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Reviews for Andro CS7 Tour (3)

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Very nice blade for the money. Well-made blade that has a solid feel with good power; the outer layer of limba wood adds touch and strong spin for a powerful loop. Good consistence control across the face of the blade; responds as expected.
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i use it with xiom vega pro max on my fh and vega europe max on bh. it has quite enough speed and good feel for quick dangerous topspins from close and middle distance. very happy with this blade.
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Blades from andro ?
Actually, this one was very good to me.
This blade is easy to use. The characteristic of rubber, such as speed, spins, etc,etc are never ruined by this blade so that you can try most of rubbers with this blade. You can also rely on its wide sweet spot. I'm using Rakza7(MAX) for FH, and Coppa X1 Turbo Platin (2.0) on BH. Both of them work nice as I expected.

I originally appreciated its light weight. Mine was about 85g+. If you prefer heavy shots, rather than fast pitch, you should go for 90g.
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