Greg's Guide to Table Tennis

How to play against blockers

Beating the Blocker Blues

Table Tennis: Getting a Grip

Getting a handle on your grip

Building a Better Umpire

Get out the white cane and dark glasses ...

How to Scout your Opponent

What you need to find out to prepare for the big match

Back to Base-ics

Positioning yourself on the court during a rally

The Guide to Serving in Table Tennis

Using your service to win games

Wobbling the ball with Long Pimples

The long pimple ball effect discussed

Long-Pimple Tactics

Tactics for different playing styles

Playing with Long Pimples (Part 2)

Which long pimples should you use?

Playing with Long Pimples (Part 1)

Should you be using long pimples?

Playing against Anti-Spin (Part 2)

How anti-spin rubbers react to your spin

Playing against Anti-Spin (Part 1)

How to defeat your defensive opponents

How to Play with Antispin

Deceiving your opponent with Antispin rubber

Plan to be Random

Planning some spontaneity in your table tennis training

Keeping Your Eye on The Ball

Is this actually good advice?

Training with Weaker Players

Make it an enjoyable experience

The Point of No Return

Training hard but not improving?

Tactics: Become a Success by Failing

By regularly failing, you can be a success...

Choosing Your Table Tennis Rubbers

Putting the right rubbers on your blade

Choosing a Table Tennis Blade

Finding the right blade for you

Tips for Left-Handers

Serve, Third Ball and Fifth Ball Tactics

Attacking against Long Pimples

Match tactics for attackers against traditional defenders

Apply your Strengths

How to get the best results from what firepower you have

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Your first step to selecting the correct tactics

Choking - and how to avoid it

Learn how to reduce your nerves

How to Speed Glue Effectively

Greg writes on how he uses speed glue

Should You Speed Glue?

Greg's second speed gluing article

Speed Gluing Revisited - An Overview

Greg writes about the advantages and disadvantages of TT gluing

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