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Andro HiLoom

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Every player knows the special feeling where you literally feel that you are tapping the whole potential out of your blade hitting topspin strokes. Sound and feeling give you a perfect feedback when you got the ball exactly in the center of the blade. The topspin curve looks just perfect.

With its huge sweet spot andro HiLoom integrates this special feeling into your every day table tennis life.

The perfect feedback (big advantage when playing passive strokes!), the good workmanship and the energy of the Hinoki outer ply characterize this splendid blade.

A quantum jump in the development of high class table tennis blades.

Speed: 95
Feel: Medium

andro Loom

Time never stands still for the andro blade development team. Our developers do research continuously for new and exciting fibers and finest materials.

The new Nature Powered Fibre (NPF) Composite is a trend-setting innovative material that bases on a natural fiber which is being produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Last but not least the playing characteristics of andro ProLoom and andro HiLoom are absolutely convincing.

• Carbon-like playing characteristics
• High energy-absorption of the incoming ball
• Best possible transmission of your own power onto the ball
• 100% Feedback

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Reviews of Andro HiLoom (4)

Very rare, slow and very fast blade at the same time, made in Japan. Hinoki is perfect choice for pips players, SP and LP will be very satisfied with performance, but loopers are the main target of blade, it has own dual speed. Very slow in short game and speedy in all out attack. I enjoy blocking with my Grass Dtecs. The ball is wobbling. Grass for me has very low control but with this blade is like machine. My game levels up but only with this combination Hi-loom+ Grass Dtecs+MXP on forehand. People hates my low blocks and smashing from forehand. I played like classic pips player too. One metres away chopping balls was very low, but it is not my game. My friend is all out attacking player and he use 2 hard rubbers on the blade and it is very fast and he really enjoy his forehand topspins, and his spin balls are very heavy maybe if the weight of racket is high then the spin is better? For me as chopper that's the one of the best ever but my friend is powerlooper and he enjoy it too
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This is simply a legend. I started off with this blade about a year ago. Control is very good. The speed lacks a little bit of the punching effect but with a fast rubber to compensate it can be a killer. The dwell time is pretty high and it performs as an amazing looping machine. I am using this blade with Joola Dynaryz ACC on FH and Tenergy 05 on BH. Great feeling and similiar touch to Butterfly Jonyer H.
THE NPF artificial material is also know as CNF

edit. after 4 months for me the best spinny blade for LOOPS, the ball has very very good spin and low trajectory
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the best blade
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I came from the Andro Kinetic OFF+ with R42 forehand/R47 backhand wanting a little less speed and more control. I feel like this paddle plus the change in rubbers give me that. My issue is that the when I slightly miss a block towards the outside of the paddle, it's dead. On the Kinetic, the sweet spot was there regardless. So long as you're blocking and hitting everything spot on, you're good. It has a nice hollow yet full thud feeling. The throw seems a little low, wish it were higher and I thought it would be given the name over ProLoom.
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