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Butterfly Dignics 09C

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Butterfly Dignics 09C vs Butterfly Tenergy 05

The essence is the combination of Spring Sponge X, the advanced version of Spring Sponge which has more elasticity; the uniquely composed top sheet, with strengthened abrasion, proves great resistance on the surface, providing the feeling of holding the ball at impact.

This is even more true with the newest addition to Butterfly's Dignics line, Dignics 09C. Compatible friction and a high level bounce is realised thanks to the synergy effect between the original top sheet and a rather hard Spring Sponge X (a little harder than Tenergy 05 Hard), to bring out the features of a friction rubber while upgrading the High Tension effect. The pimples code No. 209 delivers topspin and defensive play with high amount of spin as well as ease of over-the-table techniques and counter topspin. Dignics 09C, with the upgraded friction High Tension features, guides a player who expects the unique feeling of a friction rubber to new heights. Dignics 09C, Overpowering Evolution.

Surface: Inverted
Speed: 130
Spin: 130
Hardness: 44
Made in Japan

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Reviews of Butterfly Dignics 09C (29)

just want to say this is a one try for backhand. for forehand is decent and average. just almost no spin even on strong stroke only power on backhand. i will be switching to t64 since the better reviews. feels ok and medium tacky but not spinny enough for backhand loop. recommend forehand for intermediate players. do not buy backhand otherwise you will waste your money. Update: Turns out I was just not used to the rubber yet. Works perfect for me now, great balance of spin speed and control except that Im not very strong so I can produce enough speed especially with the high arc but that should not a concern for you guys because you are all so strong. Also might switch to a lighter blade since my rubbers are already heavy. Can someone recommend a lighter inner force blade that works with hard rubbers pls?
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I switched from Tenergy to Dignics, looking for something more than the classic catapult effect of European rubbers. First things first: Dignics 09c is not even remotely tacky: it's much grippier than Tenergy, but calling it a euro/chinese hybrid rubber is far fetched.
I would say this: DURING PRACTICE I immediately fell in love with this rubber: counter loops are a breeze and it's very easy to play attacking shots.
However...I said DURING PRACTICE... The problem is that when you're playing a game, and the pressure is on, the incredible high arc of Dignics does not give you the confidence you need. Or that I need. It's easier to return serves and touch around the net compared to Tenergy, but it's super spin sensitive and passive blocks are not easy. You need to always be ON IT, playing active shots, or you're toast.
The rubber definitely teaches you how to play correctly: if you don't use the right technique, you won't put it on the table. But 90 dollars are way to much for a learning rubber!
Long story short: after a few months I switched to a proper Chinese on my forehand, and to a softer European on my backhand.
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No lies.. pretty good rubber. Not a fan of dignics and Tenergy due to hype and price. But this rubber is actually good. Wasnt hard to adjust off a TG3Prov. Honest comparison would be an improved Rakza 7 soft in all aspects. I actually want to buy a sheet for BH soon. Hoping I might attain a FZD backhand someday lol
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hola!, empec a retomar el tenis de mesa y siempre e sido un jugador de control dentro de mesa, ahora veo que el juego va mucho mas rpido y el que ataca primero tiene mas control (no siempre) pero en general, opt por comprar el dignics 09c para experimentar ya que estuve consultando y viendo revisiones en YouTube, no es lo que esperaba, encontr una goma pegajosa y un poco difcil de controlar en cuanto a control concierne, los puntos destacables son que tiene buen efecto catapulta y buen spin esto dentro de mesa al momento de jugar fuera de la mesa es el problema encuentro un poco de variacin en los golpes, no es consistente, por lo que es difcil de jugar a distancia, es buena para efectos en saques.
en general se me complic el juego la goma no es mala pero no es lo que estaba buscando, sugiero probar si tienen alguien con esa goma, prob un dignics 05 de un compaero y me pareci una maravilla sin duda la goma interfiere en el juego de cada quien y deben buscar la que mejor se ajuste.
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1400-1500 USATT. Penhold-Two wing looper.
I've been playing with this rubber for about 3 months now on forehand with fangbo BX2 blade. The price is ridiculous and unjustified IMHO but you get something quite unique. I've previously played on boosted hurricane 3 commercial and the transition to this was no problem. Counterloops like H3 and opens against backspin have a bit more pace/land deeper. Keep in mind this means you'll still need good technique and acceleration to use the full potential. Serves are just as spinny and blocking is MUCH better than hurricane 3. Surprising how spinny this rubber is given it's relatively low spin sensitivity to H3. It's weight is slightly lower than that of H 3 unboosted. For many though including myself
I'm sure there are comparable rubbers for a fraction of the price.
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