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Andro Temper Tech OFF

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Straight Handle


The strong Kiri-wood centre ply leads to an optimum of power-strokes, while ? exible outer plies create perfect conditions for gently topspin strokes. A classic offensive wood, for all players, who have their strengths in topspin.

The revolutionary Temper Tech manufacturing technology is the key to a blade line with a never-before-seen combination of outstanding playing characteristics. In this process, the Temper Tech veneers are heated to 150230 C for a certain period of time. During this production step, the moisture in the wood permanently disappears. As a result, the wood becomes considerably harder, more stable, and lighter. After the tempering treatment, the wood will not absorb moisture anymore, so the negative effect of humidity on playing characteristics is prevented.

Certain types of wood that were not suitable for table tennis rackets in their natural condition are now enriching the choice of materials in the manufacturing process. Due to the tempering treatment, these woods are converted to suitable raw material.

• Extended Durability. Extended durability and less distortion thanks to resistance to moisture absorption and the effects of humidity.
• Temper Treatment. 1020% weight reduction due to tempering treatment.
• High Energy Transfer. From hard thin middle and outer plies.
• Extremely High Control. Precise ball feedback even when balls are hit imprecisely.

Weight: approx. 80 g

Play Style:OFF
Wood Feel: Medium Hard

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Reviews of Andro Temper Tech OFF (11)

Nice blade, easy to control, speed is enough.
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Very good offensive blade with nice control. Works great for me with Hexer HD on fh and Donic Baracuda on bh.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Nice blade. Speed is enough. Feel is nice.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Really good blade for chinese rubbers w/ FH winged looping. Blocks and backhand attacking can be unruly with slower rubbers. Recommend to those who play almost all forehand and can handle a BH if they have too. Would put Tacky FH and slightly bouncy BH such as T64/T05 or Vega Europe. Cork handle can be dented but not chipped. Hard ply on the outside, grain is thin and glue soaks between the outer layer to the bottom so lacquer it. Closer to table play is recommended with this blade.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Really nice affordable Blade. Smells like a dream and playes with a lot of charm. Quite stiff Blade. Started with soft rubber, 729 FX super and it was filled with control, spin and Speed enough for My Play. Right now i am using Reflex Speed on forehand and Nanospinn II on backhand. Quite a monster bit since i am not that good of a player i prefered soft rubber. Good affordable blade!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

i have played with many blades carbon or wood plades the most of them was bty and the last was zhang jike alc very good blade but i always looking for a blade litle slower and with better control and feeling. so i suggest this blade for all players exept top players who plays far from the table.In all areas close or midle distance is amazing very good block, you can put pressure when push the ball and the top spin is more consistently. because of the good control of this blade and feeling also the serves are better andmore spinnier when you are under pressure.Excellent the fl handle , very good price.at the end one advice for low or medium lever players or veterans who dont have many time for training stop buy very fast expensive carbon blades.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Nice stiff blade (flared: 85 gr - sealed).
I played with Rasant and R Powersponge.
Good speed and control on blocks, loops and smashes.
Serve needs good brushing technic.
Temper Tech OFF (sealed) looks very nice and solid.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Fantastic blade. Very solid. Perfectly weight balanced. FL handle is so comfortable. Quite stiff but with a medium hardness.
Excellent for passive and wonderful active blocking. Very powerful loops. Enormous control. Not bouncy. Very nice feeling. Low vibrations. Perfect for close to mid distance. Very nice craftmanship. I love it.
Playing with Tenergy 80 on FH and bluefire M3 on BH.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This is the third pro blade I have. It has outstanding touch and feel, yet very quick. I prefer this one than other two even it is the cheapest one. The only thing I can complain is the weight is little bit heavy (feels like 87-88g). But maybe that is why it is very steady to return the balls.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

very good blade
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Good blade, though a bit on the expensive side when compared with Chinese blades.

Temper Tech OFF responded well from all distances, is good for blocking and loops.

I paired it with a Palio Macro Blitz (2.0 mm, 42 degrees) on the FH and with a Palio Thor's (max width) on the BH.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

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