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It is time for something new! Something strong. Something that is totally different compared to common materials and the experiences you made with them. It is the time for andro Tronum Carbotox and andro Tronum Aratox! Carbotox and Aratox are totally new synthetic fibres that provide an exciting feeling due to their structure and the way they are integrated into the plywood composition. While common synthetic fibres go along with a hard and direct feeling, Carbotox and Aratox cause a notable softer feeling. Thus the andro Tronum blade line closes the gap between blades made of pure wood (softer feeling) and blades with synthetic fibres (hard, direct feeling) perfectly.

The user of andro Tronum Aratox has just one simple target: Enforcing the direct point! This blade of the category OFF+ supports the player to reach this target by providing huge speed reserves in order to play hard and uncompromising shots. Furthermore the player can take advantage of the excellent feedback which is caused by newly developed synthetic fibre Aratox. This material enlarges the sweet spot, distributes the energy to the complete blade and therefore increases control during the stroke. The stable and extra high rebound which is typical for blades with synthetic fibers inside brings the fun factor to its maximum. Look and see!

Speed: 98
Feel: Medium Hard

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Reviews of Andro Tronum Aratox OFF+ (7)

Review by monvinil (Verified Customer) for Andro Tronum Aratox OFF+ on January 10, 2019
Very consistent, good combination of speed and control. Only note: needs some sandpaper work around orange area as the glue does not hold well on that printed surface.
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 External Review for Andro Tronum Aratox OFF+ on June 27, 2015
this blade has extremely good control for such a fast blade. my ratting is ustta 2000. i play with andro rasant fh, butterfly anti bh. i play very aggressive hitting and looping style and this blade compliments it quite well. it did take some time to adjust to the blade but i found the rewards were worth it . i would recommend this blade to anyone that plays aggressively and want more control with out sacrificing speed.
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 External Review for Andro Tronum Aratox OFF+ on November 20, 2014
I bought this blade because i destroyed my Joola Trix Fast Blade and i wanted to increase the speed of my hits with this blade.
Its fast, that´s right, but unfortunately, with the sriver fx it´s not possible to bring a lot of spin into the ball. The blade is to hard for it and the rubber is to soft and slow to get all the advantages of a fast blade.

I will try this blade with a Coppa X2, hopefully, this zwo components pass better together than the sriver...
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 External Review for Andro Tronum Aratox OFF+ on September 15, 2014
very consistent , easy to control than my other carbon composite blades
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Review by virajbagga for Andro Tronum Aratox OFF+ on August 4, 2012
I've been using this blade for over a year now. It has a really good grip and wonderful control. It is one of the best blade I have ever played with and with the speed of this blade I can hit excellent top spins and smashes. For good forehand I advice Hexer HD as a rubber.
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Review by rao24 for Andro Tronum Aratox OFF+ on March 27, 2012
I have used this blade in a couple of sessions now. It feels well built, light (at 90gms) and is medium hard. The blade is not extremely fast, but fast enough to generate enough power in topspins, blocks and smashes. I am playing Tibhar Sinus and Andro Hexer HD on this blade and the set up does not feel heavy at all, which is what i was looking for. I have played Mizutani Jun and Schlager carbon before and just could not manage the weight on these blades. Looping is a breeze with a good dwell time. Blocks are easier. The best part I like is the control. This set up is definitely easier to play with more control and has enough reserves for all the strokes. Will stick with this for sometime.
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 External Review for Andro Tronum Aratox OFF+ on December 30, 2011
I have used this blade for almost 1 hour of play and found it very good. As far as control is concerned, this is better than other carbon blades.
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