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2 Reviews for Andro Gauzy HL CO OFF

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I play it with Rasanter R42-2.0 FH and XIOM VEGA Europe -1.8 BH. Mine is 83g. According to the top control of the blade, those rubbers are too thin. The thinner the blades are, the more control you have. Don't hesitate, when playing this blade, to MAX the thickness of your rubbers. This blade has an insane control, with it you drive the ball as a pro with not too much skills. Short game, the low throw angle of the rubbers make it delightful. Mid-distance and long-distance really lack of speed and most of the balls will need power from your arm to go over the net (passive blocks not recommended) - More, the carbon and stiffness make the ball leave the blade too quick and you are not allowed to def with a lot of spin not even backwards (be careful that this statement may be improved with MAX rubbers) . Not for my style of play (like to swing). I would however recommend it for young players, low level players who want to train and to focus more on the movements than on the placement of the ball. This blade makes most of the job as soon as you don't ask it too much.

Short story : I gave it last week to my mate in championship. He plays quick, at the table, quick services, quick returns, flat balls, not too much effect except one topspin when the adv slows the game, he takes the advantage by spinning the ball. He told me that he needs to change the rubbers, I gave it mine, he won the last two matches and found it very safe. So he won the blade :-)
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Firstly, this blade very nice and good design, feel like all wood blade and Kevlar carbon very very thin, weight range 81-90g

I played with Joola Ryhzer pro 50 in FH and Ryhzer pro 45 in BH, this amazing combo for spinny, but if FH use Ryhzer pro 45 would better cause it easier control and block than pro 50,
However total weight 192g look too heavy, it cause of pro 50 rubber for sure,

I suggest use Rasanter R53 in FH and Rasanter R42 in BH, which can reduce weight and also best combo
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