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Andro Treiber K

by Andro · Part of Andro Sale
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Rated 4.8/5

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TREIBER K is a high-end blade of the top category. The efficient and top modern K-fibre which is positioned directly under the Koto outer veneer generates dynamic topspin strokes also for not perfectly centric hit balls. Disturbing vibrations through wrongly hit balls are completely absorbed by the K-fibre. What’s left is a sensitive impact, never loosing its control. The 3 millimeter Koto core-veneer serves as a tempo storage and enables you to push your opponent into the defense in the twinkling of an eye.

Speed: 98
Feel: Medium Hard
Weight: 90g

Treiber Technology

Synthetic fibre enlarges the sweetspot and avoids distortion. Direct play feeling through Koto outer veneers.

Optimal weight balance for convenient handling.

for a soft but powerful touch!

for spinny offensive play with enormous feeling!

for variable offensive play enabling hard winners!

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Reviews of Andro Treiber K (21)

 External Review for Andro Treiber K on March 12, 2018
It is a great blade for variable offensive play. Its ALC layers provides more softer feel than usual carbon blade, so you could choose slow and spinned loops same as hard and quick ones. On the other hand, you could accelerate your hits very easily. In fact, this blade supports sensitive blocks, fast punches and rotated loops (from close and middle distance) very well.
I tested it with Acuda S2 2.0 (Bh) and Yasaka Rakza 7 2.0 (Fh).
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on July 24, 2016
Surprising at all. Tested more than 200 blades in the past. That's the king for my style (average skills, topspin oriented on both sides). Play with Giant Dragon Topenergy soft on forehand and Spinlord Marder II on backhand. Blade is strong in spinny serves, topspins, blocking. As it is bouncing Marder II in 1,5mm as allround rubber is perfect for chopping. So control is exceptional. Sometimes I play classic defence style for funny. Crazy you think playing a defence blade but for offence you have so much power. For proffs may be a bit too slow but for the normal one's Treiber K is worth to try it. Guess this blade is quite as good as any expensive Butterfly blade
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on October 25, 2013
i upgraded from a super cell off to this , i love this blade, it is fast but has amazing control for the speed, i had to tone the rubber down to match my game , had t80 on it and it was not a good paring, tossed t05fx,m2,m3,rasant,raska 7, evolution fxp, p7, and most of them played quite well, i ended up with m2 on fh and fxp bh, the t05fx blocked better but the m2 seamed to not come back after a flip/loop. blade puches/flips/loops/blocks like a dream, it is not for beginners or low end intermediates, it is very fast but very well constructed with a beautiful touch. i play close to the table counter attack to mid looper and its perfect. similar to donic waldner carbo without the cumbersome handle. recommended for player with perfect strokes that need speed w control.
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Review by jedokie (Verified Customer) for Andro Treiber K on February 14, 2019
All around excellent blade. Fast with good control. Very durable. Well made. Has a good feel in all aspects of the game. Highly recommended.
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on February 8, 2019
Before when I was searching for an alternative for viscaria blade. I've been told to try this. It's somewhat good or close to viscaria but the control on viscaria is way better. If you are on a tight budget or you really an andro fanatic then go with this.
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on December 21, 2018
Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite)
- 2 * Koto 0.5mm
- 2 * ALC 0.25mm
- 2 * Limba 0.6mm
- Kiri 3mm
Width: 157mm
Height: 150mm
Thickness: 5.7mm
Weight: 87g
Speed: 8.7
Dwell/Spin: 8.6
Control: 8.6
Stiffness: 5.1
Hardness: 8.2
Value: 8.7
Overall: 9.4
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Review by monet11 for Andro Treiber K on October 24, 2018
A dynamite blade from andro. lots of variation.
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on October 7, 2018
What a blade! Everything is about control. The short game is really good, and when you need power, you know it's there and you can swing really hard. It's an OFF blade that gives confidance. And the quality is there.
Medium high throw and huge sweetspot.
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on September 22, 2018
the best blade in the world
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on September 2, 2018
perfect control but too soft and too flexy
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on August 4, 2018
the greatest Aramid carbon blade with soft feeling ever.
high throw
control is perfect
you can put tenergy 05 and win everything because its lighter and slower than TBALC but rotation is better
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on July 19, 2018
Small sweetspot, great feeling
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on May 31, 2018
This Blade suits well with chinese rubbers like DHS for Loop. I can confidently say this is the best looping blade in the market. the feel is medium hard and the speed is optimum for a powerful stroke. control is perfect and it suits well with my style of playing. Good job Andro.
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on May 16, 2018
Plies: koto 0.55mm - alc 0.25mm - limba 0.55mm - kiri 3mm.
Dimensions: 157x150x5.7mm.
Weight: 84-90g.
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on December 31, 2017
Good blade. Not particularly awesome at any one thing but best suited for driving. Touch play also good thanks to the less springy outer koto, but lacking in dwell time for topspins if the shot has power behind it.

