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Reviews for Stiga Mantra S (3)

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Very spinny serves. Good spin pick up on backspin balls, not very bouncy, requiring more effort to engage the rubber. Played on Andro Trieber Q, not a good BH on this blade, may play better on softer more dwell type blades, good FH, but durability is average, somewhat like tenergy, edges go first, topsheet even ripped when my finger pushed hard down on the bottom of the blade. Good FH, very spinny and fast but requires extreme control. Would reccomend as a FH for choppers. Has not shrunk on blade like Airoc series.
Speed- decent (faster than astro series when engaged)
Spin- decent (less than astro series)
Durability- not too good (can tear from finger pressure)
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mantra s is not tacky.Its throw angle is
low.Suitable for serve&recieve .
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Great for BH. Gives a good feeling. Speed is adequate. Spin is unmatched. Control is spot on. I currently use this as my BH rubber on the Stiga Carbonado 290, I chose the soft version with the 1.9mm sponge thickness because the stiffness and ridiculous speed of the Carbonado will compensate and make up for the compromised speed of the rubber and it gave a better control in my overall game and playing style in my opinion. I paired this up with the Stiga Airoc Astro S on my FH and the racket set up is the best that I've used so far. Highly recommended for players who would like to have that speed and power without sacrificing the feel and control.
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