vibrations on this blade is more than average specially if you're the type of player who prefer to hold your blade not as tight the vibration will "shake" the blade when receiving fast incoming shots. I bought a better blade eventually and compared to my new blade this really has some stability issues.
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon on July 20, 2016
ok blade. Very light with large sweet spot, but way too much vibrations and flex for my liking.
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon on April 15, 2016
Just bought this blade about a month ago. I have Donic Acuda S1 Turbo for the red and Yasaka Pryde for the black to suit my offensive play. You should be able to smash (and recover some smashes) pretty well with this 7-ply blade.
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon on June 3, 2015
Just changed to this after years with the Offensive Classic. A little more aggressive but still great control. Paired with Butterfly Solcion gives great feel and spin.
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon on July 9, 2014
The blade that I got is "legend" flared and is exactly 82 gr. as Stiga advertises (looks that I was lucky). The finishing is at a highest level (strange for Stiga in the past couple of years) and it just looks beautiful.
I paired it with Dawei IQUL 40 on BH and Nittaku fastarc G1 on FH, but I switch the sides from time to time, depending on the type of game i want to play (IQUL is a bit slower).
The feeling of OC is still there, with a bit more added speed and stiffness. With the right selection of rubbers, OCC becomes a loopers dream. However, who is looking for lighting fast and stiff carbon blade, look elsewhere.
In short, OCC is a control freak with off- speed, great for spin game, not lacking in the blocking and smashing department, a bit faster and stiffer than OC, but still remaining that same woody feeling that we all loved.

Update1: I'm really starting to love this blade. I now that the ratings in general are not that great for it, but it suits me better than any other that i tried. Where I think, the ball goes. Love the legend flared handle.

Update2: After 4 months plaing with it, I have to stand corrected concerning few things in the above written. For me it is really difficult to smash on BH with this blade and I tried it with a couple of different rubbers. I know that it has a lot to do with my technique, but i'm not having this problem with the less flexible blades. Another thing is that this blade most certainly has a hollow handle, and you can feel the vibrations.
Everything else is great with this blade, the control (for both short and away game) and loops are amazing.
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon on October 31, 2013
My blade is 90g and faster than 8.4/10
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 External Review for Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon on April 8, 2013
The blade is only slightly faster than my Stiga Offensive Classic WRB blades. I have only just started to use the blade; so far I am disappointed in the lack of speed. My blade only weighed 76 grams where as my OC WRB weigh 88 gram, this may be the problem. I purchased the blade so I could use a short pip (Pistol) on my back hand. This rubber is also lighter than the Joola Tango which I normally use. I use Joola Energy Green on my forehand. Both rubbers are light. Maybe the OC carbon needs heavy rubbers to create the speed Stiga rates the blade at?
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