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This vivid offensive blade convinces with its excellent bounce character. The ball leaving the bat in a high curve is a given, providing aggressive and point oriented strokes even more impact. An inward, around the core veneer placed synthetic fiber provides vigorous effect, without the loss of its core wood character - excellent ball feedback and feelingly attack.

Andro Ligna blades

Origin, water content, storage, processing method and many more aspects have big influence on a blade’s playing characteristics. For the in Germany manufactured exclusive andro® LIGNA series only the finest wood, which is also used for manufacturing violins, is processed.

Particular attention is given to the sawing method of the wood veneers: Only the finest sawn veneers are processed for LIGNA woods. Major advantage is that this processing leaves no scar on the veneers behind. Consistently solid and clean cut veneers on both sides form the foundation for an outstanding feel. Wood in the way it should be.

Speed: 91
Control: 99
Plies: 7
Feel: Medium Hard

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Reviews of Andro Ligna Off (10)

Review by marcelpfister (Verified Customer) for Andro Ligna Off on September 6, 2018
Good fast blade and nice balance. Only thing that I'd note is the handle is a little thin. But I like to change sides sometimes mid game so that makes it easier to flick around. Has improved my attack game a lot.
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 External Review for Andro Ligna Off on August 17, 2018
This blade is still my favourite after 2 years. Fast but not too fast. Control, control and control. Crisp touch, medium high throw angle. Brilliant over and away from the table. Produces heavy spin with every rubber. Craftsmanship is excellent. Good job Andro (probably Soulspin).
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 External Review for Andro Ligna Off on July 26, 2018
This is blade is a hit. Crisp touch, medium throw angle and unbelievable control. Speed is solid off. You can pair the blade with any rubber you like without loosing control or speed. Highly recommended.
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 External Review for Andro Ligna Off on December 15, 2017
Very fast OFF blade, Doesn't get out of control. I can do mid table spinning very easily. It is handmade so very good feeling.
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 External Review for Andro Ligna Off on November 22, 2017
A solid off blade with unbelievable control. Very linear gameplay with a crisp touch. Medium throw angle. You can use all kind of rubbers without losing control or speed. I highly recommend.
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 External Review for Andro Ligna Off on November 15, 2017
Very constant, fast OFF blade - exellent control and speed.
The grip is a bit loose in concave version (for larger hands) - I use it with a Tibhar super grip tape and it's just perfect!
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 External Review for Andro Ligna Off on February 6, 2017
I bought it as my first OFF blade. It was a bit too early for me to switch to OFF from my ALL blade, however I had an opportunity I simply could not resist. At first it was a bit too fast for me, paired with FH Tenergy 05 BH Rasant Beat I was simply missing the table. Few weeks later it turned out to be absolutely amazing, I got used to speed, I love the control it gives me in blocking, now with Rasant Grip that replaced Tenergy on FH I can loop basically in any condition and I'm able to produce consistent aggresive block. I'm not sure if I will ever replace it with anything else, I totally love it.
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 External Review for Andro Ligna Off on January 2, 2016
Control is excellent for blocks & placement. Good feeling & good dwell time. Yet it still gives amazing speed. Handle looks & feels very skinny. But I quickly got used to it. Quality is very high. Pleasure to play with
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 External Review for Andro Ligna Off on September 23, 2015
The best blade, what I had, fantastic feeling. Very good speed, amazing control, middle - middle / high throw angle.
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Review by yogi_bear for Andro Ligna Off on September 11, 2015
This blade came to a surprise because the outer layers of the blade are made of SPRUCE! Yes the spruce wood that we know that is usually used as a 2nd layer for famous 5 ply blades is used in the Ligna blades. You could mistake it as Hinoki because of the lines but on closer inspection you would see some sort of difference. Andro claims that this is the wood that is also used in making violins. Spruce looks like Hinoki because they are pine trees and belong to the same group of trees.

The blade itself is an example of fine craftsmanship and above average quality among European blades. This blade at first look is obviously not a product from the factory that makes Andro blades. I like the texture and smoothness of the blade and the handle. I got the straight handle. It felt a bit small for my hands.

On a bounce test, the ball has only average height and the sound is like a metallic low pitch. I was curious with its flared handle because the one I got was ST. The ST version tends to have its weight more on the blade head.

Playing Observations

The speed is only OFF level. It is not too fast in my own opinion. The control is like that of an all wood 5 ply offensive blade. The Ligna OFF is not faster than a Timo Boll ALC. Sometimes it feels slower but the control is better. This is more of a spinnier’s blade or a looping blade. I really noticed the high throw that this blade gives with different rubbers that I tested it with. Top spinning near or middle distance from table is its forte. There is some flex on the blade despite being medium stiff and it has some vibration. It is very easy to loop and spin with. I had a weird feeling with the feedback maybe because it was a new feel in terms of the blade. It gives a medium hard feedback when I strike the ball and there is this hard metallic feel with a muffled not so loud sound. However, this is not a bothersome feeling. I think I could attribute the feel with the kind of carbon layer they placed together with the spruce outer layer.

The Ligna OFF goes very well with medium to hard rubbers. The Plaxon 450 and Rasant Powergrip were good combinations. I think faster rubbers would even be better because I tested it for 10 min. with an MXP and the control was so good the shots were accurate enough not to miss. With soft rubbers, it can be choosy. There are soft rubbers like the Plaxon 350 and Rasant Beat that did very well with the Ligna off but softer and slower rubbers like the Reactor Corbor seems not a good combo. If one has to use a soft rubber it has to be a fast and bouncy soft rubber.

Overall, this is a very good blade. It can be used from intermediate to expert levels of players. A bit expensive but very good.
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