Very solid construction and of good quality. A tiny bit top-heavy in balance which is not my preference for spin but helpful in other things.
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on April 6, 2017
It's a very fast blade. It is mentioned in number of sites that K-fibre is flexible, which makes the blade good for looping. I disagree completely. Good loop is achievable only when you have a technique and paired the blade with slow spinny rubbers. Tried Rakza 7 & Rakza 7 soft max & 2mm (pretty fast rubbers). Control is exceptional but always comes with fair amount of speed, which forces you to limit yourself to pushes and blocks without giving freedom to execute other set of shots. Chopping and blocks with this blade when paired with Rakza is at its ultimate best...crisp and consistent. Hitting is very powerful. Planning to pair with slower rubbers to enhance looping capabilities of the blade. Ratings provided by Andro seems perfect.
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on January 17, 2015
Very good in control. Hard rubber to increase power.
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on September 5, 2014
The Treiber K is a good Andro blade. Koto layers give you direct strokes. The spin and control is really exceptional. For those who like to put much spin on the ball, you should use Andro Rasant powersponge (40*) and Rasant (45*) for balance. Because this blade is categorized in OFF level, you might find that is relative slow and hard to play far from the table
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on November 24, 2013
This is actually one of the most underrated blades. The blade feels medium to soft, but not slow at all. The fiber is ALC, therefore it responses quick. The dwell time kind of short, but very controllable. I had doubts about its looping ability because of the short dwell time, but hell no, it loops very well. Also, since this blade is relatively light (andro officially says 90g, but I picked the lightest one, which is 83g only), I can pair it with heavy rubbers like T80 and Rasant.

Compared with my previous blade, BTY innerforce ZLF, I like this blade much better. Innerforce ZLF is also a very good blade, but it's kind of heavy (mine is 92g) and hence limits my choices of rubbers (like f3 bigslam). Innerforce ZLF does give me spinner top-spins (with same T80 rubber), but andro K-off compensates with more speed and control. And I also block better with andro K-off.

Anyway, I highly recommend this blade to whoever wanna try ALC blades. And hey, the price is much affordable than BTY fiber blades.

BTW, I also bought andro G-off, which is slower but even more controllable. It's good for beginners (though I'd suggest pure wood for beginners).
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on December 16, 2016
Well balanced, powerful but very controllable. It's a gem.
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 External Review for Andro Treiber K on November 13, 2013
I just got an Andro Treiber K with Yasaka Mark V 2 mm on forehand and Andro Rasant Powersponge 2.1 mm on backhand. I've got to say Treiber K is a looping machine due to the softness and flexibility of the blade. The blade is quite thin which I really like. It's quite light weight too. I really enjoy playing backhand loop with Rasant Powersponge rubber on this blade. Even though the Treiber K is soft and flexible, it's very good for blocking too. Treiber K is also very cheap comparing to the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC in term of quality. I would have bought this Treiber K blade the first time I came back to play table tennis. I would highly recommend the Treiber K blade to any player who loves looping on both backhand and forehand.
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